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An ancient set of eyes, belonging to a very old man, lifted their heavy gaze off the floor and onto a young man, full of rage and determination. The old man saw this event coming; he was no fool. For ages he had known that one day his power would be usurped by a child, reckless and without an ounce of compassion. But he withheld this from his fellow peers. There was a sense of wisdom in this turning point, a fixed turning point, he decided, that the universe needed to know and see. They would not have understood.

Future beings would judge him, but Time was his only judge.

The child stood confident and blind. Power consumed him from his core to his fingertips like a raging monster. In his younger days the old man could simply pause and rewind the moment, but he was too frail to even grip his staff.

For centuries he had done his duty, doing what he could to protect the universe and the fabric of reality itself. He couldn't let it unravel now.

"Well old man," The child scoffed with disdain and condescendence, "You're the last one on my list. You could surrender, but I'll still have to kill you. I can't have any loose ends lying around, especially considering the nature of this new power I'll be coming into. Loose ends are dangerous." His eyes darkened with his last words and a sinister smile crossed his lips.

"Of course," The old man wheezed. A wise demeanor came over the man, which only came when he felt a lesson was necessary.

"Oh Gods I know that look." The child groaned, jaw clenched, his eyes rolling with impatience. "Just get it over with."

"Thank you for granting an old man with these last final words of wisdom." The man said with honest sincerity. The child paid no mind and flicked his fingers at the man, ordering him to continue. "My boy you must understand time is fragile like glass. Once you start putting cracks in it, it will eventually shatter and be nearly impossible to mend. I advise you to be very, very, careful."

"Are you quite finished?" The child asked.

"Yes, thank you I believe I am."

"Good." With a few long jaunts and a swift bout of force, the child sent a knife plunging into the old mans chest. The old mans body began to burn like a star, with a golden glow of energy. The child tried to remove the weapon, but felt himself stuck to the man as he continued to glow so brightly the child was forced to close his eyes.

The moment held and lingered, like time itself was pausing. Then it was over. The child felt himself release, the knife still in his grasp. He could feel the universe mourn the loss of their protector, but he let it fall away like a heavy blanket that had been wrapped around him. The universe was his to control now, his to conquer.