Butterflies and Rainbows

Can you tell me what happiness is?
A cross between vomiting out butterflies and rainbows and the desire to run away screaming?
A delicate inner balance between sadness and healing?
A summer spent walking across the sand?
A stroll by the river, hand in hand?
A night under the stars whispering, "I love you so"?
Or the pain of knowing, the ability to let go?
A band of gold entwined around your finger?
The necessity to leave but the desire to linger?
A night spent beside his bed, mopping his fevered brow?
Trust undivided, for then and for now?
A lifetime of understanding so no words need to be spoken?
The ability to forgive when both your hearts are broken?
Giving of yourself when no-one else takes action?
Given no thanks but still taking silent satisfaction?
A juxtaposition bound together?
The delicacy of lace but the resistance of leather?
A cord of love that can never be severed?

Happiness is.....the most difficult gift to ever deploy,
The hardest sacrifice and yet the greatest joy.