A cold spray of foam upon a sea of grey

Swaying in the motion of the earth's song

The waves wash the sands of time with serenity

This beauteous scene hidden from the eyes of all

True beauty, hidden deep within the soul

For it is the eyes that blind, the eyes that fool

And create a world of lies and pure illusion

In this maze of confusion, of counterfeit feel

Raw emotion seeps through breaking all bonds

The truth lies in the heart, the soul, the dream

For it is the dream that lives on

When the soul is gone and the beating heart ceases,

It is the dream that lives on and on

The dream and dreamer's heart and soul

For visible is this beauteous scene to one such eyes

For only within a dream can one's eye be opened

Only in dream, is the truth plainly seen

Happy is the dreamer freed in the dream