Sometimes I take a trip on a boat

I go down the river of dreams and flush out your sins

I get dirty hands and wash them

In your tears and limescale

Carefully remove the asbestos of your heart

Peel it away like the skin of an orange

Or the sun in the nightsky getting peeled away

As if an orange

I'll bring up your kids as if they were my own

Rumble rumble, down the river

I will hunt your down

Pierce your with my spears of generosity

Let me cling to your white ruby lips

As if I were a stallion

I have beautiful legs and

You are the yeast in my floury well

Let me beat you as if you are my dough

I own much beetroot and bread and things

Please, Come into my beetroot fire

Go down the river and dry your face on the rocks of life

Your death is my final dance

I will dance East, West and into unknown fields

Your last breath cups my balls

I am never alone when you are sailing in my mind

When you go overboard, I will hear the sharks sing your last song

The fish will visit your grave

You have put me through anguish

You have nailed me to the cross

Like a brazil nut being dipped in chocolate

You are my chocolate

I am your chocolate

Don't bring me no chocolate

You aren't good at doing chocolate covered brazil nuts

Your angle grinder of lies in hurting my beautiful legs

I'm a statue, you're a bird

Spread your wings