By Matt Hurt

Author's Note: I wrote this story for a Goosbumps Contest a LONG time ago. I got 2nd place and I was happy. If you say that it sucks or you don't like it than that must mean that you won first place in the Contest. Congratulations! The main idea of the contest was that at the end of several Goosebump books there would be a description of the contest and also a different word in each book that you would have to use in the story. The words I had to use were SPIDER, RAT, MOSQUITO, CLAW, STEAK, and SKULL. Also they would start the story out for you and you would have to finish it in a limited amount of words or pages (I can't remember which one). I can't really remember the part of the story they gave for you but it was something like you're staying at your aunt and uncle's house and your cousin Justin tells you to go to a shed at night or something. So I started it from that. Also I guess I OWN this story so don't plagiarize me or I'll get pissed.

...I slowly tip-toed to the shed. I turned the knob, anxiously. I swung the door open preparing for the worst. It was pitch black inside. It was so quiet that I could hear SPIDERS crawling on the wooden walls. I could hear RATS scrambling around. Then I slowly lifted my shaking hand to turn the light on. I lightly flicked the switch.

The light turned on. I saw about a hundred people, including Justin, and my two best friends Curtis and Billy. "SURPRISE!" Everyone yelled. That's when i noticed the banner. It read, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHUA!"

Of course! Why didn't I think of that. But my birthday isn't until June 26th, and it's only May 1st. "What's going on?" I asked stunned.

"What does it look like?" Asked Ray Smith. One time Ray told me to give him my lunch money or he'd make me kiss his entire collection of The Many Different Kinds of Poisonous SNAKES. Ray has dark black hair, blue eyes, and so many freckles on his face that it looks like his face is full of MOSQUITO bites.

"Well, what do you think?" Curtis asked.

"Yeah!" Billy added.

"Well, wow!" I replied. I didn't know why I wasn't excited. It was probably just the idea of hearing all of the RATS and SPIDERS. I'm terrified of of anything with more than 2 legs.

"Well, why don't you open your presents?" asked Curtis. Curtis has light brown, almost blonde hair, with brown eyes. I think he looks like Jim Carrey.

After opening the presents tat had a rabbit's foot and a big, stuffed, black cat in it, I noticed I only had one more present to go. I ripped the wrapping paper off of my last present, opened the box and screamed!!

A hand jumped up and grabbed my face! My dark brown hair stood straight up. My brown eyes widened and started to tear up. I had suddenly realized that it wasn't a hand but actually a CLAW!! I could feel it scratching my face. I could feel my skin starting to give in. Warm tears started to run down both of my cheeks.

I lifted the box, expecting to see an arm coming through the table, but to my surprise the only thing between the box and the table was thin air. I tried to scream but the CLAW completely covered my mouth. I glanced at Justin and Ray. They were both laughing and pointing at something at the bottom of the CLAW. It was a wind up. I couldn't believe they would do that to me. Before I knew it, the CLAW loosened up and fell to the ground. I was shaking. I left after that, thanking everyone except for Ray and Justin.

The next morning I was finishing my usual breakfast of STEAK and eggs when I noticed the SKULL! It was in the shed. I saw it through the kitchen window and screamed!

I could see the brains leaking out of the ears. I almost lost my breakfast rght then and there at the table. Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, my aunt rushed and closed the blind. "Hurry up and finish your breakfast, dear." She said casually. I began to wonder if.....NO! I thought...

When I finished my breakfast, I ran up the stairs taking two steps at a time. I got the phone and dialed Curtis' number. Then I used three-way to call Billy. I told them about seeing the SKULL. "WOW!" Curtis said.

"Lets go see it tonight." Billy replied.

"Yeah!" Curtis said.

"Okay." I agreed suspiciously.

Later that night I went out to the shed to meet up with Curtis and Billy. I had brought a knife, a flashlight and a HAMMER. (Just in case it WAS what I had thought).

It was dark and very spooky. I suddenly heard a twig snap. Then silence. And then a guy in a ghost mask popped up. He wore the same mask that was in the movie Scream. I was terrified. I was so scared that I dropped my flashlight and everything else in my hands. Then, I heard another twig snap behind me. The person in the Scream mask revealed himself. I almost passed out.

It was the SKULL from inside the shed! Then, it popped off the head. I was now standing in front of a headless body. Then it collapsed. "Ready!" a familiar voice yelled from right behind me. I jumped. The headless body then jumped from the ground, and Billy's head poked through the neck. "Got ya." He said. I turned around and saw Curtis.

"That's enough!" I yelled, "Let's get this over with!" As we approached the shed I suddenly got this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like a deeper feeling then the one you get when you are hungry. I started to gag. That's what I do whenever I am nervous or scared. At that moment I was a little of both. I didn't want to do this. They've been my friends forever.

As we approached the shed I began to speak. "Why don't we just stop! I mean, why do you want to s--" I stopped when I saw that they were set on going in. "Alright." Suddenly, as I was about to open the door, it just swung open, the light inside was shining so bright I couln't see. When I could see I stared in complete shock.

There were insects everywhere. You name it and it was there. Then, at the back of the shed I saw something completely disgusting. It was my entire family!

They were eating.........COCKROACHES!!!! I now realized that the feeling was actually my stomach growling and telling me that I was hungry. So, I transformed back to my normal alien body and started to eat. "Mmmmmm, Cockroaches, my favorite!!!" I said.

"So, what's for dessert?" Curtis asked in a shaking voice. He was obviously very scared and disgusted. I stopped

eating, got up, locked the entrance, and stared at Curtis and Billy with my mouth watering.