There are always so many things

That I can't do

And very few

That I can do right

That's why what I did

Didn't work out how I wanted

When you gave me your heart

I couldn't do the same

When you said I love you

I left you standing there alone

To be engulfed by your pain

When you said you hated me

Well, that's one thing I could say

And one thing I did right away

Although I knew it wasn't right

And then after some time,

Many realizations and much pain

I came to think that

Taking my own life was the only way

That I could stay sane

I tired so hard and many times

But then again,

I can never do anything right

But I tried even harder this time

You found me here

And held me until they got there

Screaming at me not to die

And I regret that the last thing I heard

Was your sobs and cries

Or so I thought

But I never do anything right

That's why I'm lying in this sterile room

Where the only color is blinding white

Did you bring me here?

Did you save me?

If you did

Why aren't you here now?

I guess it's best this way

I don't want you to see me cry

And hear what I have to say

"I can't do anything

And what I can isn't right

All of these things I do

Is to avoid saying

I love you"