A/N: Okay, it's late at night and I'm kinda tired. Let's see where this train of thought takes me…

A black wolf ran over the rugged landscape, paws thudding heavily on the leaves beneath him. Green eyes shining in the dark, he followed the scent, knowing it was only a matter of time until he caught up to him. The human that had killed his mother and littermate. Though they weren't related by blood, the black wolf had been adopted into the pack as a cub.

Strong muscles rippling beneath the ebony pelt as he ran, the wolf bounded over a felled tree, landing easily on the other side. His rage was building as he got closer, claws digging into the soft earth more eagerly with each step. He wanted revenge, and he wanted it now. That human was going to pay for bringing his weapons and gunning down the she-wolf that had taken such good care of him, for gunning down her pup, his brother. Humans were so cruel. They didn't see the beauty of nature and the animals, they just saw the violence.

At least, that was all they saw now. The black wolf had seen humans living in the woods that didn't seem to be as afraid of him as other humans were; they were interested in him. The wolf was interested in them, too; he wanted to know more about the humans in the woods. But not now, when he was so close to the running man. His prey. He could feel the fear rolling off the man, the emotion almost as tangible as the trees around them. The wolf slowed, letting the man gain a few yards. He didn't normally play with his food. Tonight was an exception.

The moon was high overhead, the stars glittering brightly. Lifting his black head, the wolf howled, letting his pack know where he was. Back to his paws. He rushed after the human, lips drawing back to reveal sharp, pointed teeth. Patches of his glossy black fur shone silver in the moonlight, giving the creature an unearthly appearance.

Jumping another obstacle in his path, the wolf was excited to catch a glimpse of his prey stumbling through the brush. Surely he knew something was following him—why else would he run? Whether or not he knew it was a bloodthirsty wolf, the creature was unsure. It didn't matter, in the long run. The human would breathe his last breath before he reached the stream that lay just inside the cover of the forest, and that would be the end of things.

The wolf was barely out of breathe as he leapt through the air, over the dense foliage at the edge of the trail. He circled around, treading as lightly as he could. He easily passed the human—they were so slow. A low growl rumbled through his chest and he heard the human try to quicken his pace. The clumsy creature stumbled again and again, breaking branches and trampling plants. Destroyers. That's all they were. Murderers and liars. What had they ever done for him? Nothing.

Pausing, the wolf waited for the man to get closer. His attempt to quicken his pace had just slowed him down. As he drew even with the ebony wolf, the beautiful creature sprang. Paws stretched before him, the wolf was illuminated by the silver moonlight as he changed, his features taking on a human appearance. He crashed into the man, easily pinning him to the ground.

Using his hands like claws, the wolf-teen left long, bloody gouges on the man's neck and face. A feral snarl broke from his lips, the expression he wore only describable in one way: murderous. Blood soaked the ground as the man gasped and struggled to get away. The wolf-teen snarled again, bloodlust bright in his green eyes. As the man lay, gasping, his throat torn to bloody shreds, the teen stood, looking around. No one was near.

Allowing his body to fall back into the familiar shape of a wolf, the creature he so desired to be for all eternity, he bounded back into the underbrush. He wasn't a human. He would never, ever, be a human.