Christine made her way quickly to the elevator. She had only spent a few seconds in the cramped lobby and people were already staring at her.

She tightened the black coat around herself and stared down at her bare legs after entering the elevator. The coat ended not even halfway down her thighs, and from there, only brown skin was displayed.

Thankfully she had found the garden boots that now engulfed the lower half of her naked legs. She was sure her ass was in view anyway.

The elevator doors closed slowly, but no one else came in. Christine punched in the number 8, and soon the familiar 'ding' of the elevator was heard as she got out on the eighth floor.

Christine was astonished by the cold gust of winter air that assaulted her as she walked down the grimy hallway. Where the hell had her sister sent her to?

She put her hand in her pocket to retrieve the address info, but instead her hand made contact with a wet, crumpled piece of paper splotched with red ink.

"Shit!" She mumbled as she tried to straighten it. The words were washed out into each other, but she could make out the number 159.

"Room 159." she whispered to herself as she looked around. Room 142 was in view, and she was sure that if she continued down the hallway, she would find the room she was looking for.

Ignoring the cold on her legs, she walked down the dark, creepy hall. A dirty light bulb flickered an eerie greenish light between rooms 159 and 149, which were across from each other. Christine turned to the uninviting wooden door that must've once been stylish due to the golden rose that was encrusted into it with the room number.

Well, she was sure it was once golden. Now it was rusty and dirty. She hoped with all her might that this was the right place, and that if it wasn't, at least she would find her sister's assigned destination in a much nicer place.

Hesitantly, she closed her hand into a fist and rapped on the door three times.

Within seconds the door was open, and her breath was almost knocked out of her lungs by what she saw. He looked like he could be a model -- he had the short and dark wavy hair, the sharp, angular features, and the most breathtaking raven-black eyes set against taut, tanned skin. Not to mention he was shirt-less.

"Finally." he said through thin but warm-looking lips, but he didn't seem at all happy. He looked her up and down hungrily and turned around to reenter the room. It almost seemed that he had been impatient waiting for her. If this was the right room, maybe Christine could actually forgive her sister for putting her through all this -- as long as she could keep the man.

"Um, I was sent here by"--

"I know." He interrupted her harshly without turning back. "Get in."

She was surprised by how brute and abrupt he was being. She nervously shuffled inside and almost tripped over her own feet while doing so. She stared mutely as he robotically turned to shut the door, and with a low but pronounced 'click', locked it.

There were no lights on in the room, but the window was open, letting in the cold wind and a sliver of moonlight. It was almost eerie. She was between a living room set that had a large sofa, two armchairs and an ottoman, and a stiff wooden table. The room gave her the creeps.

She had been so focused on the setting that she had not heard him approach and almost dropped dead on the floor with shock when a sudden movement of her head had her looking straight into his eyes.

His face was still marred with what looked like impatience, but below that, she could sense some seething emotion burning just beneath the surface.

He looked back into her eyes for a moment before looking down and untying the cloth-like belt that closed her coat and bluntly staring down at her newly exposed black lacy bra and underwear.

"What are you doing?!" she could only push out a whisper as she hastily closed the coat over her body. Not only was that an exploiting movement, but the cold was almost too much to bear.

He didn't respond. At her sudden movement, he gave a slow, crooked smile that sent chills down Christine's spine. She started to doubt that this was where she was really supposed to be.

"Maybe this isn't the right"-- she started to tell him before being thrown onto the hard table with him right on top of her, her boots instantly falling off. She shrieked in pain, shock, and fear, but he only chuckled at her reaction and proceeded in yanking open her coat again.

"Stop!" She screamed, trying to stop his fast, determined movements. "Get off of me!" She tried to shake him off, but he was much stronger than she was. She was kicking and throwing fists everywhere when he took both of her hands in one of his hands in a smooth move.

He was back at it again and she was screaming her lungs out, kicking still. He was single-handedly trying to stop her protesting and crashed his lips down on hers, silencing her completely as she was, for an instant, dazed by the kiss. He used the second of weakness to shift his weight on her legs so that their movements were futile. That was the moment when all motion stopped and they were eye-locked once again.

"You can stop resisting now." He told her in a cold, hard voice. Maybe it was just her, but she couldn't help but think how evil that voice sounded. She was surprised when he hesitated, his eyes boring into hers and reading the innocence plainly written in them.

After a moment he gave a chuckle. "You're very good at this." He said before harshly bringing his lips back to hers.

Christine had no time to spare. She was definitely not going to lose her virginity like this. She decided to pretend to give up and was pleased to feel his surprise as she loosened and allowed him to kiss her. She waited until his grip on her wrists had slackened and he was busy popping open her bra to swiftly but fiercely push his chest an inch away from hers and abruptly pull her knee up between his legs.

The ambush distracted him for a moment as he toppled off the table and moaned in pain.

She headed straight for the door and was dealing with the lock when he yelled, "Get back here you whore!" and grabbed her forcefully by the waist. Before she knew it, she was thrown backwards onto the sofa with her legs in an awkward position that allowed him easy access.

He attacked that target point and with an aggressive and animalistic force, tore off her black lingerie. Christine gave an earsplitting scream.

"Stop! Stop! STOP!!!" She was yelling and shouting, clutching at his hair and body as he shook off his pants. He was ignoring her. The fact that she was about to be raped screamed in her mind and with the brutal burst of adrenaline that her fear and anxiety gave her, she aggressively pushed him off and toppled along with him to land dangerously close to his manhood -- she was but an inch forward, straddling him.

The feeling of his rigid erection brought back the fear that had disappeared with the moment of astonishment they both shared at the defensive motion. The hot-rapist-guy didn't recover so quickly though.

"I'm not a whore!" Christine took half a second to cover her body with the coat once again and then placed her hands and full weight on his chest.

The man beneath her gave her an unconvinced look. "What are you here for, if you're not the prostitute I was waiting for?"

Christine gulped loudly in relief, glad that she had gotten him to stop attacking her. "My sister sent me somewhere to meet someone for her. I must've gotten the address wrong, and ended up here." She answered in a rush.

"Hmm." he still gazed at her suspiciously, but the cold manner with which he had addressed her earlier was fading. "Then why are you dressed like this?"

"Um, I checked into this place and while I was showering someone found a way through the locked door of my room and stole everything I had. All I have now is my underwear and my passport. I found the coat and boots in the closet."

As soon as she finished, the man's menacing expression faded. "Oh, God." he whispered. He stared at her disbelievingly for a few moments. "Uh, can you get off of me for a sec?" Christine hesitated. "I won't... do that again, I promise." He assured her, and she couldn't help but think that with the cold edge gone, his voice was adorably cute. Surely he'd understand her situation now.

"Um, I am so sorry." he started as he got up. She nodded slowly, still keeping her eyes on him. "I thought you were... well, you know." She looked away for a quick second but was devastated to find that her look fell on her shredded panties. His eyes followed her gaze and he sighed in frustration. "I am so sorry about that. Uh, let me get you something to, uh... cover yourself up."

"Actually"- she started to protest but he interrupted.

"No, no. Please. It's the least I can do." And before she could stop him, he disappeared into a room at the back of the apartment.

He came back a few seconds later with his pants on and a large shirt in his hand. Well, it at least seemed large to her. He gave it to her with an uncomfortable and apologetic look. He glanced to where the discarded underwear had been minutes before, but she had picked it up by then, so there was nothing there.

"Thanks." Christine hesitated for a second before pulling the shirt over her head and bringing it down after taking off the coat. She felt wrapped in an envelope of warmth as soon as she slid it on. The shirt passed her knees and touched the top of the garden boots. It was far better than the petty coat. Plus it had that manly smell to it.

"So, um..." the man started again, leaning on a door-frame quite a distance from her. Just then Christine realized how young he suddenly seemed. Before he had seemed to be in his mid-twenties, but now, she just wasn't so sure.

"How old are you?" she suddenly asked without letting him continue. He was surprised by the interrogation, but answered anyway.

"Nineteen." he coughed, clearing his throat. He examined her reaction and added with a voice that was a pitch higher, "I'm guessing you're older?"

"No." she shook her head. "Same age. But you..." she gave him a questioning look. "You looked... a little older."

He nodded, and shrugged. "Well, I was kind of... acting a little older, I guess..." His face crumpled into a grimace as he rushed on. "God, I'm so sorry about what just happened. I really didn't know, and"-

"Well, you didn't actually do anything." She interrupted with one shrug. "If you apologize for what you were about to do, that's okay."

He nodded, staring straight at her. "Yeah, I apologize for that too." A moment of silence ensued. "So...who are you exactly?"

"Um, my name is Christine." she offered. He nodded again.

"Camron." he said in turn. Christine nodded, and shivered. Even though the shirt was big and warm, the cold wind was sharper.

"Aren't you cold?" She asked incredulously as he stood there shirtless. Camron shook his head.

"I'm probably used to it by now." he explained. "Do you want me to, um, get you something else? Make something warm for you?"

"No, no." Christine shook her head. "I should probably get going. I really need to go to... the place." She hesitated because she didn't really know what place she was going to, and realized how ridiculous that was. Then she looked at Camron, who was looking intensely back at her, and she realized that something like this could easily happen again, if not something worse.

'Oh, boy.' She thought. 'The first thing I'm going to do when I leave here is call Livy.' She actually wished she could kill Livy, but seeing as her sister was at least a three-hour flight away, a call would have to suffice for now.

"Well, thanks for everything." she told him, making her way towards the door. "Bye."

"Wait. You can't go out like that." He told her, looking at the shirt he had let her use.

"Oh." She said, looking down at it as well. "You're right. I'll give it back."

She started taking off the shirt. "No!" Camron exclaimed, louder than he had expected to sound, as he moved toward her to bring the shirt back down on her. Her eyes were surprised at his reaction. "I meant that even the shirt is not enough to keep you warm in the cold outside." He stated, making his voice calmer.

"I came here with even less on." She reminded him, and he glanced away for a sec.

"Well, with the way you were shivering before, I'm sure you won't be able to make it in the cold outside. You'd be lucky not to catch pneumonia and die." Christine stared at him with utter disbelief written on her face. Why did he care?

"What I mean is," he tried again, "you can stay the night here instead if you want."

Christine couldn't help but momentarily let her mouth drop open. "No thanks." she told him, shaking her head rapidly while eyeing the floor. "I don't think that's such a good idea, and I really have to go"-

"I'm not... a rapist or anything." The low defensive tone he took on made Christine look up at him and she almost smiled at how childish and boyish it sounded.

"Oh, I didn't mean that." This time she did smile. "I'm sure that if you were a rapist, you wouldn't have stopped, apologized a million times, and given me this shirt. I think you're worth trusting at least a little at the moment."

"Then why won't you stay the night?" His eyes searched hers.

"Um, Camron, right?" She verified, and when he nodded, went on, "I really appreciate the offer. If I had known you for even just a little longer, I totally would've accepted. But, you're a complete stranger to me, and I don't feel comfortable burdening you like that."

The thin lips laughed shortly before the dark eyes reassured her that, "Honestly, it seems like it's more of a burden to you than it would be to me." He shrugged his shoulders as he gestured around with his hands. "You just told me you've been robbed. You have nowhere to go, and no money to get there anyway. You should stay."

Christine knew that every word he said was true. Even if she slept in the hallway, she would freeze to death, and plus that would give actual creeps in the building a chance to do as they pleased with her. But she really didn't feel like staying with him. Christine wrapped her arms around herself, staring at nothing in particular the whole time.

"If it helps any, you can use my phone and I'll even help you look for your sister tomorrow." She looked up at him with her bottom lip between her teeth as she now seriously considered.

She threw her arms down in defeat, and shook her head slightly as she muttered. "Okay. If you're really fine with it."

"Thank you." His thanks sounded sincere, but she could've easily been fooled by his intriguing orbs anytime. "Now I can make it up to you."

Something was off about the way Camron said that, but Christine ignored it.