Chapter 3 – Jackson

That night when I slept I dreamt of Sky but to all my dreams I always felt like there was something lurking around the corner. I was plagued by guilt, guilt for wanting something that my brother had and for planning to take that away. But I was ripped from my dreams by a shrill ringing.

"Hello?" I answered my voice still thick from sleep.

"Well that was an enthusiastic greeting for your best friend. Hello to you to buddy. How are you this fine morning?" Jackson's voice responded through the phone. I looked at the clock and groaned when I realised it read 8AM.

"I hate morning people" I mumbled which earned a laugh in return. "I'm ok dude, and how are you? To what do I owe the pleasure to this early wakeup call?

Jackson Lewis was my best friend from Hollywood, well more like the only friend I had there. He too was an actor and we had met through some cast of a movie I was working on a few years back, though we had never worked together. We had hung out around set and I was ecstatic that I had found someone who was down to earth and didn't let the fame go to their head.

"Just wanted to say hi to my friend, is that a crime?" he joked.

"At 8AM it is, punishable by death so get to the point. I sleepily replied.

He laughed, "Well you know how you invited me to come and stay there with you for a while, and well good news is I got time of so I can come."

"Hang on, I never -."

"Well got to get back to work now, you know not all of us can laze about all day. Just called to tell you that I will be there in two days."

"But I never-."

"Oh… director is calling, see you soon dude." He laughed and ended the call.

Well that was typical Jackson, I am sad to say I was used to it. He knew me well and would definitely see my attraction to Sky, with this thought worry set in. But he is my friend and I knew he would keep it a secret from Stephen. At least I hoped.

The two days till Jackson arrived passed quickly, of course my mother was ecstatic to be meeting a friend of mine and excited to play host to someone. I hadn't seen sky since we walked home together and surprisingly I was missing her more than I thought I would. I can remember that day after Jackson called I had talked to Stephen about her and I think her might of suspected something.


"Morning little brother, is Sky coming over today?" Well Blake make it obvious that you're obsessed with the girl why don't you.

"Umm… nah I don't think so, she and her brother Spence were going out I think." He replied.

"Oh…Ok." I said slightly disappointed that I wouldn't be able to see her beautiful face all day. I guess some of this showed in my tone as Steph looked at me curiosity flashing within his eyes.

"Why did you want to know?" he asked.

"Umm, I was just wondering. She seems like a nice girl, are you two a couple? Does she have a boyfriend?" I asked eagerly, Crap I didn't mean to ask those questions.

"No we are not together, yet, and no she is single. But she isn't looking for a boyfriend right now. You know with college and everything she wants someone close to where she is going, those long distance things never work." He said, some hostility leaking out into his words.

"Yeah sure… well I have to go talk to mom about something. See you later Steph." I smiled at him as I left the room.

End flashback.

I knew what he said that day translated to 'no she is single but she is mine so stay away'. I didn't miss the carefully placed 'yet' after I asked if they were together. God I didn't know what to do, at least our relationship had gone back to normal after the conversation.

"Hey buddy." Said a voice behind me. I was at the airport waiting to pick up Jackson.

"Jackson, it's good to see you man." I smiled as he pulled me into a guy hug. He was dressed normally wearing jeans and a blue button down shirt. His curly blond hair was hidden under a black cap and his blue eyes were invisible under the thick sunglasses. I knew he was trying to not be seen.

"So give me a run down on your family." He said as we were in the car on the way to the house.

"Ok well there's mom, Jane who is excited to meet you because I quote 'I was starting to think that you had no friends in the movie world'." He laughed and added a 'you don't' which earned a glare from me.

"Anyway there is Steph who is my little brother, he's 17 this year. "

"They must be really excited to meet me, bet they have been looking forward to this moment for their whole lives. How many autographs do you think they will want?" he grinned at me.

"Your modesty astonishes me." I laughed back. He looked at me for a while seeming to study me.

"You look different. Must be the holiday." He murmured to me.

"Here we are" I said as we pulled up to the house.

"Oh you must be Jackson; it's so very good to meet you." My mother said as soon as we walked through the door.

"Nice to meet you to Mrs Taylor." He replied.

"Oh none of that now dear, just Jane will do." She smiled, I knew she liked him already. "You much be hungry, I will go fix you something now. Go introduce Jackson to your brother Blake."

Steph was on the lounge watching TV as we walked in.

"Steph this is Jackson, Jackson this is Stephen, my brother." I introduced.

They said the proper greetings to each other and started to talk about whatever was on TV, when I heard a strange squeak like noise. We all turned around to see my angle standing in the doorway.

"Oh my god" she mumbled. "You're Jackson Lewis." She said opening and closing her mouth but not seeming able to form a coherent sentence.

"Last time I checked." He laughed. "It's nice to meet you…" he trailed off fishing for a name.

"Oh sorry, I'm Sky." She held out her hand, before seeming to think better of it and throwing herself at Jackson to hug him. God I wanted to rip off his arms that he had around her and beat him with them. I met his gaze and glared at him, he grinned at me. "Sorry, I am such a big fan, I don't really love actors more the movies, but I can't help but love your work." She admitted sheepishly. I wonder when the next flight I can get Jackson on is leaving, we could be at the airport in 10 maybe 15 minutes. "I am Stephens's best friend, Steph I am here to get you ready for the party tonight." She continued.

"Ok then let's go to my room." He groaned. I would happily sit through a makeover if I got to spend time with her.

When they both left Jackson turned to me a cocky and teasing smile lighting up his face. How do you think he will react if I hit him? Really it wouldn't be hard, just a little slap to wipe that grin off his face.

"Oh this is great! You're in love with your brother's best friend and my biggest fan." He laughed. Wait love? I knew I cared for her but did I love her?

"Shhh." I hissed to him. "But yeah isn't my life great. Y-You d-d-don't li –like her do you." I asked afraid of the answer.

"Well she is a babe, I think she would look good by my side…" he trailed off as if contemplating it.

"Jackson, so help me God you better not be serious." I growled out.

"Calm down dude, I won't steal you and your brother's girl." He giggled out.

I rolled my eyes at him, but I couldn't help but feel envious that she didn't react to me like that. But wasn't that the appeal that she didn't swoon after every move I made? But it would make it so much easier to get her to fall for me if she would drop the indifference she showed to me.

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