High school sucks.

You don't have to feign surprise, I understand this isn't the first time you've heard a teenaged girl say that. I'm not a loner or anything. And I don't cut myself. You won't find me lurking in all black somewhere in the halls, hissing at popular people.

It doesn't get that bad.

I just don't like the whole high school thing. Waking up early, trying to look as decent as possible, dealing with masses of under-developed, hormone driven, "peers". 4 years of it, too! It's enough to drive a girl like me insane.

What kind of girl am I?

Good question--I don't really know. But I know that I definitely don't like high school, so the fact that it's almost finished has given me a fresh dose of optimism.

The reason for my school hating rant is the fact that today was the last day of summer and I was lying out my 'first day of senior year' outfit. Not that it mattered much to me what I wore, but I was the kind of girl that planned ahead. It's the nerd in me.

Sitting beside my jeans and t-shirt on my un-made bed was Calista Brown, the girl that stuck through 4 years with me; my road dog. She was undoubtedly the mouthpiece of our operation. I was mostly quiet, because I felt my mouth didn't matter. But hers did.

And boy, did it.

She was kinda like my heroine. And I don't mean the drug, I mean the girl version of a hero.

Mainly, because she stood up to people. Especially to the people that liked to run over the small fry's, like me. And I was 5'3. So yeah, in all aspects of the word, I was a small fry.

Calista, Cali for short. Was 5'7. A little taller, therefore more visible, and therefore more interesting and important. She had wavy red hair (a reflection of her fiery attitude), bright green eyes and freckles. 'Cute as a button' I always called her teasingly. Besides the teasing, we got along brilliantly, and have never argued.

So anyways, Cali sat on my bed eyeing my choice of t-shirt with concern. Her dark red eyebrow rose cautiously,

"So… Belle… About this 'Team Jacob' shirt. Can I burn it?"

I laughed. She was Team Edward. So we disagree on one thing.

"No!" I clutched the black shirt against my chest dramatically, "No way! Plus how else am I going to notify the world that I'm a super geek?" Cali gave up (which is an action she only reserves for me, and seldom does) and checked her phone after it vibrated.

"Shhhit." she hissed after reading a text.

"What happened?" I queried, placing my hair into a brown ball on my head. It was hot… I thought about opening a window. Or an air vent. Cali rolled her eyes dramatically and flopped down on the bed,

"Dinner at the Jacobs' place." her hand formed into a finger gun, and as she placed it against her temple, I play-pleaded with her not to pull the trigger. After joking around a bit I scoffed and sat down beside her 'lifeless' body.

"I'm sorry, Cali. I know how much you hate dealing with Devon…" I tried to help, but as his name spilled from my lips, wouldn't ya know it? He called. Cali looked at her phone, and then me, and growled. Literally.

"What." she barked.


Loathe? I don't know if it's any more adequate.

Webster should create a word for how much Devon Jacobs and Cali hate each other.

Yeah, because it's a lot. But I'm not that cliché blind. I'm sure they have a thing for each other, but they won't figure it out until later. And I mean way later, because at the rate they're going, the whole 'friendship-turns-into-love' thing is far, far away. But I'm an optimist.

What? Just because I hate high school doesn't mean I'm not positive.

I think they're going to fall in love one day and realize that their 10 year hate treaty was just an 'ew boys have cooties' phase gone too long.

"Fuck you, Jacobs! Why would you do something this idiotic? I mean, I knew you were stupid, but this," she laughed humorlessly, "you've outdone yourself!"

But maybe I'm too optimistic.

After promptly hanging up in his face, Cali rose from my bed looking all sorts of irate and counted backwards from ten.

"So, I assume he wasn't calling to say 'hey'…?" I offered meekly, I really didn't like the bad mood he always put her in. And she had to deal with it more often than she should've because her parents were good friends with the Jacobs', and they had dinner and lunches, and brunches, and parties, and gatherings, and all sorts of shenanigans with them. I attended some of those functions with her when she needed me most, and I didn't find a problem with Devon.

But that's because he couldn't see me. I have an invisibility cloak. Ha!

Ok. Just kidding. But he never, and I mean never spoke to me, or acknowledged my presence. And it was hard to be offended by it, because I never put myself in a position to be acknowledged or spoken to. I liked it that way.


Because, you see, Devon is what we call… Intimidating. He's a beautiful mass of 6'2 with tan skin, gray eyes, and pitch black hair. He ran track his whole life, so he was riddled-yes, riddled with muscles that 17-year-olds should NOT posses.

Yes, Taylor Lautner, you too.

And he was cool. Oh-so-cool, and had cool friends, and wore cool clothes. God, I sound lame.

But that is why we never spoke. He was one of those people that ran over the 'small fry's'. So I stayed in my Happy Meal, afraid of being pan-caked by the likes of him.

Anyway, it didn't matter. Devon was Cali's cliché. It was obvious. I could feel the tension pulsating around them, and you could cut it with a knife it was so thick. But I kept my lil mouth shut. I didn't want to upset my friend, I would just let her figure it out naturally. Cali interrupted my thoughts,

"Of course not. He wants me to bring a dish. Not only that, he told my parents that he and I were dating! DATING! Of all things! He wants me to 'play nice'… It's not happening."

"But why? Why now? You guys have hated each other for-ever. And it's not like your parents haven't noticed…" I was generally confused and surprised. Cali rolled her eyes again and I thought if she kept doing that she would have the cookie monster syndrome… I tried not to giggle at the thought of her with googly eyes.

"That's precisely why. His parents are buying him a car this year on his birthday…"

"Next week." I interjected,

"Yeah--" she jokingly looked at me like I was the ultimate stalker; I shrugged. "Anywho, after last weeks' pie catastrophe," (where she and Devon began throwing assorted pies at each other in the middle of prayer) "his parents said that if we didn't start getting along, they weren't going to buy him a car anymore. So the idiot not only told them that we were getting along, he said we started dating as of today!"

"In a week? That's a little unbelievable" I observed, grasping my chin in thought. She slapped her hand to her face,

"I know, right? He's an idiot! And without my consent… If I were even willing to do this--which I am NOT--we would have to plan it. Ya know, make it look believable."

"Why wouldn't you?" I asked, knowing the answer,

"Hmm, I hate him, and I don't want him to be happy. Therefore, no car for Devon. It's perfect science."

"Oh, come on Cali… Wouldn't you rather be friends than arch-enemies?" I smiled my sweetest smile at her, and due to a nasty bought of braces in the 8th grade, I could call it a 'killer smile that no one can say no to'. Haha. I could, but I didn't.

Besides, she said no to it.

"Hell no. It's not like there's anything in it for me!" she exclaimed. I could think of a few things in it… What can I say? Devon was very good looking, you'd have to be blind or crazy not to agree.

"What if you got something out of it?" I prompted, and Cali suddenly smiled.

"BLACKMAIL!" she called, triumphant. "It's perfect. I pretend to be his girlfriend, and he gets a car. And I get calculus homework for a year."

Devon was stellar in math. Cali, was more of an English girl.

Whatever kept her tugboat afloat.

She picked her phone back up and called him back, promptly and icily telling him the stipulations of the 'deal'.

I couldn't hide my smile.

The cliché was coming to fruition!

Apparently they were going over details of the actual dating. No kissing, no unnecessary touching, no pet names, no seeing each other unless parents were around. But Devon got something out of the deal, causing Cali to utter "fine" after looking like she was going to vomit.

She hung up, looking exhausted, like just talking to him was a chore. I wondered how long they were going to fake date until they realized they both had it bad.

"Well, let's get this show on a road!" I clapped and began to shove her out of my room, excited that my little Cali was growing up and hoping that maybe senior year wouldn't be so bad now that she and Devon weren't trying to kill each other everyday.

"Belle, what the hell!" she squeaked as I pushed her with all the force my little self could. I was skinny, but I had heart, damn it!

"Go now! Go before your parents get pissed and then you'll have something new to complain about!" I joked, almost getting her out the door. Then Darwin's theory finally kicked in, she being several inches taller and curvaceous, used her 'fitness' to push me back into the room.

"Not until you get dressed." she hinted dangerously. My dark eyebrows rose in confusion and I scratched my head,

"Huh?" I vocalized, lamely.

"You're coming with me. There's no way in hell I'm gonna be able to take being Devon's girlfriend without you being there." I blinked,

I had been to some of the functions where others were, like outside friends and family members, but never had I been to Devon Jacob's house. Cali had no brothers and sisters. There would be no one else to introduce but me… And even though I'd known of Jacob for four years, I never spoke to him this would be our first introduction.

Remember that whole 'I'm intimidated by Devon Jacobs' thing?

Yeah, I was really intimidated by his family, too.

My stomach released a field of butterflies, and the cute little buggers were flying up my throat. I was nervous. In the words of my lovely friend, Calista Brown:


new story.. the story i was working on didn't really inspire me much. let's hope this one does.

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