There are captive souls around the world, whom Jesus can set free.

For the moment, here's a story, which took place in P.N.G:

There the Devil saw a threat, which made God's angels overjoyed.

God had sent a willing instrument of work in Pastor Lloyd.

Lloyd was preaching to the people (using scriptures to explain

What would change their lives) unsheltered in the long torrential rain,

Like a modern recreation of the documented scene

Of the priest addressing people (drenched) in Ezra 10:13.

Though he usually heard God's voice in the scriptures that he'd read,

Lloyd could the voice of God commanding him to now take heed.

God said, "Ask me, Lloyd, to stop the rain," and soon Lloyd acquiesced.

Then he publicly asked God in prayer, and many souls were blessed:

Just as Jesus calmed the storm (in Gospel times), each listener's eye

Now beheld a modern miracle, as all the clouds went dry.

When the news of this was passed around, the numbers listening grew,

Doing damage to the Devil, who then showed he wasn't through.

Lloyd was physically attacked by demons. Yet he made no bluff,

When he said to Satan, "Bring it on, if you'd attempt that stuff.

I serve God, and there's no contest." Satan's foolish to ignore

God's reality, and try to shape his own, despite the score.

Once again Lloyd heard the voice of God, commanding him to stop

Any music in his program which was egocentric Pop.

Lloyd obeyed the Lord, and felt the great dissension in the ranks.

Still in service to the Father, Lloyd could cope with missing thanks.

After three nights, in a meeting, Lloyd was told the stunning facts:

People heard Lloyd's English words in their own language, as in Acts,

When the Holy Spirit first came down and brought the gift of tongues

(Not the babble and confusion which now comes from some folks' lungs).

Now that story's quite inspiring. So by all means, be amazed

At the presence of the Lord in P.N.G. God's name be praised.

There's a far more frequent method we can use to have a chat

With our Maker, showing reverence, while we're learning where it's at.

It's to open up the Bible, with an interactive prayer,

As the scriptures bring God's voice to us, with words we find in there.

He'll have answers for our questions, which can help us to decide

Every issue that we deal with. It's a tactic true and tried.

If you don't have any questions, then you still can benefit,

Using this approach in daily Bible reading, if you sit,

With an open mind and heart for what the Lord's about to say,

Like the man from Ethiopia, when Philip came his way.