Chapter One - Feel You In My Bones

"Hey babe?" he called.

"Yeah?" Allison replied back.

"Have you seen my wallet?" Mark, Allison's boyfriend of one year asked.

She stood still for a moment thinking, "Well?" she heard him ask, making her want to roll her eyes, but she knew that was not a good idea.

"Um," she mumbled and then grimaced.

"You know I hate it when you mumble, Allison, it's just a simple question. Did you, or did you not see my wallet?"

"Yeah-yeah, I mean, yes I did. I just don't remember where... Just hold on a second, I swear I saw it..." she trailed off.

Mark sighed.

"Oh, I know!" and she quickly made her way to the kitchen.

Mark followed her muttering to himself the whole way.

"Here," she said gently handing him his thick, black wallet.

"Well, where was it?"

"On the counter by the fridge, I remember you putting it there when you came home yesterday from work. You got a beer out of the fridge, you must have just forgotten." She nodded happy to have something so reliable like her photographic memory to help her in these type of situations.

"I never put my wallet there Allison." he sneered. "And if there's anything missing..." he left the rest for her to figure out.

"I didn't take anything, I swear." she whispered even though she knew that it was useless, Mark will believe what he wants, as always.

Allison was about to plead her case some more when the phone started ringing. Mark glanced up at her saying, "Well, go get it." with just one look.


"Ellie?" She almost didn't hold in her gasp.

"Why are you calling?" she asked chancing a look over at Mark, who was still searching his wallet like she had committed murder with it.

"I-I... guess I just wanted to talk to you. To see how you were doing." The man on the other side murmured.

She glanced at Mark again and seeing that he was still not paying attention to her she turned around and whispered, "Cole, I can't talk right now. I told you not to call this number! I'm-" she looked over at Mark, who was still going through his wallet. "I'm going to have to call you back, okay?"

She didn't wait for him to answer and hung up the phone.

"So, who was it?" Mark asked not looking at her.

"Oh, it was just a telemarketer," she lied.

He nodded muttering colorful things that he wished he could do to those sneaky-little-bastards. After a thorough look of every inch of his wallet Mark sighed tiredly as if dealing with Allison was such a troublesome obligation. "I have to go to work. You don't have class today right?" Allison nodded. "Good. I expect dinner to be ready when I get home."

Allison nodded again and quickly place a light kiss on his cheek which he immediately wiped away. "Ugh! Allison, you know I hate that lipstick on me! Honestly, it's like you don't ever listen to me, I mean, good Lord." he sighed. "I'm going to be late to work now." he muttered and then left.

Allison Elenore Grae stood there in the middle of her tiny apartment staring longingly at the door. Sighing she shook her head to get rid of her wishful thoughts. Mark was good enough for her, she was the happiest she's ever been, considering the not-so-easy life she had growing up. Mark has been there for her for over a year now and she wasn't going to ruin it because she had a teensy-weensy thought that maybe, just maybe, she deserved better.

"I take my heart out of my chest, I just don't need it anymore."

- Tiesto ft Tegan and Sara

f e e d b a c k would be f a n t a s t i c