How much of our lives do we spend unconscious?

There's a lot to take into consideration. For example, do we gain this ability once we are created with the sperm of our fathers and the eggs of our mothers? Are we awake as soon as we are a mere zygote? Or perhaps we must become an embryo first? Are we awake in the womb, or asleep?

After birth, it really depends on the decisions we make – how much we sleep, if we get into comas or faint. You'd be surprised on how much you can change about this kinda stuff.

And I guess you're wondering who I am. Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Nocht. I am a forgotten God. Most people think it's silly that such a God exists for so little a purpose as my own.

I govern the world of dreams. Yes, it sounds...quite imaginative, I understand. But you'd be surprised at how the images we see in our unconscious state can effect us. Flashbacks, things to come, strange messages...many things can be interpreted from dreams...

All living things in the universe that can enter an unconscious state have what I like to call a 'dream world' – a world I create for all living things where their self can be transported to their dreams. It's a rather simple concept – as long as you can sleep, or faint, or anything similar, you can enter your 'dream world'. Some do it more than others. Cats are a particular favourite example of mine – they sleep for more than half their lives, according to your scientists. Therefore, I spend a lot of time making sure their dream worlds are easy to get to when they decide to cat nap.

The way your own dream world looks depends entirely up to your brain – what you see in your dreams is how your dream world will look. Simple, yes? If you repeatedly have the same dream, you'll find it gets easier to traverse. A long coma can make a dream world seem almost 'homely'.

You humans have very complex and interesting minds – you can imagine what the future will look like, and what prehistoric times did look like. You can create many concepts in seconds. Religion and films and novels and art are but a few examples. As a result, each and every one of you have very different dream worlds. But, as we can create calming concepts, we can also create horrific ones. I believe you call them nightmares. Night Terrors are the more severe ones. Some events in the dream world can have us screaming when we awaken, or sweating. I call these creatures 'demons' – they are formed from your real world fears, and use you (yes, you) as a vessel to travel into your dreams, where they can further torture you. Sometimes, they will disappear rather quickly and not return – others, you'll find, are not as courteous, and will linger for indeterminable amounts of time. It can take great amounts of willpower to destroy them. Sometimes, they may appear threatening, but are trying to warn you of things to come. Many things have to be considered once a dream demon has come and gone – do we try to clear our minds of it, or explore it and find out why it arrived in the first place?

Believe it or not, things do go on in your dream world while you are conscious and in those educational centres that you loathe for some reason. It is another world, after all, and evolves just like your own.

Also, do you and your friends have the same dreams sometimes? This means your dream worlds are linked, as they the same place, if only for a while. More than two worlds can be linked, sometimes for indeterminable amounts of time, or for mere seconds. This is the work of those who govern your dream worlds.

In fact – whether you encounter them or not – there are a group of 'dream citizens' that govern your dream world, that can change how it appears and what occurs in it. Not always appearing in human form, they follow the following hierarchy:

'The Dreamer' – Those who can travel between the real world and dream world via. the unconscious state (yes, this is you).

'The Knight' – Assigned to protect important people in the dream world.

'The Ruler' – The main governor of a dream world. They warp the way 'The Dreamer' sees the dream world. Some can travel between the real world and dream world.

'The High' – Second in command. They take care of your world if 'The Ruler' is gone for one reason or another. Referred to as Dream Princes/Princesses.

'The Guardian' – Guards the entrances to your dream world. They, too, can exist in the real world.

'The Blessed' – These don't always turn up – in fact, they are quite rare. Called 'angels', they bring good dreams and protect you. Can exist in the real world, depending on your beliefs.

'The Daydream' – Based on real world people. They enter your dream world whilst you daydream, and usually disappear afterwards.

'The Common' – Anything else that doesn't fall under the above categories. Normal citizens.

The following are things you don't want in your dream world.

'The Damned' – Nightmares. They feed off of fear and are formed in the real world. Can be caught and killed in dream catchers.

'The King' – Leader of 'The Damned'. Also called night terrors. They feed off of dream worlds and fear, and so attempt to destroy dream worlds.* Are created in the real world, and can't be killed by dream catchers.

((*= this means you never dreaming again. Or your psychological health being destroyed and you going mad. Try to prevent it.))

Try not to slip into half-consciousness (being 'half-asleep'), or you'll momentarily warp the real and dream worlds together. This destroys most dream citizens. Not good.

Now that you know a lot more about the way the dream world I made for you and the way it works, I think it's time I tell you a very interesting tale that I encountered not too long ago, heavily involving the dream world and the relationships made within it. This is the tale of a boy named Alyx Krind – only 16 years old at the time – and a race against time involving the two worlds and at times linking them. Heaven and Hell, eternal slumber and the ruler of all dreams are but a few things that turn up within this story.

I hope you're sitting comfortably, because this a long and winding tale...