I wish I was dead

Cos there'd be no more dread

No more voices in my head

All the things that are said

Are being put there instead

Of being remade

Over and over until they all fade

Over and over till the debt is repaid.

You know that something's true

When you're forced to think it through

Unintentionally enough for sure

A product of your mind's inner steer

But what if your mind is like mine

For though it is quite damn fine

Every thought I have had is refined

Killed over and over till something divine

So that you don't really know what you think

And all the while your heart just sinks

And you can't pick apart but a thought

In case by the shadows it was wrought

And you find yourself trapped within your own mind

While some other unknown tries to help you rewind

All of the times which led you to this

Kill off the memory which turned your soul triste