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Chapter 1:

You know that saying 'the grass is always greener on the other side' well I could not agree more. You see when I was younger all I wanted was to become some big shot actor that everyone looked up to, you know the type that had screaming fans and a load of money. I had the talent and I really love acting and not to sound conceited or arrogant but I had the personality and looks to fit into the typical stereotype of 'actor'. Well I got my wish, I am now the 'hottest new young actor' that has graced the screens in a while, well so my manager tells me. You see when you are a kid and you dream about the life that I have well you overlook the bad aspects like never having any true friends , having to be followed by body guards, never getting a minute to yourself or having everything you do misinterpreted or picked apart by the media.

I guess I better introduce myself now well my name is Blake Taylor, I am 19 years old and if you haven't guessed I am an actor. I have kind of shaggy black hair and green eyes. I can't say I hate my life how it is, I mean I enjoy my work but I need a break, shame I don't get those often. My family consists of my mother, Jane and my brother Stephen. Stephen is probably my only true friend, I mean sure I have people to hang out with but it becomes too hard to decide whether they would still be by my side if I lost all the fame and fortune.

"The flight from LA to Seattle is now boarding, please make your way to gate 6" said the overhead announcement. The excitement that I had been feeling all week came bubbling up again, you see for the first time in months I am going home to see my family for a much needed holiday. I have three months free, well with only a few interviews and shoots before I have to get back to LA to start filming Hush, my latest film.

"Blake, I have missed you baby" my mother said when my flight landed.

"I have missed you to mom" I replied, God I am happy to be home.

"Let's get you home before we get mugged by all those screaming girls, shall we?" I laughed but agreed.

"So where is Stephen? Didn't he want to come greet his big brother?"

"He did dear, but he had somewhere else to be. He promised to be there when you get home, His best friend may be there to, she is a lovely girl." She replied happily. Internally I was cringing, I don't expect Stephens best friend to be any exception to the screaming fan girls that I see every day. God I hope she isn't that bad, I came here for peace and quiet not more pressure and work.

"You look tired dear." She said with worry etched into her face. But of course she was right even I could see the dark circles appearing under my eyes and pale tone that my skin was taking.

"I know mom, work has been pretty stressful lately and that's why I needed to come home, I just need to have some time to be myself not what people expect me to be." I sighed out.

"You know you are always welcome here baby." Typical mother response, I smiled back at her as we pulled up into the drive way of my child hood home. It looked like it has always done a typical middle class white two story home. But that is the key word there, home, it's not some fancy hotel that although contains everything money can buy is still cold and uninviting.

"Blake!" my brother screamed at me as soon as I entered the door.

"Hey dude, I missed you." I said giving him a hug.

"I missed you to bro, mom said that you needed a break for a while, I know man having millions of girls worshiping you must be hard." He joked.

"Leave your brother alone Stephen, and when is Sky coming over, I am sure that she would love to meet Blake." Mom said as she walked into the kitchen. However Stephan cringed.

"What's up?" clearly something was wrong.

"Umm... well its Sky, my best friend, well I kind of lied to her about who you are and I know how she feels about lying, oh God she is going to hate me when she finds out, or worse she could end up just swooning for you like every other female on the planet." He actually looked terrified; I just continued to watch in amusement as he rambled on. Ah, I think someone has a crush on his best friend.

"Don't worry Stephen; I am sure that she will be fine. If anything she will love you more for having this hunk as a big brother." I replied waving my hand in front of my body and grinning at him while he scowled back.

"I am so happy that you haven't let this fame go to your head Blake." He laughed.

"Steph?" our bantering was interrupted by a sweet sounding voice from the other room.

"Well I guess it's time to lose a best friend" he mumbled. "In here Sky" he shouted back.

I was not prepared for what I saw next, the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen walked around the corner. She had the biggest and clearest blue eyes set within a thin heart shaped face. Long brown hair flowed over her shoulders; I suddenly had the urge to run my fingers through it to see if it was as soft as I looked. She was wearing tight black jeans, heeled boots and a form fitting green top. She was amazing, she grinned at Stephen and ran over to hug him, an unexpected surge of jealously ran through my body. I wanted to be the one to hug her and feel her body close against mine. My pants became tighter at the thought. When they broke apart I could see the fear in my brothers' eyes.

"H-H-Hey Sky, there is someone I want you to meet." He stuttered out. "This is my brother Blake"

And that's when she turned and made eye contact with me for the first time and I was lost in the deep blue. God she was beautiful.

"Hey, I'm Sky, this idiots best friend, it's a pleasure to meet you I have heard so much about you from Steph and Jane" she said, she extended her hand towards me. I am ashamed to admit that I didn't know what to say, I had never been intimidated or awestruck by a girl before. When I took her hand I couldn't help but marvel at the softness it had me wondering if her lips were as equally soft.

"Heylo" I stuttered out. Crap, what the hell is Heylo. Hurry up and fix it Blake.

"Sorry I meant Hey but changed my mind half way through to hello, the result heylo. But anyway, I'm Blake and it's a pleasure to meet you to." Well great now she will think I'm some loser who can't even talk properly. But to my surprise she giggled and it was the best sound in the world I vowed to make it happen more often.

"Sky I kind of need to talk to you for a while, alone." Stephen said. What? No he couldn't take her away now I didn't get to really talk to her.

"Sure, let's go to your room. See you later Blake." She said dragging Stephen up the stairs by his hand. I suddenly felt the urge to follow them and make sure that talking was all that was going on in that room. But instead I opted for sitting down on one of the large couches in the living room. My only though was 'What the hell was that?' never have I felt this way for some girl. But that's the thing she wasn't some girl she was beautiful and happy. But then I remembered the look on Stephens face when he thought he was going to lose her, crap I think he loves her. It was clear from her reaction to me that she had no idea who I was, and God that only added to the attraction. I never thought that I would view my brother as competition, I mean I suppose he was good looking he had the same green eyes and short black hair but was slightly less muscular and shorter than me, and still had those signs of boyishness in his face which he would soon grow out of being 17. Crap I really wasn't sure what to do, but I knew that no matter what I had to see her again, maybe she is like all the other girls and was just empty in the head, although I didn't believe it for one second. But none the less I knew I would see her again, I knew I had to.

Suddenly I wasn't sure that this holiday was going to be as stress free and laid back as I hoped.

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