38. Maddox

It isn't just sex.

As I lay there in that huge bed, ridiculously tanned compared to the gleaming white of the sheets, with her naked back bared next to me, that thought popped into my head. That's not to say, of course, that sex wasn't a huge part of "us." It just wasn't all of us. In the sum-total of our time together, sex was a pretty significant part of us. And I'm okay with that. But Savannah Fitzgerald had managed to do something that no one else ever had. Not porn stars or strippers or beauty queens or performers of any kind.

She'd made me fall in love with her.

And I fell asleep with that thought in my head and a smile on my face, despite the headache that wouldn't go away.

Six hours later, I woke up with a dark mass of hair tickling my nose and a hot body draped over me. When I moved my arm to get her hair out of my face, it woke her up. She tilted her face up and smiled sleepily, and holy fuck did I love her!

She buried her face back into my neck, cuddled as close as she could get, and drifted back to sleep. With her lips pressed against my pulse.

Clearly, I fell asleep again. And I would have enjoyed sleeping a few more days with her. Alas, it was not to be.

"I want to go shopping. I'm bored. Do you want to stay here? I can go by myself, or call Jenn. Or Jackson." She was speed-talking, and when I glanced at the table I saw why. She must have had at least four cups of coffee already.

"Did you eat?"

"Not hungry." She was flittering around the suite like a pixie on crack. I propped some pillows behind my back and just watched her for a while. She dug through her suitcases three times before stopping to look at me. "Are you staying in bed? I can order you some food if you're not coming with me. I took your lack of response as an affirmation because I want you to come with me, but it really is okay if you stay in. Oh! How's your head?"

"Which one?" I smirked.

She wrinkled her head, either in confusion or disgust. Hard to tell.

"My headache is gone, but my other head is very lonely." She wrinkled her nose and I laughed out loud.

"I think you may have a serious problem. It just isn't normal to be that horny all the time." She tried to look serious, but she giggled and ruined the effect.

"It is completely normal to be this horny when your girlfriend is as fucking hot as you are."

"Awww, you saw the sweetest things. Now please get up and get dressed so we can go shopping. I'll even buy you a present."

When I got out of the shower, Savannah was dressed in a short denim skirt with white leggings under it, and a plain white long-sleeved T-shirt. How the hell does she look so hot when she's dressed like she's doing laundry? I threw on some jeans and a dark gray T-shirt, and plopped down in a chair to put on my shoes.

"Where are we going shopping? And where are we eating first? I'm starving."

"I don't care. I just want to get out and do something normal before I have to be movie-star Barbie again."

So we ate lunch at one of the restaurants in the hotel before going shopping. And holy fuck did I enjoy that shopping trip.

"I've never had sex in a dressing room, and I don't intend to start today!" She huffed and stomped her little foot, but I just smirked. And stepped closer. "I'm not kidding, Maddox." But it was breathier, a token argument as she tugged me closer.

"Tell me to stop. I dare you." I hated those leggings then, but her ass was still perfect beneath them. I yanked her hips to mine and she gasped.

"If you stop now I will never speak to you again!"

I had her leggings on the floor and her legs wrapped around my waist in record time. She held onto my shoulders and I pressed her into the corner of the large dressing room. I smirked at her gritting her teeth to keep from screaming, but the smirk didn't last long. God I wanted to fuck her through the wall. I didn't care who saw or heard. In that moment, my only thought was pounding into her til she exploded around me. And when she did, she bit my shoulder to hide the scream, and I yelled out because honestly it hurt like a motherfucker. And it felt fucking awesome.

"Holy fuck Vannah! Shit that hurt!"

Her response to twist her hips slightly, which made me lose it. I gripped her hips and just… exploded. Fuck.

I leaned against the wall, still holding her, still buried inside her, and barely able to stand. She wrapped her arms around my neck and cuddled closer. "Thank you, Baby." She said it so sweetly, you'd think I'd just given her a puppy, not a very hard orgasm.

"God that was great! Now I need a drink. Or ice cream!" I twisted around and plopped into the chair that was in the opposite corner, still holding her. She pressed against me and kissed my cheek before cuddling and burying her face in my neck. She would have slept if I'd let her. "Nope, you hafta get up. You have to try on those clothes…"

She groaned but stood anyway. She righted her clothes and pulled her leggings on again before yanking off her shirt and taking off her bra to try on the pile of bras she'd brought into the changing room.

She tried to argue about it, a lot actually, but I told her it was totally my treat in every possible way. So after dropping five grand on lingerie, we spent several more hours spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes. And I was freaking starving when we got back to the hotel.

"God, what the hell am I going to do with all this stuff? My apartment is too small for all this." She was bending over, digging through the multitude of bags, and I just enjoyed the view of her ass in the air.

"Leave it at my house."

"Can't. Then I wouldn't even get to wear it before it was 'so last season.'" She did air quotes with her fingers as she straightened and I frowned. Any reminder that she'd be leaving LA soon was a total bummer. "Oh stop, you'll be fine. Plus, I heard this rumor that LA has an airport, and, you know, Vancouver has an airport."

"Smartass. Hurry up and change please. I'm so fucking hungry."

"You ate three times today since lunch, how can you be starving? And don't try to rush me."

"I had a couple snacks. That doesn't even count. And anyway, I expended a lot of energy holding you against that wall. Or, well, those walls." I smirked and it turned into a loud laugh when she blushed. She hadn't been able to hold in the screams the second time around.

She flipped me off and disappeared into the shower. I followed her in a few minutes later, and not because I wanted to fuck her in the shower, but because I was in a hurry to get some food. Plus it's fun to scare her in the shower. Of course, she wasn't exactly a powderpuff, so when she punched my arm it actually hurt like a motherfucker. Not that I'd tell her that.

We actually dressed up and went to dinner at a real restaurant, one without scantily clad waitresses or anything pirate related. We were seated quickly and ordered drinks immediately.

"Do you even notice when you get the 'star treatment' anymore?"

"I don't get it that often." Unless you count being stalked by photogs.

"I don't just mean in a good way. I just mean, is it so normal to you to have people follow you with cameras and everyone know your name, that you just don't recognize it anymore?"

"It's different when we're out of the US. Hell, it's even different just when we're out of LA. It's definitely worse in LA than anywhere else. For me, it's not even that bad in New York, because I live in LA. It'll be different for you though. Your movie is huge news worldwide, so you won't have the same luxury of anonymity that I have when away from LA."

"Oh joy."

"What brought that on anyway?"

"Well, just, you know, it doesn't seem to bother you. You just seem to ignore it. I feel like an animal on display in a circus whenever we go out. No less than 15 people took pictures of us as we walked to our table. It's not like it bothers me so much, but it's just weird. I still feel just like a normal person. I don't know if people just think celebrities are just a character that also does some normal stuff, or what. But I don't feel different since I became famous."

"Most people think that anyone who makes their money publicly has no right to expect privacy. The most public you are, the less right you have to expect any degree of privacy. People want to know what our homes look like inside. They want to know what we buy at the grocery store. They want to critique every fashion choice we've ever made. They want to pick us apart until we're just pieces of a person so they can say, 'look, there's nothing special about them, they're just normal.' Then they want to attack us some more and prove that we're not only just normal people, but lower classes of people. And after so long of dealing with that, yeah, I ignore most of it. I assume that every time I go outside my house, I'll be treated like a performing circus monkey."

"You make it sound awful. Not everyone is that way. People are just curious."

"Vannah, you became the number one searched person on Google after those pictures came out. People want to know your flaws. That's all. Sure, you'll have fans, a lot of which will think you hung the moon and stars. But they'll flip on you the second you say something or do something or wear something they dislike. At least, that's been my experience."

We chatted a bit more about the pros and cons of being famous, ordered our food, and just enjoyed having a date like normal people, since no one could see us once we were seated in the booth. The waitress brought our food, and was attentive enough to be doing her job but not overly so. Overall, it was a really nice dinner. And unlike Callen, Savannah ordered dessert and made me order a different one.

"This is the best chocolate cake I've ever had!" She was enjoying her dessert so much, making little sounds and licking her lips and just generally making me hard as a rock. I stifled a groan as I adjusted my pants to be more comfortable. "How's the cheesecake?"

"It's good. I'm just almost too full to enjoy it."

"Don't be dumb! There's no such thing as too full for dessert! Besides, I—" She stopped mid-sentence when someone cleared his throat next to us. We both looked up. I expected it to be some fan asking for an autograph or something, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

"Hello, son."

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