I hate this mirror

It shows all my flaws

I look at my reflection

And I can see the insanity in my eyes

I can see my large body

And feel as though nobody will ever love me

I pick at my flesh

And feel hard bones directly underneath

How can I feel them through all this fat?

Why do you keep telling me I'm beautiful

And perfect?

Why do you lie to me everyday

And tell me you love me?

I'm terrible, I can tell

Even the face looking back at me

In the mirror is twisted with disgust

The person staring at me can't talk

But I'm afraid of what they'd say

I know it'd be the truth:

I'm fat, ugly, unloved

The mirror shows it all

Even how I am inside

I will never let someone see me like this

Never show them my true self

I'll have to keep hiding

And smash this mirror

That threatens to reveal me to the world

Shatter it into such tiny pieces

That the crystals get lost

In these bleeding cuts covering my hand

And destroy the real me