The story idea was inspired by the song and music video of Bad romance by Lady Gaga. But the inner portions are inspired by mostly Schoolyard heroes.


Bad Romance~ Lady Gaga

They Live~ Schoolyard Heroes

"We control reality,

We control your chemistry, baby,

Rearrange anatomy,

Deep within these shadows we're alive."

They say we were once people. Real people. The ones you only have an instinctive consciousness of. The ones that live lives. Lives like the ones of those we go to not so extravagant but the same idea. They say we're not even a shell of our former selves anymore. We've been stripped of our identities, our personalities, our beings. The very essence of what makes us each unique…human. Some people say that we don't even look like ourselves anymore, don't sound like our "originals." We're not supposed to talk about it, about anything really. You don't talk, don't look up and you don't think. You just move through the motions. But we do. And they may not catch you at first, but they do catch you…they always do.

"Look at all these imbeciles,

Shaking hands while decomposing,

We've crunched these numbers

And we've found that your soul is null in void."