Chapter 2 – First Day

"Well here we are St. Andrews College" Matt said as he pulled into the nearest space.

The place looked like the typical high school, lots of dull and boring looking buildings, with the kids all hanging out in groups within the car park. Yep this would not be fun. We got out of the car receiving starts for majority of the schools population, and made our way up to the administration to collect our schedules.

Walking into my first class being history gave me an indication of what my first day would be like, everyone in the class turned and stared as soon as I entered through the large brown doors.

"Miss James" the kind elderly teacher called from the front of the class, I nodded.

"Welcome...why don't you tell the class a bit about yourself"

Great one of the many things I was dreading, why couldn't I just sit in a corner and stay invisible.

"Umm... there's not much to tell really. My name is Ash James, I am 17 years old and I've just moved here from PLACE with my mother and twin brother Matt" I said.

"Thank you dear, why don't you take a seat up the back near Mr Grey" I looked to where she was pointing and there sat a guy with short and messy brown hair and matching sparkling brown eyes which were set in a slim face. I could see that the guy was well built with muscles showing under his shirt. He was smiling a happy welcoming smile at me when I sat down, from closer you could really tell how good looking he was.

"Hi, I'm Aiden" he whispered to me.

"Ash" I said offering a shy smile.

"So how has your day been so far? Enjoying the new school?" he joked.

"Don't really know yet, but I miss my old school and friends lots"

"You will make friends here. Hey do you want to sit with me and my friends at lunch? You can bring your brother" he asked.

"Sure" I replied

Class passed pretty quickly, most of which was spent talking to Aiden. He seemed like a really nice guy and I could see us becoming good friends in the future. He told me all about the school and we discovered that he was in five out of my six subjects. Before I knew it the bell had rung and everyone was packing up their things.

"Come on, we have English now" said Aiden.

"Yay." I replied sarcastically. He chuckled and motioned for me to follow him. He led me to a small classroom and we took a seat up the back. That's when the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen walked in. He was tall with black hair that was messy and the deepest blue eyes that I have ever seen. They reminded me of the sky from my old town, so clear. His build was muscular but not so much as to look like some weird body builder, he was wearing stylish blue jeans and a black shirt. I had never seen anyone so perfect. I watched as he took a seat just a few rows ahead of me. Then he turned around and met my eyes, he stared for a moment and somehow I felt naked like he could read my soul just by looking at me. Something flashed in his eyes but I couldn't tell what it was, he smiled at me for a moment and turned back to face the front. I let out the breath I didn't realise I had been holding and turned my head slightly to see Aiden looking at me.

"What?" I whispered.

"Nothing." He replied busying himself with his books. I thought I saw jealously within his eyes but I wasn't sure of the cause. My eyes were drawn back to the mysterious stranger with the beautiful blue eyes. I decided I at least had to know his name.

Hey, do you know that guy sitting up front? What's his name?

I slid the note over to Aiden while the teacher was writing on the board. I watched as he read it and scowled at my words, hmm… that's weird maybe they don't like each other or something.

His name is Jayden. He's a bit of a jerk, he only hangs out with his friend Joshua and never talks to anyone else. I would just steer clear of both of them.

Oh ok.

He smiled in relief at my compliance to him. I didn't know why but it seemed hard for me to believe that there was something bad about this guy sitting in front of me. I didn't know how truthful I was being in agreeing to stay away from him, I kept seeing those bright clear blue eyes in my head surely something that beautiful couldn't be bad.

I can't say that I wasn't expecting the stairs when I walked through that cafeteria door with Aiden for lunch; however the silence was a bit unnerving and intimidating. Aiden led me over to a table where two girls and two guys were sitting.

"Hey guys, this is Ash she just started today." He stated as he sat down.

"I'm Brayden." A beautiful boy said holding out his hand to me, he had deep green eyes, and brown hair that care to about his jaw. His muscular chest was accentuated by the green shirt hugging to his form and black jeans clinging to his hips and legs. The hot look was just increased when I noticed the tattoos hidden under his sleeve and the piercings in his eyebrow and lip, which was curved up into a one sided smirk. O crap I was staring, not that anyone could blame me this guy was gorgeous.

"N-N-Nice to meet you." I replied. Great I stuttered, instead he just grinned more. I turned back to the others and noticed that Aiden was glaring at Brayden, gosh that guy sure does glare a lot.

I soon learnt that the other guy at the table was named Cameron who I am pretty sure had a crush on one of the girls Ella by the way he didn't take his eyes off her. The other girl, Samantha was great and I could tell we were going to be close.

"Ash you should come shopping with me and Ella this weekend." Sam enthusiastically said.

"Sure I would love to, I haven't really gotten to see the rest of the town yet we have just been unpacking." I replied. Wait, where was Matt? I looked around the caferteia and soon found him sitting with a bunch of guys that appeared to fit the jock stereotype, he always was popular and found friends easily. He sensed my gaze on him and turned to smile apologetically. I was happy he found friends and knew that he would come over here if I needed him so I just grinned back and started to turn back to my new friends but my eyes met those blue eyes again. Jayden was staring at me and I didn't know what it was but there was something so different about him, and suddenly I was determined to know the mysterious Jayden.

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