By Shane Lutz

-To Brandilyn, the girl with the looking glass eyes. (:

She doesn't know what she'll find,
Through pale, glacier eyes,
That exist to simply shine,
Against half-truths and whole-lies.

She doesn't know who she'll be,
Through her heart and soul.
She's looking for her place in history,
Yet afraid to be powerful.

She doesn't know how she'll understand,
In something greater than herself,
When things go wrong again and again,
And justice flies off the shelf.

She doesn't know who she can save,
In her effervescent fight,
But she knows she must be brave,
In the shadows of the night.

She doesn't know how she'll keep,
While under lock and key,
The secrets that she longs to speak,
And the answers she's dying to see.

She didn't know what she'd find,
Through her looking glass eyes,
That are shards of the divine,
And see through all the lies.

Who knew what this girl would be,
In her time of December?
All she needed was to believe,
And now the whole world will remember.