Anger is such an ugly emotion. One that I wish I could never feel again and yet… I can't help but wallow in it, slowly drowning. Feeling the sensation slowly burning through my veins, making me lose control, until I want to lash out, until I want to scream and cry and shout until everyone shares in my pain, shares in my misery, my fury.

My constant companion, turning the world dark with hatred, whispering vile words of loathing, making me scorn those around me and despise even myself. All those liars, promising love and affection, assuring me they want nothing, absolutely nothing from me… all the liars in the world, making me clench my fists, feel the bite of my nails in the hope that it will calm me.

All the deception, all the betrayal, deepening my hatred for the world, forcing me to lose faith, making me drown in agony, the darkness swallowing me whole. All I want is to naively believe again; to love, to trust, to dream… Is that too much to ask?

Anger is such an ugly emotion…

But when everything else around me burns down in a glorious blaze, it is there, holding me in its deceptive embrace, letting me bask in the ashes as others shrink back in fear.

A/N: Written... a while ago. I think I may have posted it then deleted it. R&R?