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I was standing in my bathroom and my heart was going a mile a minute. I was surprised I couldn't hear it echoing. I was dressed only in my lacy bra and panties...oh and my high-heeled pumps. Just looking down at myself made a blush come to my face. But a bet was a bet, I rolled my eyes at myself. I had actually put this off for almost two weeks, once was legitimate because work called me in but the other time I just made up excuses. But I was not the type of person to go back on my word, so here I was in this different state of dress, nervous as hell.

Luckily things had calmed down almost entirely in that time span. Monroe stopped buzzing about the drama and I hadn't seen hide nor tail of CJ. I was happy about that, I didn't want anything to do with her anyway. Kieta finally relaxed about the whole thing, especially since she kind of got what she wanted anyway. In a weird way that whole bullshit with CJ brought Kieta and I closer together. I loved her more than anything and I knew she felt the same way. I squeezed my eyes shut, my mind was wandering, I was stalling.

I opened the door slowly and peeked just my head out. I saw Keita sitting patiently in the chair in the living room. She looked over and caught my eyes. She beckoned me with a simple crook of her finger and a very cocky smirk. I took one last deep breath and stepped all the way out of the bathroom. There was music playing, not very loud but loud enough to hear the beat. I started walking toward her and tried not to think too much about how I looked. I saw Kieta's eyes go wide and her smile became a lot less cocky, it turned very genuine.

My mouth went dry and I felt a little flutter in my stomach. She looked damn hot, I couldn't believe such a beautiful women was standing in front of me. And the best part was, she was mine. Poor Kitty had been through that stupid shit with CJ a couple weeks ago and I had felt so bad. Luckily I got what I wanted and beat the crap out of her. She hadn't even seen it coming, totally oblivious. Was that a little bit of a punk move? Yeah, probably. But what was really the punk-ass move was her, laying her hands on my she deserved what she got. The day after I had gotten my hands on CJ, Ashley called telling me that CJ had shown up at her door that morning. Ashley said that CJ had a broken nose, a broken cheek bone and a bruised eye socket. When she told me, even though it's kind of fucked up, I felt a little proud of myself. Mess with my Kitten, you mess with me.

I had wondered how Ashley had gotten all this information and was hoping she hadn't slept with CJ to get it. When I asked her that Ashley scoffed saying, 'No way am I sleeping with her. After what she did? She's nothing but a scumbag to me'. I nodded to that, especially with Ashley's history I doubt she wanted to be within a hundred feet of someone with those tendencies. Kitty and I were still going strong as ever and I was pleasantly surprised she wasn't super pissed about me hurting CJ. She just kept saying she wanted to be done with the drama so I dropped it. I also told my friends and the people at Monroe to drop it too. First off all because Kitty wanted to be done with it and second because I didn't want to fuel CJ's fire anymore. She wanted her bullshit to be talked about and I was not going to give her that satisfaction.

I got out of my thoughts and smiled up at Kitty, she looked a little nervous. I knew she had never done anything like this but I couldn't care less. She didn't have to have professional moves to turn me on, she did that just by being her.

"It's just me baby, don't be nervous" I said and reached for her hand.

She took her hand away so I couldn't touch it, I gave her a confused look.

"No touching" she smirked.

My eyebrows shot up and I smiled, well then, I guess she knows the rules. I felt like pushing the boundaries and reached for her again. I wanted nothing more than for her to start. She backed up and wagged a finger at me.

"You touch and I stop"

I pulled my hand back and gave her an exaggerated pout. She smiled and turned up the music. I rested my hands on the arms of the touching. As she started I found that concept becoming more and more difficult. But there was no way I wanted her to stop so I fought the urge.

I couldn't believe I was doing what I was doing. I was no professional but I knew how Kieta like to be touched so I just went with that. I was so glad that it seemed like I could finally relax. Kieta and I had our relationship sorted out, I had help with rent, I wasn't going to be over loaded with classes and I had a good job. Now all I had to focus on was finishing school and then getting a job in my field...oh and this lap dance. I kissed Kieta's jaw while I ran my hands up her thighs, she seemed to be having a tough time holding still. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be where I was right now. If you came to me a year ago and told me I would be dating and living with a women that I started off hating, I would have laughed in your face. Not to mention all the crazy shit we went through to get to this point. I felt Kieta's hands on my hips and I backed away. I gave her a look and then shrugged, heading to the bathroom.

"Aw babe!" she whined.

I didn't get very far before I felt her strong arms wrap around me.

"You broke the rules. I'm done" I teased.

"I am nowhere near done"

I felt a little tingle go up my spine and she turned me around, crashing our lips together. She made me so happy, I couldn't believe I went so long without her. We fell on the bed and she backed away and looked at me.

"I love you Kitten" she said and smiled.

"I love you too"

She leaned back down and kissed me. I felt my heart swell, like it always did when I kissed her. I never wanted to be without this and I knew she felt the same. If what we had been through couldn't break us apart for good, nothing would. I loved her with all my heart and that was never going to change.

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