Fuck. She drank Hunter's blood. Christ, could things get any worse?

"Hunter! What the hell!" Camron snapped at the Asian vampire, who stared back in partial shock and apology. He stood over Christine, withdrawn from his assaulting stance as soon as Christine went limp. Now they knew why – a dark, shiny crimson liquid smeared her lips.

"I didn't even feel it." Hunter tried to defend himself, looking down at his bloodied hand, which he hardly felt even now.

Camron seared him with an incredulous glare. "Now how the fuck are we going to clear her memory?" She'd remember everything once she woke up again, and there was nothing they could do about it. Once a human drank a mutant's blood, they became immune to all magical illusions, memory clearance being one of them.

"Told you we should kill her." Elliot had only mumbled the words, but he must've intended for Camron to hear them – with the sharp, enhanced hearing they had, of course all the vampires in the room had heard!

Camron rounded angrily on Elliot, who only looked back with a nonchalant smile. Bastard. "You wanna kill her? Go ahead and see if Livy won't hunt you down before tomorrow."

That wiped away the blond vampire's smile. Camron felt his sanity slowly creep back to him. "Livy?" Elliot whispered as the other two turned their attention to the conversation.

"Turns out this human woman," Camron gestured toward Christine, "is the sister of the only female vampire alive." The guys stared at him before their gazes simultaneously shifted to a knocked-out Christine.

"No…" Hunter's lips curved into a small smile as he stretched out the word in slight disbelief, his gaze lingering on Christine before it went back to Camron. "So the sister of the Livy Jamisonjust happened to walk into your living room?"

It hadn't been until Christine had gone to sleep that – by, admittedly, going through the little stuff she had (being an agent was just second-nature to him) – Camron had found out exactly who Christine was. The last name and birth date on her passport had been the dead give-away; Christine didn't exactly resemble her infamous sister, but Camron and his three friends had been so generously informed of the details of her family, they felt as though they knew them personally. It was the Regime, the governing group of the Mage world, that had provided the four with such meticulous information.

"Wow. Suddenly our task is so much easier." Jesse remarked appreciatively.

Camron sighed, shrugging. "Or so much more complicated. Now we know where to find Livy, but Gregory told us not to let any humans in on this, including Livy's family." Gregory Nafkan was of the Regime, head of the sect that had sent all four mutants on the mission they were currently on. The assignment was simple: find Livy Jamison, and get her to the Regime headquarters. Well, the assignment had been simple until five minutes ago. Now the task's formerly-oblivious human sister was in on it. God knew how she'd react when she awoke.

"Maybe the situation's not completely hopeless." Elliot perked enthusiastically. "Maybe if we suck out the mutant blood"—

"Nice try, buddy," Jess patted him blatantly on the back, a mocking smile on his lips, "The blood went down her throat. She's already unconscious. You're not feeding today."

Camron decided to ignore Elliot completely this time. The delinquent knew nothing besides joking, feeding, and killing. If they hadn't been friends, Cam would've ended him in a heartbeat. Why exactly they were friends to begin with, Cam couldn't recall at the moment… "She has to lead us to Livy when she wakes up." Camron decided instead to focus on their task. "Should we just tell her everything then?"

There was a silence of consideration, then hesitation among the four.

"… Isn't it strange that she doesn't already know?" Jesse asked pensively. "I mean, it is her own sister…"

"Yeah, I heard humans were pretty anal about families being close and shit." Hunter added.

"There's still the fact that she's human…" Camron suggested, glancing at Christine. "Maybe Livy was one of those stringent mutants – you know, the ones who go the whole nine yards to hide who they are and what not."

"Nah," Elliot shot down their theories with a slovenly wave. "We all know Livy only turned recently. It's possible she didn't even know about our world 'till then either. I say we tell her, find Livy, then kill"—one murderous look from Camron had him amending the phrase with:-"I mean, kiss her goodbye." In a cheery tone accompanied by a chipper smile.

"Yeah, I'm for telling her too." Hunter agreed.

Camron pursed his lips. "Hmmm. So what do we do with her now?"

"I say we still bring her to Uncle Ben." Elliot suggested with a grin. "He really does have quite a few impressive tricks up his sleeve. Or he could at least tell us what to do."

The other three exchanged glances, nodding each in turn.

Elliot cheered boisterously. "To Uncle Ben's!"

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