Because He Will Never

If he didn't hurt her now, he'd inevitably destroy her later on.

What about the Boy?

Who is this Boy?

He is the Boy who has never known exactly what he had, the Boy who had everything handed to him on a silver platter.

He is the Boy who appears heartless, and never shows his affection for other people.

He is the Boy who has crushed many girls' hearts, through the reasoning that he never really cared for their company.

He is the Boy who has never, ever been touched by Cupid's arrow.

He is the Boy who loves only himself.

He is the Boy who lost his mother because of his father's jealousy.

He is the Boy who has stopped trusting his family, his friends, and stopped believing in what he hasn't seen.


He is also...

The Boy who has had reality forced on to him.

He won't believe or trust.

The Boy who had his childhood stolen, who had to take responsibility to replace it.

Because of one selfish parent.

The Boy who has never had somebody else to love.

He only had himself.

The Boy who had been scarred by the effects of fake love, and was convinced that he didn't want any part of it.

Scared of ending like his mom and dad.

The Boy who grew up thinking that love happened by itself, and that he couldn't force it upon himself.

He couldn't keep up a fa├žade forever, and if he did, he'd only be living a lie.

The Boy who knows that love should be eternally immortal.

He would leave her eventually, inflicting pain unimaginable.

The Boy who never had somebody to show his true self to.

Because he might fall in love.

The Boy who has never ever made a choice on his own.





...He was supposed to seem like a jerk at first, but a jerk for a reason. Though. Now that I've written this, I like him even better. 3

Uh, yeah. This was a lot more confusing than I intended it to be. But nothing I write ever ends up like I intended, so...

Love you for reading, love you for reviewing~