Evanescent Dream

There is a gigantic black hole in the world

because you are gone. Ashes, this is all

that is left of your gift to the world which

is music that used to lift people up when

they were down. Everyday I frown because

people have replaced you with wannabe

famous singers that don't have any talent.

My immortal, goddess of imaginary light, I

would travel in a time portal in order to be

reunited with you. I pray God may bless you

wherever in the world that you maybe sleeping

in silent bliss. I know life is short and my soul

is hungry for your comfort and support so please

answer my cry of help. After all these years, your

stare and voice still haunts me across the universe

fighting away all of my tears and fears for me. Dying of

anticipation, I can't wait for you to reclaim your

position as the queen of Rock and Roll.