It's Maggie's birthday. She's eighteen today, its hot, and its August. She's wearing a light blue sun dress, white flats, and her mother's silver locket. Her long strawberry blonde waves tint her lightly sun-kissed skin perfectly. Eighteen burning flames lit her green eyes. Her mother's eyes. But her freckles, that rest on her cheeks and on her nose, she got her freckles from her father, Jimmy.

Her father threw her this party. Maggie didn't really enjoy parties, not for her. She usually keeps to herself, quiet and laid back, but not quite shy or an outcast. She got that from Jimmy too.

Maggie's mother died when she was fourteen. Car accident. People around town say that Jimmy somewhat died with her even though he wasn't in the car. He just didn't recover well after her death. And even after all this time, he still isn't the old him, probably never will be. Maggie coped though. She writes to her in her diary, it makes her feel like she can still talk to her anytime she wants. She loved her mom, and misses her everyday. She wished her mother could've been there for everything though. Her first day of highschool, her first dance, first love, football games and prom.

Maggie starts college in September. Just a local community college right outside of their little town. Just a straight stretch on the interstate and a few old country roads and boom, Gardeniatown Community College. Her friends and family say she'll meet a boy there, but the only man she needs in her life is Whiskey, her new puppy. He was wrapped in bow for her birthday today with a little note tied to the ribbon saying "from daddy, happy birthday, I love you." And it's no big mystery of who named the pup either, her father.

Seven close friends, four girls and three guys, and her father surround her to celebrate her big day. The big one eight. The "I'm-an-adult-now" day. Wow, adult. She barely considers herself an adult, but still not a kid. Its just something that's bittersweet to her.

And other than the fourth of July, this has been her other only day off all summer from work. She works at Gardeniatown's only fruit market. Selling fruits, veggies, boiled peanuts and sometimes crawfish. An average small country town fruit market. When she doesn't have school, they work her 8-5. Barely leaving time for a normal summer life.

Maggie is different than other people. She keeps flowers in her diary. She collects flowers actually. She started picking and pressing wildflowers with her mother even as a little girl. She leaves them pressed in her diary and then writes to her deceased mother and tells her about the flowers. Just in case the flowers in heaven don't smell, she feels as if her mother can smell the flowers while hearing her thoughts as she writes to her in her diary.

She also takes pictures of some of the flowers. She takes pictures of a lot of things. She's going to college to be a photographer. A nature photographer. Wild flowers, mountains, trees, butterflies, lakes and beaches. Anything that has a pretty scene to it, it speaks to her in a melody she can even describe.