Cherry's Dream

Chapter 1

Cherry Gets an Idea

Cherry Trot was a ten-year-old girl who lived in a red brick house owned by her malevolent, nasty Auntie Sheila. Auntie Sheila was always cranky and complained endlessly about Cherry, the house, TV, and mainly anything that had to do with Cherry. She hated Cherry. But, Cherry did not hate her. Her heart was too pure to hate.

Cherry did not want Auntie Sheila to take care of her. But unfortunately, as Auntie Sheila mentioned over and over again, "Your mom died when you were two, right after your birthday because of a stroke. Your dad died of depression over your mom's death."

Cherry cried and cried at the loss of her mother and her father. That left old Auntie Sheila to take care of Cherry.

Cherry was gloomy with living with Auntie Sheila. She longed to find someone long lost relative who would take her away from Auntie Sheila. She was very miserable. But no such luck.

She wanted to run away from Auntie Sheila and start a business; a business that would earn enough money so she could live on her own.

But what could ten-year-old Cherry do? Surely, someone like that could never start a colossal company with business booming. Or could she?

Chapter 2

Cherry's Dream

One foggy, dark night, Cherry had the most wonderful dream she had ever had. She had her backpack packed with all her belongings and she ran away at midnight; 12:00 sharp. She kept running and running, not knowing where she was going. She went deep in the woods where all the trees were closed in tightly together.

She came out of the clumps of trees. Suddenly, the largest, most stunning building stood towering over Cherry. It had the shiniest glass windows all sparkling dazzlingly. The building was so spotless and neat and brilliant that it hurt your eyes just staring at it. It looked so perfect. Then, a raspy, weak voice traveled to Cherry's ears.

"Cherry…. Cherry… come here. Come here and you will have great fortune… Come, Cherry…It is empty…. It needs someone to come and live here…"

Cherry saw no one, but she heard the voice as clear as day.

Then, she had woken up. She was shaking from excitement. Could this be? Could this dream come true? It seemed so real; every detail was so clear in her mind.

What if it was real? What if she really did run away at midnight and find the grand building? Cherry was not allowed outside after seven o'clock. Would she break her curfew? Would she disobey Auntie Sheila? What would Auntie Sheila do?

All the questions whirled in Cherry's mind made her lightheaded. She rested on her bed for a long moment, thinking hard. Then, she jumped up abruptly. Cherry was going to do it.

Chapter 3

Cherry Gets Ready

Cherry searched in her room for her clothes, shoes, her most precious belongings like the pictures of her parents and herself. She managed to fit it all in her little backpack, just like in her dream. It didn't take much time because Cherry had a small room.

After Cherry was done packing, she stayed cooped up in her room thinking what a big risk this was. Once, when Cherry was younger and didn't know better, she had snuck out to get her teddy bear that she had left outside. She had locked herself out by accident and kept ringing the doorbell. She pounded on the door furiously yelling, "Auntie Sheila! Auntie Sheila!"

Cherry had cried and cried; she was left alone and very chilly. Auntie Sheila came out of bed fuming. Why? First of all, she hated to be disturbed in her sleep. Secondly, she detested it when people didn't listen to her especially Cherry. Third, she abhorred Cherry more when she was foolish.

Auntie Sheila had spanked Cherry hard showing how furious she was. Cherry was in tears already. She had lectured Cherry unsympathetically and very harshly about how brainless she was. "WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU GO OUTSIDE AT THE DEAD OF NIGHT TO GET A TEDDY BEAR?" she would holler heatedly. These lectures lasted about two hours.

Auntie Sheila's face would be as red as a tomato. Her hair would be messy and tangled. Her eyes would bulge out. She would be breathing heavily.

Most parents or guardians would just let their poor kid right in, comfort them, and give them a stern warning. Would they spank them ferociously? No. Would they yell at them as crazily as Auntie Sheila? No again.

Cherry shuddered at the memory. She didn't like those flashbacks of abuse and mistreatment. But, she would be having no more. Until midnight.

Chapter 4

Cherry Runs Away

Cherry was very alert. She was watching her clock with wide eyes. Her backpack was hitched onto her shoulders. Cherry clenched her fists tightly. It was 11:59. She watched the clock's arm tick gradually and steadily. She waited. The arm ticked closer, closer, closer….It was 12:00 A.M.

She zoomed outside and dashed away from her home. No, not home, it was just her house. Home would be the new building she was running to. Cherry remembered a quote from a book in the library, "A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of love and dreams." Cherry received no love from Auntie Sheila. She kept running on and on.

After five minutes, Cherry became worried. She stopped to catch her breath. Where was the building? Stop worrying, she told herself. Just keep going.

Two more minutes passed. Three minutes. Cherry closed her eyes to shield them from the stinging wind. Then, she opened her eyes. She was surrounded by trees! As she dug deeper in the woods, the trees closed in on her. Cherry speeded up her pace. She was almost there!

She stepped out from the trees and the magnificent building was there. It looked exactly the same from her dream except more breathtaking since it was actually real.

Chapter 5

The Extraordinary Building

Cherry gasped. Inside the building, everything was crystal clear and polished. The floor was pure white and blinding. The walls wear a radiant shade of silver. The chandeliers were gleaming fiercely. The tables were made of glistening glossy glass. The chairs were emitting a strong, white glow. The counters were shimmering intensely. The windows were covered with glowing white curtains.

Cherry was speechless. Was it possible for a place to be as glorious as this? She stayed still for a couple minutes, awed by the remarkable place.

Her eyes traveled around the room. She spotted a staircase at the far wall. There was more! Cherry darted toward the staircase and up she went.

WOW. She thought. And wow is the right word to describe this place. You see, Cherry had always loved candy. She hardly ate any candy especially chocolate. Whenever she did, she always savored the sweet and sugary taste that dissolved in her mouth. In this room, there was candy everywhere. There were rows and rows and columns and columns of candy stacked neatly according to alphabetical order behind a long counter.

Oh, how Cherry felt when she saw them! Her mouth started watering from the moment she set her eyes on them.

There were Skittles, Kit Kat, M&M's, marshmallows, lollipops, candy canes, Life Savers, Tootsie Rolls, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, Airheads, Almond Joy, Butterfinger, Bazooka Bubble Gum, Hubba Bubba, Fun Dip, Sour Patch Kids, Hershey, Jolly Ranchers, Pez, Jelly Beans, Gushers, Starburst, Gummy Bears, Mike & Ike's, Dum Dums, Ice Breakers, Nerds, Licorice, Twizzlers, Milk Duds, Raisinets, Ring Pops, Smarties, Rock Candy, Twix, Junior Mints, and Pixy Stix. It would take much too long to list all of them, so those are just some of them. (That list is small compared to all the candy in that room.)

Cherry grabbed some exploding candy and popped some in her mouth. Boy, did they explode! Cherry's mouth felt like a sugary rocket ship was blasting off. "Yum!" Cherry exclaimed.

Then, she sped off to another room. It was very elegant; like a restaurant for prosperous people. The tables were covered with a ruby red tablecloth and the chairs were very comfortable and fancy. There were golden candles on each table. Napkins were folded in the design of a fan.

She noticed a menu next to the napkins and she picked it up.

"Roast chicken! Mash potatoes! Caesar salad! With croutons!" All these foods delighted Cherry. She had never been fed properly by cruel Auntie Sheila. "Oh, I wish I could eat those delicious foods!"

A bell rang; Cherry heard a tinkly soft noise. She looked down at her plate and all the foods she had wanted to eat were there!

She started eating the scrumptious food hastily. She hadn't realized how hungry she was! Oh, the tender, juicy roast chicken! The creamy, rich mash potatoes! And the yummy Caesar salad with the crunchy, munchy croutons! It all tasted so good. Cherry even drank a glass of icy lemonade.

She crept up the next staircase. Cherry looked around. It was filled with books and books; rows upon rows of books of all shape and sizes and colors. Red armchairs dotted the room here and there. The books were stacked in alphabetic order according to their genre. Cherry loved reading.

Cherry took a thick novel down from the shelf carefully and read the title, The Wishing Well.

Immediately, she sat down on a nearby red armchair and opened the book. An old, ancient letter fell out of it. It was covered with dust. She wiped the dust of and read it. It said,

November 26, 1901

To Whomever this May Concern,

I see you have come across my house and discovered its many magical rooms. I made it myself. With my pleasure, you may inherit the house on one condition. Treat it as respectfully as you can. I will die soon due to my old age and have no living relative of my own, so you may have it. I hope it falls in the hands of someone kind and modest. Please take care of it. Thank you.


Mr. Gerald W. O'Brien

Cherry was astonished. This house was more than a hundred years old yet it was still in such great condition. Also, she felt quite sorry for the old man who had once lived here. But, Cherry felt mostly excited. She put the book down and went to the next room.

More and more surprises were revealed. There were one hundred fifty rooms in all and they were all amazing. There was a Garden Room, Color Rooms in which everything was the same color (ex. Green Room. Everything is green.), a Robot Room, a Wooden Room, a Fruit Room, and a Vegetable Room inside Cherry's home. It was the beginning of a new adventure.