River Lily

Chapter One:

Auke Bay.

Why do stray dogs stare you

In the eyes as if they have no

Fear. Like they have seen it

All. Yet their eyes seem soft,

warm, welcoming…..

"Why did we move in the first place?" I said for the hundredth time to my mother whose driving can make anyone who is in the front seat sick to their stomach.

I look like my mom in every way. Except for the fact that I'm blonde like my dad is. My mom has chestnut brown hair, it's short. I glance at my mother, she is smiling like nothing can be better. I'm glad she got promoted and all but I can't believe she made me move from Indiana to Alaska. I wish dad wasn't in the air force…

"Why don't you embrace this moment." my mom says as she reaches over with one arm and touches my hand. "Think about this way, new friends, and even some cute boys."

"I miss Amy." my best friend I've known since I was born.

"Oh sweetheart you'll get to see her this summer."

"What about dad?" I already known what's coming…

"Once he gets on leave. Which will hopefully be soon. Oh we're here sweetie!" She puts the car in park and jumps out of the car like a kid with a gift card for Toys 'R' Us.

I get out of the car and call the movers. "Mom look." As I wait for the movers to pick up their phone I spot a stray dog approaching me. He is a medium dog with light brown fur it looks wiry and not very well groomed, his caramel eyes caught me the most.

My mom hates strays. "Eww! Sweetheart don't touch it! It probably has a disease!" Now she's suddenly in mom mode.

I get down on one knee and pet the dog completely ignoring my mother "no collar." The movers pick up the phone. "hello. Yes we made it. Okay thank you goodbye." "Mom they said they'll be here soon. They are a minute away."

"That's great sweetheart. Now go wash your hands please." She looks at me like I'm crazy and out of my complete mind.

"Their you are Ben!" I hear a boys voice not to far away.

I get up and look straight ahead at a handsome young man about my age running my way. He has dark brown eyes. His hair is black. "So this is who you belong to."

I talk to this dog like it's a human being.

"don't bother our new neighbors. You know better." the young man is now standing in front of me looking down at his dog. "I'm so sorry. I'm Jace." he now looks at me.

"I'm Alice. It's okay." he now is staring at me like I'm book. It's kinda creepy. He's very tall at least six foot, he looks very strong. His complexion is tan I can tell it's natural.

"We heard we would have new neighbors and I guess he got excited" his smile is very warm and welcoming. "Are you going to school tomorrow? If you're up to it I can pick you up and I can help you out and show you around the school."

I hesitate "um." I look at my mom. Hoping at this moment she'll do what I hate and talk for me.

She gets my facial expression. "that would be great thank you Jace you're very kind."

"oh no problem. If you need anything you know where I am. Myself, Ben, and my old man are your only neighbors" he laughs as he runs with his dog on the dirt path. He shouts, "See you tomorrow Alice!"

I wave knowing completely that he can't see me and whisper "bye Jace see you tomorrow…"

"I told you cute boys would be here." my mom chimes in happily

The moving truck comes up the dirt path. It stops in our driveway a man that looks like he's in his middle thirties steps down from a large vehicle and opens the back of the vehicle where all of our furniture, clothes, etc. are. The other man walks over to my mother and explains how they were lost at the last second of their trip here. They both look very much like truckers.

I turn to look at our new two-story house. The home is white with blue shutters. There's a large tree over to right of the home. I get the room right above the front door. To the left and right is complete wood. On the left is the path Jace ran down with his dog. The path is a dead end to his house. In the back of the house is complete open space we get a view of the ocean and the mountains. Before I dare go inside this house I think of it all. I let it all soak in. I help the movers and mother get everything inside. When the movers job was done they left. All that was left for me and mom to do was just boxes, all the furniture was in place due to my mother over obsessive planning before hand. "do you want me to make dinner?" I make dinner because of my moms lack of cooking skills.

"not necessary. I'll just order pizza. Tonight both of us should concentrate on unpacking." She looks at all the boxes in the what's supposed to be a living room and sighs. "We have a lot of work to do. Go ahead and take some of the boxes for your room to your new room and starts unpacking. I'll go ahead and order pizza."

"Okay. Tell me if you need help with anything." I grab three boxes all labeled Alice's room and start up the stairs to my new room.

"I will sweetheart thank you very much. be careful." she starts picking up boxes and putting them in the kitchen.

I push the already cracked open door to my room with my foot. I walk into my room and look and the light purple walls and dark hard wood floors that most of my boxes are already sitting on. I put the last three right next to the others and sit down on my bed. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. The phone rings.

Mom shouts from the main floor. "Sweetie can you get that?!"

"Sure mom!" I shout back as I pick up the house phone on my nightstand. I hit the talk button. "Hello? This is Alice."

"Hey Alice."

It's Jace. "Hey what's up?"

"Do you want to come over? Sorry my dad insists. Your mom can come too. We're ordering pizza. He wouldn't give me a break about it." I can hear the apology in his voice.

"Let me ask my mom. Can you hold a sec?"

"Yeah no problem."

I put the phone down on my bed and walk out of my room and over to the staircase. "Hey Mom!"

"Yeah sweetheart?" I hear her sigh as if I'm interrupting her unpacking.

"Jace's dad wants to know if we can come over he wants to meet us. He going to order pizza. He insists." I know what she's going to say.

"yeah that works out because I haven't ordered our food yet and I've been meaning to get down there sometime today."

Exactly that. "Okay I'll tell him we'll be right over." I walk back in my room and pick up the phone. "You there?"

"Yeah. So what's up?"

"We'll be right over. Is that okay?"

"Of course. See you soon. Bye." He hangs up the phone.

I hit the end button and put the phone back on the charger. Then I walk in the bathroom across from my bedroom and look in the mirror. "not as bad as I thought." I brush out my blonde straight hair with my comb in my back pocket. I have creamy ivory skin and light green eyes. People tell me I'm pretty so I go with that. I look at my shirt I'm wearing my grey tank with my sandy long-sleeved over top. I'm also wearing my grey skinny jeans and dark brown boots. "I'm good to go." I walk out of the bathroom and walk down the stairs. "Ready to go?"

"yeah sweetheart. We are walking right?" grabs her coat and puts it on.

"yeah at least that's what I thought." I grab my navy blue zip-up sweatshirt and put it on.

"then we're walking." she opens the door for me. "after you" she smiles happily.

I walk out the door. "thanks."

She walks out the door her self and closes it behind her then locks it. "no problem. Do you like Auke Bay now?" she laughs.

"I don't get it." we start down the path.

"doesn't Jace make Auke Bay better?" she smirks mockingly.

"oh stop it. He's just a nice guy that's it. I don't like him or anything." I look straight ahead now ignoring my mother.

"You're sixteen sweetheart you can love someone if you want. You know it isn't impossible." looks at me jokingly.

"I'm sorry mom but I don't fall in love with somebody within the first day I meet them." I smirk.

"He waited for you." looks ahead at Jace standing in front of his home smiling like it is Christmas.

"mom be serious. We're talking about the boy who wears a muscle shirt in the middle of fall." I look at Jace as I talk to mom.

"He can wear a muscle shirt so why not." walks ahead of me to greet Jace first.

I walk up to Jace while my mom and him are still talking. It's weird because he glances at me a lot it's quite distracting.

"yeah my dad is anxious to meet you guys he doesn't like coming outside when it's cold. So he prefers to stay in. do you guys mind going in for a bit?"

"yeah no problem." my mom decides to answer. She immediately walks in the house.

"sorry my mom sometimes is impolite and does things without thinking straight." I look up at Jace before walking into his home. "thank you for inviting us Jace."

"no problem. Actually Alice some of my friends wanted to meet you. So they came on over when they hears you were coming for dinner. Do you mind meeting people?"

"I don't mind at all just let me say hi to your dad real quick." I walk into a living room to find my mother already making herself comfortable on a chair and a man with short black hair and brown eyes now looking at me. Jace looks exactly like his dad the are both very handsome. "Nice to meet you. I'm Alice and you must be Jace's dad."

Jace's dad gets up and walks over to me. "very nice to meet you too." he hugs me. "My son won't shut up about you." he laughs as he lets go of me and sits back down. "I won't keep you. Go ahead you two can go."

"thank for having me. I really appreciate it." I wave and walk out the door. I hear Jace say "Thanks dad" and then walk out the door himself.

"Lets go." he grabs my hand and walks ahead of me. "the garage is mine. You see I fix cars and stuff in my spare time."

"that's really cool." his hand is so warm…

"you should come over and hang out there's some really cool areas around here I could show you." I hear the smile in his voice.

"I was planning on hanging out with you a lot anyway."

He lets go of my hand and opens the old double doors. "come on in." he looks at me with welcoming eyes and smiles.

"thanks." I walk into the garage and sit in a empty chair.

"Alice this is Edward, Sam, and Paul"

"hey what's up?" said Paul.

"welcome, to the garage." Edward laughs at his own voice.

"hey I'm Sam. Nice to meet you Alice"

"hey you guys nice to meet you all" they all have the same skin tone, hair, and eye color. I glance at Jace who's leaning on the door frame arms crossed and looking at everyone in the room.

"Everyone here lives on the reserve not to far from here. You know where that is right?" Sam looks at me in question.

"yeah just east of here right?" Jace doesn't live on the reserve…

"exactly." Edward says as if he's surprised that I know where it is.

"where's Ben?" Paul says in confusion. "isn't he usually in here?"

"right now he's in my room asleep." Jace said

"Alice?" my moms voice is coming.

"that's my mom give me a second." I get up and walk out of the garage to my mother. "what's up?"

"I came to let you guys know the pizza is here so come and get it."

"oh okay go ahead and eat I'll tell the boys. Thanks mom." I smile like everything is fine.

"you're welcome." she turns around and walks back towards Jace's home.

I walk back to the garage doors. "the pizza is here so lets go eat." all of us walk back to the house and eat to our hearts content. At their table it feels like home. Everyone and everything is happy and smiling. It's so weird how an empty room can suddenly have so much meaning to it. After we ate pizza mom and I said our goodbyes and walked back to out home.

"I don't know about you but I'm going to call it a day. Since I didn't make much progress on the house tonight I'll use the day I have off tomorrow unpacking. You go ahead and use the shower upstairs and I'll use the one down here. Okay sweetheart."

"okay mom." I go up the stairs and grab a pair of pajamas. Then I walk in the bathroom and take a shower, brush my teeth then go to bed.

Tomorrow new school.