"Let me go! What the hell is wrong with all of you!?"

Yuki turned around quickly to see the same girl as before. She was tall and pale with mid-length black hair, and looked like she was about to rip one of the orderlies' ears off. A middle-aged nurse hurried over to the group and quickly gave the girl a shot. She gave one last attempt, yelling out a few more good insults before succumbing to what Yuki assumed were tranquilizers. One of the attendants picked her up and laid her down on a cot near the nurse's station station.

With the confusion and ruckus finally taken care of Yuki looked back to the nice older nurse to see that she'd already been signed in and the guard accompanying her was already walking out the doors.

"Come on into the office sweetie. There's a bit of paperwork I need to fill out. "

Yuki walked around to the opened door on the far side of the windowed room and slowly stepped in. Most nurses' stations were kept under lock and key. They didn't even let patients in unless they were guarded, whether they were known to be violent or not. This was definitely new, and Yuki couldn't really bring herself to step a few feet into the room without her chest tightening a bit. She really didn't like new.

The inside was like a totally different world from the sterile boring halls. It was painted a warm tan, and there was a cute border that looked like a line of books all around the ceiling. There was an actual bookcase filled with a variety of books. Some were medical and reference material, but some just looked like books that the nurse liked. There were also knick-knacks of all types. It looked quite homey.

While she was studying the interesting décor the nurse began reciting the rules as if she'd done it a million times. Yuki knew how the points system worked around these places. You followed the rules, you got on the nurses' good side, and you were deemed 'less crazy'. Once you were decidedly sane all sorts of doors opened up to you. You got extra snacks, extra free time, and occasionally they lowered your meds. It was pretty much a win-win situation. And a whole lot better than being tranq-ed and stuck in lockdown.

Yuki finally looked towards the nurse as she started flipping through papers on her clipboard. When she got to the fourth or fifth page she held it out to Yuki along with a pen, "Just write your name here, confirming that you got here."

She stared at it for a minute, wondering when there was a situation of a patient not getting there. All the patients were picked up in the same white van, with guards and everything. She hoped there weren't any dirty employees or anything. It was a pretty nice facility though; they were probably all screened very thoroughly. Yuki shook her head at her paranoid thoughts. Pen in hand, she scribbled down 'Yukina Sumiyoshi'. She frowned at her chicken-scratch. It looked stupid.

The nurse, who'd mentioned her name being Mrs. Wilson, smiled affectionately. She took the clipboard from Yuki's hands and set it back on her desk, "Looks like it's time to show you your room, and after that it should be dinner time."

Yuki brightened at the mention of food, "What's for dinner?"

Mrs. Wilson began ushering her outside of the room, "Oh I'm not really sure dear. I guess it'll just be a surprise."

Yuki rolled her eyes; at least she was nice. While being tugged along towards her new room she took note of her surroundings. The nurses' station was a small room that stuck out right past the entrance. The hall outside of it led into a large recreational room. It was filled with couches, chairs, tables, board games and TV's. To the left of the room was a door to the stairwell and an elevator. They were both guarded, and probably locked. The recreation room had two halls on either side of it. Yuki was pushed down the hall to the left. This area was lined with doors –all bedrooms she assumed, and all identical.

While walking down the hall they passed by a few patients. None really grabbed her attention. Most of them looked like they hadn't brushed their hair in ages, and their clothes were definitely a little worse for wear. Yuki didn't pay anyone she passed a second glance, until she saw a boy with messy black hair. He was leaning against the wall, arms crossed; it looked like he was waiting for something. He looked more like her, in that he was clean looking and didn't look completely drugged up. He stared at her silently and Yuki's steps began to slow as she became mesmerized. She couldn't really see any emotion in his face, like he wasn't judging or wondering about her. He seemed to be just accepting the fact that she was there. It was strange, but oddly comforting. The nurse gave a little extra push, and their gaze broke. She looked back over her shoulder quickly, but all she saw was his back as he casually walked towards the recreation area.

They passed what seemed like a million doors, when in all reality it was only eight, and she was finally pulled to a halt at room 23. As they stepped inside the nurse began reciting another set of rules, but Yuki was more interested in her new room. The room looked like it was in a typical dorm style; two beds and some furniture. Half of everything looked well lived in. The other half was Yuki's side. She walked over to her new dresser and pulled a drawer open. All of her things were there. Three comfy outfits, a bag of toiletries, and her music box. She gave a sigh of relief at seeing it and slipped it into her pocket quietly. She didn't trust anyone not to steal it; things like that had happened before and the staff never did anything to help.

She turned around as Mrs. Wilson finished up her ridiculously long list of rules and smiled brightly, "Alright then, is that all ma'am?"

The older woman smiled, "It sure is! Dinner is in about fifteen minutes, would you like me to show you where it is?"

Yuki thought for a second and then shook her head, "I'll just follow the crowd. I'll be fine."

"Alright dear, I'll be going then."

As she turned around and left Yuki walked over to her bed, more or less collapsing on it. She was tired, always tired. Now that she was alone she could relax for a moment. Smiling at that she rolled onto her back. She liked this new facility so far, the head nurse seemed really nice and she'd seen at least one normal person. That was a great sign. Maybe she'd get to stay here for a while; switching facilities all the time was getting old.

A thump from the doorway drew Yuki from her musings. She looked up to see a tall girl with shockingly curly red hair. Said girl was leaning against the doorframe with a hand on her hip, glaring at Yuki, "Are you the roommate?"

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