Hey guys, let me know what you think of this. I did it for a sci-fi assigment in creative writing, idk if it counts though, lol, I was very vague with the whole sci-fi part. So itll prob be less of a disappointment if you dont think of it as such. But let me know.




Cemetary girls

They live

Dude, Where's my skin?

(all by Schoolyard Heroes)



(by Automatic Loveletter)

"The skies weren't always black,

But the bodies burned and the ashes rose…

We're still breathing.

The soil's soaked with tear sand blood,

My dear, nobodies safe…do you hear me?"

They never said anything to you. They weren't allowed. We weren't supposed to know anything but what our "masters" taught us. Nothing. It's that simple. If you do retain some memory, you keep it to yourself. Sharing with the class would be a stupid move, unless you want to be killed. It's easier for some people that way. I learned not to speak the hard way. I may not talk now. But I would still struggle. I struggle like the devil himself caught me. Funny thing is, I think even the devil is repulsed. That's why he's no longer an issue. He ran away from here a long time ago and never looked back.

Lights as bright as heaven blindedme from where I lay. On the table, in a room. Somewhere. Nowhere! I had to wait it out. More waiting. That's all. My smirk couldn't have gotten any bigger and when 6 hooded figures surrounded me the only light I could see was from in between the cracks of their heads. The rank stench of victory, also referred to as Death, perforated the air with its silicone smell. I held out both my hands as far as they would go. Some of the hood moved most stayed. One hood's occupant stretched its hand out toward mine our fingers intertwined. His calloused fingers were sticky, red from blood and dusted black from dirt.

"As radiant as you look in white, I think your true color lies within the darker tones." Soul grabbed my head and crushed his lips to mine.

There was no finesse. There was no grace. There was teeth and tongue. Dirt and blood. Hate and love.

"What…took you…so…long?" I snapped at him in between kisses.

My voice was hoarse from not talking for so long as well as from the last outburst I'd had. It was never a good idea to talk back to a guard. Though the black and yellow rings had almost completely faded I still sounded like death myself.

"Which one was it?" Soul's voice was tight and clipped. His eyes flared with an anger even I couldn't sway.

He used one hand to twist my hair at the back of my neck and the other to lightly cover my throat. I winced slightly at the pressure he put on the fading splotches.

"Your dear brother." I said ripping from his grasp.

"Mistress," Leon rushed into the room dropping down on one knee, "none of the

data can be retrieved as of right now. What should our next move be?" I took the black velvet Soul sulkily held out and slipped each arm through with a satisfied smirk. It felt good to be in something familiar. But I wasn't complete.

"Take anything you can carry I want to go home." I said as I pulled the smooth velvet hood over my head. Soul eyed Leon with a fiery cold stare; Leon glared back though not as impressively as Soul's.

"Down boys, put the rulers away. You can measure later." I laughed.

Soul didn't loose any of the tension in his shoulders, but Leon gave a tight lipped smile and stiffly got up walking out after giving me a low bow.

"Come with me, you pretty thing,

And we'll celebrate with amputation,

We've wasted everything and

Nothings going to take God's children."

"I don't like him." Soul said.

"You don't like anyone." I scoffed.

His blonde hair hung in grime covered rivulets around his face, his eyes held a burning inferno of possession that he couldn't fight off. His skin beneath his robe was almost as milky white as mine, and the smattering of hair that trailed into his leathers was like the rest of his hair, filthy and bloody from fighting. He stood like a muscled barbarian, a primitive god of death with his crimson streaks covering the sinewy steel of his chest. Pallid faced Leon couldn't hold a candle to the carnal of Soul. The magnificent untamed wild he possessed.

"Come on, baby," I held my clean and pristine hand out to his. "Let's get going…you owe me the head of that brother of yours," his smile was mesmerizingly wicked and his eyes twinkled with the delight of an innocent boy on Christmas morning.

"You're such a spoiled little girl. Heads, bodies, and guts, mischief, mayhem, and chaos are in your rein. You've had yourself a Christmas morning today haven't you?" He adjusted his robe over his bare chest and settled the hood on his head. His leather pants tighten as he moved.

"All I need now is your pretty little head wrapped in a pretty little red bow." I tapped his nose as he pulled my life and pride from behind his back.

There in his hands sat the most beautiful thing to behold besides himself. The ebony handle fit like a sleek glove in my palm. The cool black surface sent shivers down

my spine. Encrusted throughout it were jade specks that smoldered like the jade orbs of lust that Soul unleashed on me. My smile was returned with a sly simper from him. I turned on my heel with a wink, snatching my boots off the table; I slipped a foot into each one. The metal buckles gleamed in the lucent air while the straps on the sides hang to the floor. I looked down at the uniform they had given us upon the replenishing process. The white lace baby doll was beautiful and as virtuous as little Mary herself.

I couldn't wait to burn it. To smell the burnt offerings of it as it shriveled into itself. The fine white silk morphing into a black pile of dust. One that I could hold in my palm and blow away onto the backs of the wind. I took one more look around the room just to see it as a freely caged woman. The pods were all empty. The occupants were freed and allowed to roam as they chose. Some would join us. Some would run out into the clear fields they found on the dense forest they couldn't see through but held the hope of some protection for their trembling limbs. Either way, they wouldn't all survive. Oh so sad, but true. The black pushup and boy shorts matched my eyes and hair as Soul and I walked out into the hall. I held the blade's ebony handle and felt the cold metal as it slid against my calf and thigh. The tip dragged against the pristine white tiles. Soul was at my side behind me, next to him Leon soon fell into step.

"Your secrets are safe with me,

I'll take it to the grave now, baby,

God help you, please, my dear,

I'm going to take your dead soul away."

From every doorway, from every corner, they all came, each one with his own set of dingy black robes. It must have been quite a sight against the light, or lack of, we looked like Death's messengers spreading our word of warning to anyone who tried to hold us down, or tried to keep us from our mission. To save humanity, we had to be inhumane ourselves. There was no other way.

Guards' bodies lay strangled, mangled, mutilated and unrecognizable against the brilliant sterile surfaces. Rivers of red ran in all directions, blue and black secretions pooling, spilling out of pods that were crammed into secret rooms and mingling with the liquid of life that had been spilled. The former was a disgraceful substance that was used to "cleanse" us and what kept us prisoner. My sword dug into the ground as were passed the putrid wash. I used both hands to push the heavy metal doors and sunlight spilled from outside.

The sun was setting and it was a glorious sight. The vibrant hues of yellow and blue, graceful purples and pinks almost hurt my eyes compared to the bright white I'd been seeing for months. It was like watching a movie; people were running around, tripping over themselves, not caring if they were stepping on others while just trying to get away. It wasn't supposed to be like this people cutting others down never feeling the warmth of the sun though it was so close to them. A small part of me was happy there

were no more children to get mauled by the massive mob that formed whenever order was broken.

There were several people surrounding the bikes. Throwing my leg around the side, I started the black brute. I felt the vibrations that ran through my spine and seized my nerve endings as I listened to the purr of the engine. It was a whole new kind of heaven. Soul straddled his own. The glint of anger in his eyes as Leon looked to me sent burning hot flames to lick at my feet. His husky purr in my ear as he told me forbidden nothings made me almost believe in love. Almost.

And maybe, just maybe, in another time, in another place, on another planet we were together like a true couple, like regular people…in a regular universe. The wind dried my tears before they could fall as I pulled the bike past the point of seeing. Everything whizzed by in a blur of colors, just like our life had seen the Fall. My senses heightened, the world slowed freezing my sad smile on my face. Like the calm before the storm, Life was beautiful…in a sick and twisted way; life was beautiful.

"We live like creatures,

We love like homicide.

Rewrite your future,

Control both space and time."

"This is the calming, before the storm…"

I woke up with a start, struggling in someone's arms.

"Shh...it's fine sweetie…you're fine." I lay in the warm arms that held me captive.

I placed my lips over a bulging creamy bicep. My nerves were frazzled and my exhaustions danced across my body. His calloused covered hands drew me in closer to his heat. The deliciously warm flames caressed my being like a wave of rainwater. I'd abandoned my frightened breathing for a hormone induced shiver as he peppered his kisses over my tear stained face. My heart is heavy and my throat is tight as to try to settle my shaking limbs.

"It'll be okay…" he whispered in a low husky purr.

There was nothing better than the man you love telling you it will be okay. I laid my hand on his naked shoulder and kissed anywhere and everywhere I could reach, while paying extra attention to the menacing scars feathered over the hard planes of his body. The moon light that poured in waves over us reflected off of the breathtaking opal stone that laid snuggly on my third finger. Past from generation to generation until it finally landed here, on my finger. Something he'd carried and protected since he was 10. A large

hand rubbed circles in my back as a form of comfort. My eyes watered from the care and consideration, somehow, in someway I might be missing the full effect of his love was…enough to bring the London bridge down.

"Parker, do you remember

How I carried your heart…"

I looked up to see his perfectly chiseled jaw softly move with his breath as he fell back into a deep sleep. I took a look out of the window to see the full blue moon lingering in the air above us. In that moment I knew…knew, that whatever happened, whenever I would always end up here, in his lethal arms, in a swirl of limbs, in a dangerous cocoon of love and security, no matter how dark or how twisted. I'd always wind up here, looking at this moon and knowing that another me was thinking the same thing, saying the same thing, for some reason, wrapped up in the same arms.

"These broken lights

They shine on us