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Now Artemis and Apollo are some of my favorite charatcters. I just love them to death. So here's a peek at their relationship. If you have any questions or comments, please review or message me, but mostly review. So here goes.

The Sun needs his Moon,
for who would take his place in the cold nights?

The Moon needs her Sun,
for who will give her the reason to shine at night?

The Sun needs his Moon
for the heavens would be lonely without her.

The Moon needs her Sun
for who would she turn to in her time of need?

Apollo needed his sister Artemis, they where two halves of the same coin.
She was the bright, lively girl that made him smile.

Artemis needed her brother Apollo, they completed one another.
He was the quite, brilliant boy that made her laugh.

Apollo couldn't fathom life without Artemis.
Artemis couldn't live without Apollo.

Despite their names Artemis shone like the sun, she was Apollo's light in the dark
And Apollo gleamed like the moon; he was Artemis's cover during the day.

Apollo needed his Sun; and Artemis needed her Moon.

Apollo sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. It had been an interesting day, but still if felt like something was missing if only he could place his fingers on it. Something was missing, like a part of him, something he needed. Apollo sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror.

He had big and bold bronze eyes, surrounded by long eyelashes, with smooth caramel skin and short untamed spiky dark raven hair, so dark the bird it referring to was jealous. His bangs where slightly parted but his where shaggy.

He had a button nose, a slender but muscular frame, a smooth angular handsome face.

Then he realized it, he hadn't seen his twin sister, Artemis V.R Stryder, all day. Where could she have gone? It was a bit unnerving now that he realized it. She hadn't been a breakfast, she'd skipped lunch, and dinner was soon up coming, would she be there?

Apollo sighed as he pulled on his neck length dark raven hair. This wasn't good. Apollo needed Artemis, she was his total opposite, but living with her everyday for 15 years, made you appreciate a person so complex and unorthodox.

Yes, while Apollo liked science and practicality, things that could be explained rationally. Artemis liked magic and impracticality, things that couldn't be explained at all things that had to be believed. A joke went on in the house that Apollo was and Alchemist while Artemis was a Magician. The joke wasn't that far off.

Apollo W.P Stryder sighed as he finally jumped out of his chair, Artemis was in the house he was sure, so he'd go find her and settle his unpleasant feelings. He trekked to her room across the hallway.

When they where four Artemis had asked for a room of her own, she was a girl after all. Apollo had agreed to let her have her own room on the condition that it was close to his. Artemis had agreed to that that was how it should be anyway.

The Moon was never to far away from the Sun. Apollo came up to Artemis's cherry wood door and knocked. There was no reply. He was getting worried, and tried again. And again silence, answered him.

"Artemis went out." Apollo looked at the end of the hallway to see his older brother Paris. Paris was older then the twins by four whole years.

"Where'd she go?" Apollo asked, shoving his hands in his pockets. Paris shrugged.

"I don't know, she just left a note said she'd be back by dinner, I'm surprised you didn't notice that she was gone earlier, you must be losing your Twin Sense of something." Paris said as he brushed pass Apollo. Apollo sighed, what if he was, losing his Twin Sense, if Artemis had been gone all day and he was just now noticing then he…………… Apollo shook it off.

"I'll just wait for her then, she's entitled to her own privacy, I mean we don't always have to be together." He said as he turned to step inside his own room.

They didn't have to always be together, but they usually where. Apollo resigned himself to his room. He was miserable too, without Artemis and her extrovert personality, introvert Apollo was dull. He was left with that lonely feeling in his stomach. He wanted it to go away, but the only one that could get close to Apollo without running away from his frosty aura was warm Artemis. So he'd sleep and she'd come back. He hoped, the scariest thing to Apollo was to wake up in a world without is sister.

Artemis V.R. Stryder realized that spending a whole day without Apollo was exhausting, did she really have to smile at everyone that said hello to her. Why did so many people have to treat her like she was popular? Apollo usually sent the annoying pedestrians away with his icy glare, but without him she was like a pot of honey in an open field and they where like flies.

But it had all been worth it she supposed. She had done what she needed to do and Apollo was none the wiser. Thinking about Apollo made Artemis feel guilty, she'd left her younger twin alone all day.

Apollo wasn't a shy person, he just didn't talk much. He wasn't a mean person he just seemed so frosty. Apollo was like the moon, he was cold and cynical, but without Apollo, Artemis's life would be so chaotic. She smiled as she thought about this and clutched the package in her hands.

She should wait to give it to him but the thought of seeing him made her realize how long that would seem, dinner was still and hour away. So she trekked up the stairs and up to Apollo's room.

He was asleep when she got there, and his face was so peaceful. He didn't look so mean or unapproachable; he was more like a baby. She smiled as she walked over to him and sat on his bedside. He slept on his back with is head facing his door, Artemis smiled she slept on her back too, with her head away from the door.

"Pollo, wakey-wakey." She said in a sweet singsong voice. Apollo was a light sleeper, so his eyes fluttered open.

"What?" He said groggily. He rubbed his eyes and smiled when he saw her face.

She had, big and beautiful bright gold eyes, surrounded by long eyelashes, with smooth satin caramel skin and long silky mid-back length raven black hair, so dark the bird it was referring to was jealous.

She had done her hair differently at least for the month, it layered and slightly wavy and reached the middle of her back with slightly parted bangs, with two pieces on either side in front of her ears, these reach her jaw.

She had a button nose, and a petite fragile looking, yet strong frame, she also had a sweet heart shaped face.

"Hey, Artemis." He said as he smiled. Artemis smiled back as he patted his head.

"Wake up now, I have a gift for you." She said. Apollo sat up and stretched and when he was done, Artemis handed him a bag.

"What is it?" He asked as he took it. Artemis smiled.

"Look and see." Apollo did as told and reached inside the bag and smiled.

"Thanks." He said. The gift was a book that Apollo had been waiting for, for ages.

"Where did you find it?" He asked.

"I spent most of the day, trying to get my hands on that book. I had to talk to some pretty annoying people too. But if it's for my little brother, then I don't mind." Artemis said. Apollo smiled and hugged his sister.

Artemis hugged back.

Artemis smiled she was nothing without her Moon. Even though her name was the name of the Goddess of the Moon, she was not the moon, at least in personality.

Apollo smiled, he was nothing without his Sun. Even though his name was the name of the God of the Sun, he was not the sun, at least in personality.

Yes, Artemis and Apollo where like the Moon and the Sun. They need, wanted and had each other.

What better way was there to live?

Well here's my little brother sister oneshot. I really like Artemis and Apollo they are some of my favorite characters. They really do love each other and I hope I portayed that. Anyhow you'll be seeing more of them soon. I hope. I just need another one shot idea that could fit for them.