River Lily

Chapter ten:

Waiting For A Reply.

Do you remember when you were younger

and you would ask random questions?

mine was, "how will I know when I

fall in love?" My mom would always

answer with no hesitation, "when you

feel like you're a princess in a fairytale…"

(Alice's POV)

I look at Jace's back as he leads me to a unknown place. I wonder if he's my prince in my fairytale… He looks tense. "Jace… where are we going?"

"You'll see." He smirks.


It's just about dusk when we make it. We are still in the small patch of woods near a little creek.

He suddenly stops and turns around smiling. "Close your eyes."

"okay…" I close them tightly shut. I feel him pick me up. Later, a door creeks open and a sudden warmth and light comes to my eyelids and body.

"Alright.." He puts me down gently. "Open." I can hear the slight excitement in his voice.

I open my eyes and we are in a old abandoned cabin. It looks like it hasn't been lived in for a few years and I could tell it needed some work.

"I passed by here on my way to find you." He walks over to be beside me. "I'll be staying here until you're ready to move on." He smiles softly.

"That's cool." I hang on that word ready what if I'm never ready… I walk around the small one story cabin wondering what family lived here before… who left it behind and why. Then suddenly Jace is hugging me from behind lips on my neck as he whispers.

"It's late… you could stay here for tonight if you want." He blushes like a little boy confessing his love.

"Okay…" I hold onto his warm hands that are rapped around my stomach.


Later when he's asleep next to me my phone goes off vibrating on the side table. I pick it up and leave the room and close the bedroom door. The message is from Hannah… my best friend these past few years. The text says:

OMG you're with Jace!?

Nick told everyone what

Happened! Alice are you

Insane!? He LEFT you

For 2 yrs! He is a lying


I sigh as I read the message over and over. "Maybe she's right." I sit on the couch for awhile hoping I could clear my mind out for a bit. Of course that doesn't work. The old cabin creeks and moans… I wonder what Jace would think if I told him we didn't belong together, what if we stayed the same we are forever. Would I be happy?… I sigh as I stand up and text her back:

Hannah I honestly don't

know what I want to do

right now so please no

lecture right now okay.

I send the message as I get my shoes and coat on. I need to think.


Once I know where I was going I was off. Into the unknown little patch of wood. As I was walking I was thinking Jace or Nick… In fact I'm still thinking. Then I see a little clearing I walk until I'm in the clearing and under a willow tree. The noise of the creek soothes me. I sit there until my eyes adjust and I could semi-see the moonlight shining through the tree helps. "This clearing reminds me of the one Jace and I went to a few years ago…" I sigh then spot some river lilies I smile at there beauty. "My favorite flower…" I almost fall asleep until I hear thunder and lightning. I stand up. "Better find somewhere to stay for a bit…" I stretch then continue walking.


I make it to the campus little market area. I walk into the 7/11. There is a big boned woman in her mid 40's with wild curly red hair and green eyes. She smiles as the bell rings when I walk into the door. I grab a cup of coffee and sit at the booth near the window. I set my phone on the table. Even though I have plenty of room on the booth I lean against the window legs folded against my chest. I look as cars speed by and the rain hitting hard against there windshields. The rain is pitter-pattering on the roof. It's soothing but yet uncomforting that I ended up here. I glance at my phone it just sits there lifeless I mumble. "She's probably pissed…" I sigh as I spend at least what feels like forever staring out that window…


I woke up to find my coffee cold and a massive headache. I sigh as I get up to get another fresh cup. I realize that it is still me and the redhead. She's still smiling as I pour myself another cup.

"Rough night?…" She looks at me now with question. "You've been here for a few hours. Forgive me for being nosey." She smirks.

"Uh…" I pause not expecting this. "I just needed to clear my head." I sigh again putting down the coffee pot and closing the plastic lid on my cup. "I just have some complications in my life right now that I need to think about." I return to my spot by the window. I could feel the woman watch me. The rain has slowed down to a drizzle instead of a downpour. I wonder if Jace has realized I'm gone. If he has I wonder if he is looking for me… if he is where?… for right now I hope he doesn't find me. I have thinking to do by myself and I want no one to disturb me… I take slow sips of the warm coffee and I wonder if I did accept the proposal from Nick the first time would I have met Jace? If I was born in Alaska and lived my whole life with Jace by my side would I have ever met Nick? I wish there was some type of arrow with big bright lights that leads me to my prince charming… I glance at my phone on last time before dozing off again… Hannah where are you? Are you okay? I wish you were here right now. I need help and I need it from someone who isn't Nick or Jace… I need your help Hannah and I need it quick. Please, I'm still waiting for a reply.


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