A/n: I don't have any idea what to say about why I wrote this.

I look up into his eyes. And in that moment I know I'm damned. He knows everything I have ever done. And he will make me pay for the crimes I have committed.

His gaze holds me and fear runs through my body. I try to run, to look away, but I can't; the fear has me frozen. My body starts to shake. I still can't look away.

There is no judgment in his eyes, there is no anger.

This is the end of it. I can't feel relief from the realization of it.

He moves to me, sliding the blade into my chest. I don't flinch; I'm too transfixed by his eyes.


Why does he cry for someone like this?

After all I have done.

As I fall to the ground he continues to look at me.

And in the very last moment, I feel it.


I smile.