By Matt Hurt

Every day I go to hell for seven hours. I am not excepted because I don't have all the money and I don't wear the clothes that are "IN" right now but I am smart. And that makes this my punishment. I go to school every morning with one of my various Star Wars books and my instrument in my hands while I lug my back pack around. I try to ignore their hate-filled comments but at first they seem to be too hurtful but I just lock them away in my heart until they get too bottled up and unleash them at home. I know they will all either burn in hell or never make it in life but that is just not enough to last my lifetime. So I go home and wonder why God made me the way I am. An adolescent outcast I last throughout all the periods of the day just praying to go home.

Just waiting for that final bell to ring, to let me free. But soon enough the absolute worst hour of everyday arrives. The hour in which I have Physical Education. I have given up on changing in the locker room. Their words are too harsh. Needless to say I don't shower in gym either, my body is too frail and the towel whipping will leave bruises only lies will cover up.

After a full seven and a half hours of waiting I am finally released from my hellish experience for today. But every inch of my twig of a body trembles on the inside and outside as I know that I will just have to wake up and go back to that again and again. For what seems like an eternity.