Could you taste the odd one out
The one without the Y
Squished between the choices
Wondering if
She possibly/perhaps/maybe/perchance
Wasn't the only one noticing it

And very glad that
Her mind wasn't a book
Because they'd never speak to her again if it was
And relishing in the [imagined] awkwardness
If they ever could

Wishing the one to the left
Would move the *** over
Because he was taking up all the room
And no, that wasn't easier than expected
Because she wasn't done yet

And it wasn't really her fault

That she couldn't answer the question
Because she hadn't really been listening in the first place
She was too busy zoning out
And even if she had caught
The variables in question
She wouldn't have known the answer

But it didn't really matter anyway
Because they'd moved on
And forgotten they'd asked
And she'd zoned out again
Listening [head tilted] to the songs she almost recognized
And watching the one she could see through the rearview
And wondering quite wholeheartedly
If she was still the only one noticing it