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"Oh my god no! Shit..." I covered my eyes for a second with my hand and then dropped my arm heavily to my side.

I let out a long sigh and peered into my car window where my keys happily sat, laughing at me. I tried the door handle, obviously in vain, it was locked. I gave my keys the middle finger, even though they were inanimate objects, but it made me feel better. I picked up my navy blue string backpack and put it on, I would deal with this inconvenience later. I started to walk out of the parking lot and into the school. It was my first day of my third year in college and of course I was going to be late. I looked at my schedule and made my way to my first class which was English. I went into the room and luckily the professor was still taking attendance, hopefully he hadn't gotten to my name yet.

"Katherine Lucas" he said.

"Here, and Kitty is good" I called.

He marked that down in his book and continued with the roll call, thank god for my last name starting with "L." I leaned down and got out a binder from my bag to jot down the stuff I needed for this class. I tucked some of my hair behind my ear because it was getting in the way. My hair was a little past my shoulders now and I was probably due for a trim. It was like a golden blonde with some lighter tones here and there, my part was down the middle and it was pin straight, which meant I couldn't due much in the styling department.

I finished writing down what I needed and started listening to the mindless noise the professor called teaching. When the class was over I was thoroughly bored and ready to jump out of my seat. As I walked out of the door somebody bumped into me and caused me to drop my cell phone and Ipod I had in my hands.

"Oops, my bad" Adam Knight said sarcastically.

I glared at him and he just kept walking as he laughed with his two 'dogs' as I called them because they followed him around like puppies, Pete Smith and Chase Daniels. I picked up my stuff and sent daggers into their backs as I walked to my next class, which had a complicated name but was basically Science. I sat down kind of in the middle off to the left side of the class room and as my luck would have it one of the dogs was in my class, Chase. He sat two rows behind me and more towards the middle, all of the sudden I noticed someone sitting right next to me, I looked over.

"Hi" he said.

I gave him a blank stare and didn't say anything back, he was sitting awful close to me too, totally in my personal bubble. I hated when people...any people got in my bubble, it made me super uncomfortable and a little pissed. He looked back at me a little confused and then the dog spoke up.

"Hey man, don't mind Kitty she's not much of a talker"

I turned around and gave him an icy glare,

"Or maybe I just don't talk to idiots like you" I said harshly.

That just made him laugh and the guy that was in my bubble went up to sit near him. I turned back around and listened to the teacher. I thought about what Chase had said, I guess I don't talk a lot but I guess I just don't feel the need too. I have always kept to myself, always kept people at a certain distance, well at least since I was eight or nine. When I was around that old my parents had died in a freak fire accident at a concert they had went too. I was totally crushed, a mess, an absolute wreck when my parents died and it still hurts to this day when I'm 21. So after that happened I had to go live with my Grandmother and I guess that's when the 'keeping to myself' stuff started.

I never really had any good friends while I was growing up, I mean I had people to sit at lunch with but nobody I was torn up to leave when I went to college. But my grades were good since I never really had too much of a social life. I didn't obsess over them but I was probably a 'B' student or an 'A' student most of the time. The sad part is that I have never been in a relationship either and I don't think it's because I'm not pretty. I'm five foot five, and I'm skinny, I have a pretty good sized chest, I have blue grey eyes and my features are soft but well defined. But I got along okay with just myself so I just kept doing what I always did.

I suffered through Science as well and then got to go home. I liked Mondays since I got out of class at 11:50, which was nice because I usually ended up just going back to bed for a while. I walked outside and squinted because of the sun, it was still very mild for early September and I hoped the warmth stuck around for a while longer. I got to my car and just stared at it with disgust,

"I hate you" I whispered to it.

I stood there for a couple minutes trying to think of a way to get into my car without breaking anything but there was no way. I looked up a Tow service and I waited another half an hour for them to come and get my car unlocked. When I finally got to my apartment I flopped on my bed and closed my eyes, happy to finally be home. My apartment wasn't much, just a studio with enough room for a full size bed, one dresser, a TV, an Ipod dock, a small bathroom and a tiny kitchen. But it was home and I liked it, I always liked being alone as a kid and now that I had my own place I could be alone when ever I wanted. I turned on the TV and watched some reality show for a while before I got my laptop from off the floor and surfed for a bit.

Around three o'clock my cell phone vibrated and I answered,


"Hi sweetie"

"Oh, hey Grandma" I said.

"It's not too early there is it?" she asked.

I had moved out west for college, to northern California while my Grandma was still in Massachusetts, where I grew up.

"Nope, it's about three here"

"Oh okay good, I wouldn't want to wake you"

I chuckled then we talked for about twenty minutes before she had to go and finish her laundry. I was always glad to talk to her, even though I enjoyed being alone, I did get homesick once in a while. After I checked my e-mail I made something to eat then worked on the little bit of Science homework I had gotten. It was easy stuff, at least for me so it didn't take me too long to finish.

It was six o'clock and I decided to go out and rent a movie for the night to have something to do. I walked to the local movie store and rented on of the Matrix's, yeah they were a little older but they were still good in my book. I watched the movie and when it was done I quickly looked at my schedule for tomorrow and saw that I had Math and Psychology, I was really excited for Psych, that kind of stuff always interested me and I had the class Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays which was even better. I went to bed around eleven and made a mental note not to lock my keys in my car.

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