Three days later, it was move-out day on campus. As I packed all my belongings into my parents' car, I looked back on my empty room with a mixture of nostalgia and discomfort. It was here that I slept so soundly after I came out to my parents, thereby becoming a new man. It was also here that Kendall and I spent numerous nights together, some of which I'd rather forget.

After loading the car, I looked into the rearview mirror on the passenger side. I was finally going home, but I wasn't sure how I'd be able to leave this place behind. I felt like I had grown more in the last four months than I had in the last four years, and I wasn't sure what life would be like outside this hallowed campus of mine. Then I thought about Kendall and focused on all of the good times we had.


It was the night of our first date and we were walking back to campus together. We held hands and, despite it being pitch black out, I knew that Kendall had on the same goofy grin that I had.

"I'd totally love to meet your friends, Carlos. I mean, what kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didn't do that? If there anything like you, I'm sure I'll enjoy their company. And even if they're not like you, they must surely be pleasant people if you like to hang out with them." As he went on and on, the two of us walked beneath the glow of a streetlight. There, I stopped and turned to face him as he stopped as well. "Oh, I'm talking too much again, aren't I? I'll just shut up now because obviously you're not-" I pulled him in and kissed him.

Our lips and tongues were once again caressing one another. We did it several times back at the playground, but I couldn't get enough. After pulling away, Kendall said, "I could really get used to this." We kissed again, this time him pulling me in and taking control of my mouth. We merged together, basking in the single light from above. I knew at that very moment that that was going to be one of the most memorable nights of my life, and it probably always will be.


My relationship with Kendall taught me a lot of things. I learned not to rush into anything, and that I should do what feels right, not what I think I'm supposed to. I also realized that my cookie-cutter fantasy of a boyfriend isn't actually everything I need in life, that I need so much more in a relationship if it's gonna work. I saw just how good live could be if you just let people in and give them a chance. Most of all, though, Kendall taught me something that no one had ever shown me before: he made me see that I was really worth something, that I'd find someone, and I wouldn't spend the rest of my years alone.

I don't know what's going to happen with me and Kendall (or even Logan) this upcoming school year, but I do know how far I've come. If I can go from "lonely closeted loser," to being openly gay, breaking up with my boyfriend because I knew I had to move on, all in less than four months, then I know that anything's possible. I know that I can get everything I've ever wanted, as long as I keep reminding myself exactly what that is.


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