Your name is always dancing on my tongue,

waiting to be released from the cell of my mouth.

It slinks into the ears of placid bystanders

who know nothing of how you have changed me.

Your name tugs my lips into a clumsy smile

whenever it escapes from out those fleshy gates.

That collection of syllables makes me articulate

for an instant, almost as though I were meant to say it.

Your name is like a bell toll that echos within

my skull. The sound itself is beautiful, but so resonant

that I fear it should drive me mad. I feel its presence

and it haunts me before my mind surrenders to sleep.

Your name inspires a confused laughter that

infects the air with its heavy handed implications.

The laugh is heaped with sweet warmth, but

is also tinged with an undeniable bitterness.

Because that is just your name.

Two simple syllables.

Imagine what else I could say about you.