Akiva Govad and Anastasia Dumisa sat in a yellow field on the outskirts of the town, the metal towers reaching far into the sky. Akiva tinkered with a broken hover board, his eyebrows drawn in annoyance, while Anastasia stared at the numerous sky ships that filled the sky. She glared at the other working hover boards that dotted the skies with jealousy.

"Come one, Akiva! What's taking so long?"

The dark haired boy snorted. "You want to give it a try?" He knew that his friend had no knowledge about mechanics, which is exactly why he was working on her hover board. He wiped the sweat from his face as he continued to work. 'Why does it have to be so damn hot?'

"I bet I would be able to fix it faster than you." Ana huffed indignantly and went back to staring at the sky, a wishful grin spreading across her face. Akiva new immediately what she was thinking about: the sky ships. "I can't wait until I can fly up there… I want to be a sky captain when I grow up. Then I can be up there all the time."

It was every young Sprite's dream to be some kind of sky farer. Anastasia wanted to be a sky captain, the ones who patrolled the skies. He, on the hand, wanted to be a sky raider. Despite what the name implied, sky raiders were simply explorers. Explorers like his father…

Akiva shook his head to get rid of the thought when he heard the girl speaking again.

"At the rate you're going, I could probably become a sky captain before you fix this thing."

"Will you just shut up?" he growled in annoyance, once again wiping sweat from his face. He had been tinkering on the hover board for what felt like hours, on a very hot day, with the endless harassment of the girl he regretted calling his friend, and he had been unable to find out what was wrong with the stupid board.

Ana glared at him. "Well someone's a little grumpy today."

Akiva glared back. "That someone is also trying to do you a favor."

"And that someone isn't doing a very good job."

"You know what," Akiva yelled, angrily throwing his tools to the ground, "you can fix your hover board yourself!" He slammed the door to the circuit board he had been working on closed, and stood up. Ana got up too and opened her mouth to yell back, when, suddenly, with a whir, click and beep, the hover board came to life, levitating a small distance above the ground.

The two Sprites stared at it in shock. The girl sighed and glared at Akiva.

"I could have done that!" She threw her hands in the air in an exasperated gesture. "I didn't need to wait hours for you to do it!" Akiva just shook his head and laughed.

"Well, it's working now. Get flying, you crazy sky nut." He tried to not sound jealous. He had his own hover board, but, after an overzealous trip, it was left broken beyond his mechanical capabilities.

But, Anastasia, who had been so excited about flying only moments ago, simply stared at the levitating board. Akiva nudged her forward.

"Go ahead. It's ready to fly. I think."

"Umm… The truth is, I," she shuffled her feet a bit and look down.

"You're scared of heights?"

"No! That's not it! I can't fly a hover board."

"I spent hours fixing the stupid thing up and you don't even know how to fly it?!"

"I was hoping you would teach me," Anastasia looked up at Akiva with her best pouty face, and begged him silently with big puppy eyes.

"Really?" Akiva stepped on the board and held out his hand to Anastasia. "Let's go."

Anastasia smiled and grabbed his hand. He pulled her up and immediately started speeding through the air. She held on for dear life as everything sped past them. Akiva laughed and sped up.

"Aren't we going a little fast?" Anastasia clutched Akiva even tighter.

"Course not. I was going twice this speed when I crashed my hover board."

"For some reason that doesn't make me feel better…"

The two sprites moved farther and farther away from the city until it was barely visible. Anastasia looked back and tugged on Akiva's shirt.

"We're kinda far from the city. Don't you think we should head back now?"

Akiva sighed dramatically. "Fine, you big worry wart."

He attempted to turn around but instead he lost his balance. The hover board tipped and the two passengers were thrown to the ground. The two hit the ground and skidded along the ground while the board kept flying a short distance before finally stopping. Akiva groaned and rolled over, looking up at the sky.

"Whoops," he laughed and groaned again. "You ok, Ana?" When his friend didn't answer, Akiva sat up and looked around. He noticed her laying a few feet away and he called her again. "Ana?" She was lying on her back and she seemed to be conscious. She also seemed to be staring intently at the sky.

Akiva got up and dusted himself off, pulling a chunk grass out of his black hair. Then he walked over to where his friend was laying and stood over her, so his face was directly over hers.

"Are you ok, Ana?"


"Then why didn't you answer?"

"Huh? Oh I saw something weird in the sky," she pointed up at something. "Akiva, what is that?"

Akiva looked up and his eyes widened. He grabbed Anastasia's arm and roughly pulled her up.

"Ow! What the heck, Akiva?!" He didn't look at her as he pushed her in the general direction of the board, his eyes focused on the thing in the sky.

"Take the hover board back to the city and alert everyone. Tell them to come out here as quickly as possible."

"Alert everyone about what? Akiva, what is going on?"

"Just go!"

"But I don't know how to fly!"

"It's easy to figure out. If you can't fly, then run! Just get back to the city!"

"And tell them what?"

"A rocket ship is landing."