A/N: Rated T for cussing towards the end, courtesy of the jocks in the following oneshot. Otherwise, hope you enjoy.

Behind the Looks

A tangle of dark brown hair and falling bobby pins rush past Mr. and Mrs. Daniels.

"She's going up to her room to study?" Mr. Daniels asks his wife, sipping a cup of his daily coffee.

Mrs. Daniels pushes a stray piece of her dark brown hair out of her face and tucks it behind her ear. She looks up at him from her work. "I assume so, honey. Why don't you go check?"

"No need," he answers, putting his glasses down as he rakes a hand through his brunette hair. "Sarah's a good kid; of course she's doing her homework. What else could she be doing?"

And with that, her parents went back to their daily work.

Upstairs, Sarah quickly got out her books, fumbling with them as she tries to lay them on her bed. Her dark brown hair falls over her face in a mess and her hazel eyes looking rushed.

Hurry up, hurry up! Steven gets home any minute from football practice! Imagine him all sweaty and glistening… She smiles at the thought, taking out sheets of paper from her binder.

She rushes to the bathroom to take out her contacts, replacing them with her glasses. While there, she takes a double check on her appearance. She scowls at the mirror. Quickly, she takes out the bobby pins in her tangled hair. "Ow," she mutters, yanking on her tangled hair. She combs her hands through once, then satisfied, she smiles. She stares at the lip gloss on her bathroom sink. Well, it wouldn't hurt… but what's the point? He never looks over anyway. She ignores the glittery gloss and runs out of the bathroom and launches herself onto the bed.

Her body is angled towards her window, along with her pile of homework. She ignores the homework, however, her eyes glued to the window. Lucky Sarah has a front row seat to watch Steven Nelsons do his usual push-ups and sit-ups after his practice. The only thing downside about this is when Steven takes a girl home. Then it's not so fun and she closes the curtains.

Usually, the curtains are never opened or closed. They're closed with a small slip through them so she could see Steven perfectly. She always remembers exactly where he does his push-ups. Sarah sighs contently at the fond memories.

She curls up onto her bed, getting ready for the show. She finds as a surprise, instead of one hot guy, two hot guys! She grins. The more, the better!

Steven leaves the room, leaving the other hot guy. I'll call him Hottie until I figure out his name, she tells herself. Hottie looks around the room, sitting on the bean bag in front of the TV. He continues looking around, until he sees something curious. Wonder what he's looking at… He walks up to the window, peering out. Her eyes widen. He couldn't have seen her, right?

Luckily, his friend reenters the room, calling Hottie away. He seems reluctant to follow, but does so anyway. They talk and Hottie nods. Steven leaves first, but Hottie stays behind. He looks out the window again amusedly. Then, he turns around and grabs a piece of paper and pen, scribbling words onto it. Sarah tries to make them out, but she is too far away. But it doesn't matter – he pushes the paper up against the window for her to see.

We're going to play basketball out back. You can watch him from your backyard I bet.

She blinks, completely taken back. He caught her! Oh my gosh, is he going to tell Steven? she asks herself, scared. No! He'll laugh at me! Terrified, she walked over to the curtain and pulls it closed shut.

She gets back to her homework reluctantly, but all she could see is Hottie's face as he holds up the paper with those deadly words.

The next day at school, she sees Hottie again. Terrified of him recognizing her, she avoids him every time she sees him in the halls. Please say he didn't tell Steven! Please!

She doesn't rush home today. She decides to give up on watching Steven. He probably closes his curtains nowadays. She sighs sadly, fumbling with her keys. But she sees a shadow above her. Startled, she spins around. Huh?

Hottie is right in front of her, grinning amusedly. "Hi. I don't think we've met, but I'm Joshua." His hands are in his pocket casually.

She stares at him, shocked out of her mind. She's completely lost for words, but after some time, they come to her in a rush. "I'm S-Sarah."

"So, your room's across from Steven's?" he asks casually, but his grin gives him away.

She blushes, looking down. "Uh, yeah."

"And does he know that you watch him?" he asks, still in a very casual voice. She hates it. You know I do! Why are you asking me this? Are you trying to blackmail me? She feels horrible now.

"No," she mumbles. No use denying it; she was caught in the action.

Hottie, whose name is now discovered to be Joshua, laughs. It's a light sound, not harsh and cruel like she expects. Surprised, she meets his dark green eyes.

Timidly, she asked quietly, "Did you tell him?"

He shakes his head, still watching her with clear amusement in his eyes.

"Are you going to?" she asks, with a sad sigh. There goes my life down the drain.

"No," he replies.

She blinks, clearly surprised by his honest confession. "Why not?"

"Well, I doubt you'd like that," he starts. "And Steven has a big mouth. So if I did, by tomorrow, it'd be all over the school."

She shudders, seeing the headlines on the school paper: Nerd Sarah Watches Jock Steven Out of Her Window!

"And Farah would probably tear you apart," he adds in.

She shudders again. She forgot about Farah, Steven's girlfriend. She always does whenever she watches Steven. Probably a bad idea, however, because Fayah will fight for her man no matter what.

He laughs softly. "So don't worry about it; your secret's safe with me."

She attempts to smile at him. "Thanks."

He smiles back at her. "No problem, Sarah."

Sarah shivers unintentionally; she loves the way her name sounds as he says it.

He takes a step back now. "Well, I've got to go play basketball with Steven again. You gonna watch?" He smirks at their inside joke.

She shakes her head. "Uh, I have homework."

"I doubt you like that very much," he answers, reading her mind.

She tries to act like she does though. "I'm a nerd, remember? Of course I do."

He smiles charmingly. "I don't think you're a nerd, Sarah. You're just smarter than the usual. And besides, not all nerds like homework."

She smiles at this. He doesn't seem so bad actually… "Thanks."

"No problem, Sarah. See you later, okay?" he says, walking off.

She nods. "Uh, sure." He wants to talk to me again? The thought both elates and frightens her.

She finds her key and stumbles into her house, closing the door behind her. "Hey Mom. Hey Dad." She smiles at them, walking up the stairs.

Mr. Daniels stares at his daughter as she leaves then looks at his wife. "That's strange. Sarah never greets us when she gets home."

Mrs. Daniels waves it off. "Probably doesn't have as much homework to do today, so she isn't in a rush."

Mr. Daniels suspects something funny about his daughter, but doesn't disagree.

Upstairs, Sarah gets her homework out slowly. She sighs. I guess my latest hobby is now over. She walks over to her curtain to close it all the way when she sees Steven. He's grabbing something by the window when he spots her. Sarah's eyes widen but she can't move.

He smirks. Apparently, he doesn't look shocked. "Hey," he mouths, grabbing the football from under his table.

She blinks and manages a wave. Can this really be happening? After all these years, he catches me now?

He nods at me in a gesture of "later" before walking out of the room, sending her one more smirk when he reaches the door. Then he closes the door behind him and runs downstairs.

Slowly, she closes the curtain. Oh. My. Gosh. Steven smirked at me! And acknowledged me! A smile spreads across her features as she sits on her bed. This is an insane day…

Sarah slumps down the halls tiredly. Finally, school's over…

She turns the corner, and finds the biggest shock of her life: Steven, Farah, and Joshua arguing! What the heck is happening?! She steps back into the corner. Should I listen? I mean, I don't want to be all nosy… but still… She listens discreetly.

"What the hell?! Why all of the sudden?! We were supposed to have dinner tomorrow night!" Farah screeches.

"Because I felt like it," comes Steven's cold voice.

Farah lets out an exasperated scream. "Ugh! STEVEN! You are so frustrating! I NEVER want to see you again!" And with that, Farah storms out of the hallway.

Joshua just shakes his head at Steven, and walks away in pity. Steven scoffs, rolling his eyes. After a moment, he says, "You can come out now."

Sarah's mind freezes, but her legs don't. They walk out of the corner she was hiding in and stop a couple of feet away from him.

He grins arrogantly. "Come closer, girl. I don't bite…" he smirks deviously, "yet."

Sarah's eyes widen but she walks a foot closer. He rolls his eyes and walks towards her in long strides.

He smirks, grabbing the side of her arms. "You're names Sarah, right? And you live by me, correct?"

Speechless, she blinks a couple of times to make sure she's awake then nods once.

"Cool. So, how'd you like to watch a movie with me later?" he asks.

Again, not knowing how to pronounce clear words around the hot jock, she nods.

"Pick you up at seven, then," he says, leaning down to kiss her cheek.

She watches as he walks off. Then, her arm lifts as she touches the cheek where he kissed her. She smiles softly at the thought. Dazed, she walks off.

That night, she spends the time from getting home until 6:45 getting ready. She dabs on lipstick, then covers it with lip gloss for a gorgeous shimmer. She put on eyeliner, then decides that that's enough make-up. She finds her best skirt – a purple skirt that reached her knees and flows when she spins or turns. She took out a white blouse with a floral, intricate design decorating the collar and the bottom. Satisfied, she ties up her hair in a bun with loose strands covering her face. She smiles at her reflection. For once, she feels… pretty.

At 7:05, he comes dressed in a casual shirt and loose jeans. He smirks when he takes a good look at her. "You look good."

She blushes, smiling. "Thanks. You do too."

"No problem," he says, leading them to his car parked on his driveway.

They drive there is silence, his music blasting the whole way. She doesn't mind though – if they tried to small talk, she probably wouldn't be able to enunciate anything correctly.

They get there and find their seats. "What movie are we watching?" she asks.

"Demon from Hell 2," he answers. "I'll be right back. I'm going to go buy snacks."

She nods quietly. She doesn't like horror movies… but she guesses she can endure it for him. She leans against the armrest, and hears something vibrate. She looks over to his seat and sees his cell phone. Curiously, she picks it up. It must have dropped out of his back pocket, she thinks. She frowns, knowing she shouldn't read it. But it's an iPhone, so the text pops up anyway.

I still don't think u should go thru with this! Sarah's a good girl! And Farah's crushed! You're being a real player right now, Steve!

She blinks, confused. A real player? Go through what? Frowning, she puts the phone down.

Looking around to see if he was coming, she grabs the phone and quickly texted a reply. She can't help it – she's terribly curious!

What r u talking about? Go through what? And how am I being a player?

She presses send and put the phone on his seat again. A couple of minutes pass by until she hears his phone vibrate. She leans over casually and reads it, trying to look casual and inconspicuous.

Don't act stupid with me, Steve. We both know you're just using Sarah 'cause you think she'll be "easy". But I'm warning you: don't hurt her!

Her eyes sadden. This can't be the truth, can it? How can Steve be so… cruel? She shakes her head. Maybe he's mistaken.

Steve finally comes back with a bowl of popcorn and a large soda. Smiling, he sits down beside her. "Hey. I miss anything?"

She shakes her head sadly, not looking at him.

"Popcorn?" he offers.

She shakes her head again.


She shakes her head for the third time.

After a lot of munching and slurping, Sarah sighs deeply and starts getting up. "I'm going to go to the bathroom. Be right back."

He just mumbles and nods, not even looking at her. She frowns and walks out of the theater.

Biting her lip, she takes out her cell phone. Sarah is good at memorizing things. Not as good as those who have photographic memory, but she comes close. So, naturally, she memorized the number. Dialing it, a deep voice answered.


Timidly, she whispers, "Hello."

"Who is this?"

She pulls the phone from her ear quietly, contemplating on whether she should hang up or answer. Then, reluctantly, she answers, "Sarah."

He's quiet for a moment, and she thinks he's hung up. She bites her lip down, and tries again. "Joshua?"

"Yeah?" comes his soft reply. "Shouldn't you be on your date with Steven?"

"I-" She can't tell him that she read his texts! Imagine how Joshua would see her as: a nosy, needy nerd.

"Well?" he sighs.

"Is it true?" she asks instead.

"What?" he asks, a little more… alert.

"Is he really using me?" she asks, her voice barely a whisper now. She's never felt this used before, even when her "best friend" made her do all her homework for the entire seventh grade.

Joshua's quiet on the other line again.

"It's true, isn't it?" she asks softly, shaking her head. She feels the tears gathering in her eyes, but she forces them away. "Thanks Joshua. I-I gotta go now. Bye…"

He doesn't respond.

She hangs up and stares back at the theater. She can't go back in now – not when she knows the truth behind Steven's intentions. With a big, deep breath, she starts walking back to her house.

The theater isn't exactly close to her house, but it's better than going back in the theater and asking Steven to drive her home. It's dark though… and she's never been out this late alone. Shivering as a wind breezes her, she crosses her arms to fight the cold. As she walks, she hears a car approach her. Her eyes widen in fear; she's read crime stories that start out like this before. A young, teenage girl is walking home alone in the dark, and suddenly a car approaches. Some chatting occurs, and boom! The girl's missing and is on every news channel on TV. She's found weeks later, dead, and the guy is off finding a new victim, the police completely unaware of this.

Afraid, she tries to ignore the car, hoping it's just passing by. But it slows down behind her. She bites her lip, and her breathing increases. Please drive away, please drive away. I'm not worth being killed!

But the car doesn't drive away; instead it pulls towards the curb and parks. No! Now some elderly man is going to walk out of it, and ask me if I want candy or if I can help him find his "lost dog", then pull me into his car and drive me away to some creepy place where he can kill me in peace! Her walking increases, and soon she hears footsteps behind her. She's about to run when the man speaks.

Except, he's not really a man; he's her age. "Sarah."

… Joshua? She turns around and is facing a guy taller than herself, with familiar light brown hair and intense green eyes. "Joshua… what are you doing here?"

"Steven told me he was taking you to the movies. I was on my way there, when I saw you," he responds. His lips are curved downward; very unlike the him she's seen who's always grinning. He looks as if he's been thinking a lot.

"Oh," is all she can manage.

"Yeah: oh," he says softly. He takes slow steps towards her, and stops two feet away.

Sarah's speechless. Her mouth opens, and then closes. What do you say to the ex-guy-of-your-dream's best friend after you find out this "ex" has been using you?

"The weather's quite nice today."

I guess that's what… The words weren't expected by either of them, but Joshua couldn't help but smile a bit.

"I guess, if you can call this chilly wind nice."

She nods slowly. But she really just wants to know one thing. "Why are you here?" she asks quietly.

His smile dies down a little, but he tries hard to keep it there. "I thought you'd need a friend."

She bites back a scoff. I don't have any friends, she wants to say. Because she doesn't. Any friend she might've had in the past are long-gone by now. They all left long ago.

He notices her weird expression, and quickly adds, "If we are friends, that is."

She can't help but smile. "I… I guess so."

He smiles warily back at her. It's silent for about a minute, and finally, he breaks it. "You want a ride?'

Her eyes widen in surprise, but she nods. She doesn't think she can endure more walking in the dark.

They get into the car silently, and Joshua starts the car.

Meanwhile, Sarah takes a good look at his car. There are CDs resting on the dashboard, scattered. In the cup holder, there's an old soda bottle and some trash. Near her feet there's a tissue box and a dirty jacket, just resting there. Kind of messy.

Joshua catches her eye and smiles sheepishly. "Sorry about the mess. This is my brother's car. Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to buy my own car yet."

She has to smile at his honesty. "That's okay. I didn't think you listen to Ke$ha anyway," she teases, leaning over to grab a CD with Ke$ha on the front.

He laughs. "Probably his girlfriend's."

She begins to think. I wonder if he has a girlfriend… after all, I've never seen him with one. "Do you have one?"

He glances over at her. "What? A girlfriend?" She nods. "Nah," he says, his face scrunched up now as if he didn't favor the thought.

"Why not?" she continues. "I mean, it's not like you're ugly or something, so I'm pretty sure tons of girls must be –"

"Are you calling me hot?" he interrupts, smiling cheekily now.

She blushes. "Well, I was just, um, ya know… speaking my mind. Saying what others probably think and all…" she trails off awkwardly, looking out the window now.

He laughs at her predicament. "You are, aren't you? Well, thank you," he teases. Then, he gets a bit more serious. "But not everyone sees it that way. They think Steven's 'hotter', ya know? The only time they approach me is when they want something with him. And, it gets sickening after some time, not knowing whether or not people want you or your friend."

She looks back over at him, shocked. She never knew he thinks that way. "I-I'm sorry."

He grins despite himself and shakes his head. "It's not your fault."

"Yeah, but… I kind of feel bad. After all, I did just go on a date with him and all," she says slowly, still fixing her gaze on him.

He looks back at her and his grin dies away again. "Again, it's not your fault. He is, after all, Steven."

"And you're Joshua," she says softly, smiling. "Who happens to be… better-looking, than his friend."

He blinks, shocked. "I-" He looks at her and smiles. "Thanks. Really, I appreciate it."

"It's not a problem," she says, flushing. The car drives up to her driveway, and gets out slowly. "Thanks for driving me."

"It's nothing," he says, smiling. "I'll see you around?"

She nods, closing the door. He takes one more look at her before driving off. For the first time, in perhaps forever, she felt happy with herself.

The next day is a Saturday, so Sarah decides to sleep in. When she wakes up, she definitely is caught off by a voicemail that said "Look out your window". She pulls on a robe and does so, and is surprised to find Steven looking out his window.

He mouths "hey" to her.

She waves, disheartened, back at him.

He pulls out a piece of crumpled paper and writes messily onto it: Call me.

She does so, and she watches him pick up his phone.

"Hello?" she asks quietly.

"Hey. So, you left last night," he says, cutting to the chase.

She gulps, looking away from the window where he is watching her. "I… yeah. I did. Sorry."



"Did Joshua say something?" he interrupts, staring intensely at her through his window. His stare isn't soft though, like his friend's. It's accusing and demeaning.

She doesn't reply at first, but soon finds her words. "No," she lies.

"Don't lie to me," he hisses into the phone, now glaring at her.

She gulps. "I-I'm not."

"Because he always does this," he continues, ignoring her words. "He always tries to mess with my dates. He's always jealous of me."

Suddenly, a wave of anger overcomes her. She has to try her hardest to ignore it. But it's hard when you're listening to a guy who tried using you trash talk his best friend and your only friend.

Instead of letting her say something, he keeps going. "But don't listen to him. I care about you, Sarah. I hope you know that."

You don't even know me.

"And I hope we can get really close."

Of course you do… then we can become really separated, right?

"So, what do you say? Give me another chance, without having Joshua messing us up?"

"I never said he did anything." She finally finds her voice.

"Yeah, but I know he did. He always does, remember? It's annoying, because he can never find a girlfriend and takes it out on my love-life."


"And I like you too much to let him come between us."

When will this stop?

"Please, Sarah, can we-"


He blinks, surprised now. "Excuse me?"

"No," she repeats. She can't take it anymore. She doesn't want to listen to him rant on about his friend and "love-life" anymore. She doesn't even want to look at him now. Her respect and love for him is long-gone, and suddenly she finds herself wanting to see Joshua again.

"This is ridiculous," Steven keeps going. "I told you, this is all-"

"Your fault?" she asks, raising an eyebrow at him.

"What? No!" he yells, incredulous. "Sarah-"

"Goodbye Steven." She hangs up and closes her curtain, ignoring his looks at her. After that, she falls back onto her bed and takes in a deep breath. Did I really just do that? She feels as if she's been relieved of a big trouble. And now her urge to talk to Joshua is even bigger. But she knows she has to ignore it for now.

She eats after that, and spends a little time watching TV. But she soon gets bored and decides that a walk might relieve her of that. Throwing on a jogging outfit and her sneakers, she unlocks her door. But, as soon as she cracks open the door, she sees Joshua and Steven outside, arguing. She closes the door, but leaves a crack to watch.

"What are you-" Joshua starts, his face red with anger.

"Don't give me that bullshit! I know you spoke to Sarah, and that's why she left!"


"And now, she won't give me another chance!"

"She shouldn't," he mutters under his breath.

"Excuse me?" Steven snaps, his face redder than Joshua's, and his breaths short and frequent.

"She shouldn't," he says, louder. "You're a freakin' jerk, Steven. You use girls here and there without a damn care. And I'm sick of sitting back and allowing it! I actually like Sarah this time, and I don't want to see you use her and throw her away right after!" Sarah takes in a sharp breath when she hears this.

"I fucking knew it! You're jealous, like always, because you can't get a girl to save your damn life!"

"I can get a girl!" he hisses. "But I don't settle for any dumbass blond I find off the street! I have taste!"

"You obviously don't if you want that Sarah girl! She's just a bitchy nerd who's only good for a good fu-"

He's cut off- by a large smack. There stands Joshua, his breath hitched after punching his ex-best-friend in the jaw.

Steven is just as surprised as Sarah is. He turns to glare at his old companion before cussing wildly.

"Don't talk about her that way," Joshua warns. And with that, he walks off, back into his car. He drives off, and Steven just stands there, his hand on his jaw.

"You can come out," Steven spats. It's like the first time Sarah listened in on their conversation, except this time, Steven's tone is not as gentle.

Timidly, she takes a step out on her porch. She doesn't say anything though.

"I hope you're fucking happy," he hisses. "You made me lose my best friend."

You did that by yourself.

"Damn bitch, you're not worth what he thinks you are," he snaps, obviously realizing she isn't hurt by his last attempt. And now, he isn't out to get her back; he's out to hurt her – deep.

I should leave…

"He thinks you're some god, I bet," he laughs darkly. "But I know what you are; a whore."

Don't listen to him. He's only trying to hurt you.

"That's why you watch me as I work out, you creep."

How did he…?

"That's right; Joshua told me. You still trust him?" he hisses, seeing her incredulous look.

No… he said he wouldn't. He's lying.

"Don't believe me?" he mocks. "Oh, please. Why wouldn't he tell me?"

… I don't know.

"Of course, he made me promise not to tell anyone. But, I have to thank him for it; I wouldn't have noticed you without it."

So that it explains it.

"Still trust him?"

She didn't respond. She runs back into her house, slamming the door behind her. She makes her way back up to her room, and slams that door as well. She launches herself back onto her bed, forcing herself to sleep. Anything to escape this cruel world that she no longer knows.

Sunday came and went, and Monday arrives. Sarah desperately tries to avoid reality, but she knows that she has to go to school. Maybe I can avoid him… after all, it shouldn't be that hard. We don't run in the same circle.

She's wrong. After all, it's hard to avoid someone who's intent on finding you.

"Bah!" Sarah collides into a broad chest as she makes her way back to her locker. She looks up slowly, and her eyes are met with the intense green eyes she's memorized.

"Sarah," Joshua says, grinning down at her.

"I – um – er – hi," she finishes lamely, looking down awkwardly.

"Where've you been all day? I've been looking for you."

Avoiding you. "Around…"

He smiles. "I was thinking we could eat lunch together."

Her eyes widen in horror. "N-No! That's okay!"

His smile falters, confused. "Why not?"

"I, um, have work to do… and things like that," she lies.

His smile is now replaced with a frown. "Don't lie to me, Sarah. What happened? Did Steven say something to you?"

Yes. "No."

He grabs her wrist and she can't find her strength to pull away. "I said not to lie to me," he said, his voice dangerously low.

"After you left-"

"You saw?" he asks quietly, his eyes softening their gaze on her.

She nods. "And thanks, by the way."

"No problem. But what did he say?"

"He… he called me out. Then he started calling me… words."

"Bastard," Joshua hisses under his breath.

She ignores him. "It didn't bother me, though. But then… he said you told him about, ya know, the whole watching him and all…" she trails off, her voice threatening to quiver.

Joshua's eyes widen. "Sarah, I never –"

"I don't mind if you did," she lies, looking away. "I mean, he is your best friend and –"

"He was never my best friend," he says darkly. "I thought he was, but now I know he never was."

"Yeah, but you still –"

"I told you I didn't," Joshua interrupts, staring hardly at her. "So stop saying I did."

"But he said," she says desperately, frustrated. She's never felt so emotionally confused.

"And you're going to believe him?" he questions. She doesn't respond. "Sarah, I didn't tell him a word. I promised you, and I keep my word."

She looks up into his eyes. "I don't know…"

"Damn it, Sarah. Listen, yesterday, he started calling you these names, and I got so frustrated and angry at him. Finally, I cracked and punched him square in the jaw. Do you remember?" She nods mutely. "At first, I thought I did it because he was blaming me and insulting me as well, and when he decided to put out his anger on you too, I cracked. But, then I thought about it, and realized that that wasn't it. It was because… well, how do I explain it?"

"I don't know," she murmurs, frowning. "I don't even know what you're talking about."

He smiles at how naïve she is. "You know how, in those movies, whenever a guy insults another guy's girlfriend, he gets all protective and mad?"

Her frown deepens. "Well, yeah, but I'm not your girlfriend."

His smile grows wider though. "I know, but I guess that's what I'm getting at. Because Sarah, I'd like it if you became my girlfriend."

Her eyes widen now, and her jaw grows slack. "I-I-I don't know what to say?"

"How about yes?"


"Just say it," Joshua laughs.

"Yes," she breathes shakily, falling into his arms.

A tangle of dark brown hair and falling bobby pins rush past Mr. and Mrs. Daniels.

"Back up to her room?" Mr. Daniels asks, glancing at his wife over his newspaper.

"I'd assume so, honey," Mrs. Daniels answers.

They continue their usual routine as their daughter races upstairs. But they don't know that she never actually does her homework right after she got home. No. She calls up her boyfriend and they talk for hours until they both have to eat dinner, then she goes back upstairs to do her homework. After that, she'd talk to him on their IM for hours until she fell asleep at the computer.

Because not all nerds like homework. In fact, this nerd in particular likes to talk to her hot jock-of-a-boyfriend for hours. And he's completely aware of this; he even encourages it.

A/N: Longest oneshot I've ever written… I started it a long time ago, actually. Forgot about it though, but I decided last night that I'd finish it. I reread this, but I still might have some typos… or weirdly worded things. So, if you can, please point those out and I'll try to fix them. Another thing… meh, right, just in case anyone wonders how Steven found out if Joshua didn't say anything, it's because he's caught her before, staring. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. Reviews are much appreciated, and some constructive criticism would be helpful. Thanks for reading :)