A/N: This is an entry for Maranwe Telrunya's weekly writing challenge -- the idea is to write at least 1,000 words for a story, or a 200 word poem, starting with a picture prompt she's selected. There is a link on her profile that leads to her homepage which has a link to her weekly writing challenge, if you want to know more, or if you want to see the picture for this week.

An orchestra plays in my backyard
Softly nurturing nature's sweet sound
I sit outside so I can listen
And watch as the clouds gently glisten
To the beat and rhythm of the ground.

My backyard is an orchestra
And they always play their parts
From the strong redwood reaching the sky
To the small beetle about to die
They all know the music by heart.

My backyard orchestra plays many a concert
And I love to watch them perform
The trees have violins, the flowers have brass
There's a clarinet for every tiny blade of grass
All together, they whip up a musical storm.

There's a concert going on in my backyard
It's Nature's Orchestra, you see
You might say that there is nothing to hear
But you have to listen with more than your ear
So, come and sit by me.

We'll listen to the orchestra in my backyard
Until we are old and our hair is gray
And when we are gone
The music plays on
A new sonata everyday.