Summary: Anna has always believed in love. Dylan doesn't think it exists. What will happen when their friends think they're meant to be?

A/N: Songs do not belong to me (That's Sakura Kiss). This is the total contradiction to who Dylan really is. Anna, on the other hand, is still quite Anna. Enjoy!

The Gang's Plan

"I've bloody had it with him!"

A very faint "Mm-hmm" was the reaction to her complaint so Annika groaned loudly.

"I mean, most of the time, he's pretty much all right but he just doesn't get it!" the brunette added, flopping down on the couch beside the brunet known as William Skye and taking a fist-full of her hair, she leaned on the armrest beside her.

"You know that Dylan doesn't believe in what most of us believe in, right?" William, asked, sitting closer to her, "You can say that it's only…"


"For lack of a better word, yes," Will said with a nod, turning his emerald eyes to Annika.

"Why? What the hell did he do now?" demanded Eddie, who had just come out of the bathroom. He pulled up a stool from a corner and sat directly in front of the couch, the low table between them.

"He broke Asia Sweet's heart," replied Jubilee calmly, emerging from the kitchen together with Eri and Fuji, bringing trays of lemonade, soda and potato wedges respectively.

"Really?" Eddie quirked an eyebrow, mildly surprised.

Jubilee, whom they all call Panny, nodded after she set down her tray, "I know right?" she commented, tucking her long black hair behind her ears, "After all that…" she stopped at mid-sentence, not knowing how to continue.

"Snogging?" tried Fuji. The other five stared at him, "What?"

"Well, Fuji has a point," stated Annika firmly, allowing Eri and Fuji to set down their respective trays before taking a glass of soda, "It's just right for Asia to assume she's someone special to him after what he'd been doing…"

"What exactly happened?" Eddie asked Annika.

Annika watched Panny and Eri sit on either side of Eddie, while Fuji sat on the last armchair, before she retold her story.

"Well, it was end-of-break bell," she began, sitting up, "Since I only had three subjects, I was getting ready to go home. Dylan's locker is the nearest to mine so even from a distance, I heard them talking.

"When I slammed my locker shut, the next thing I knew, Asia was crying on my shoulder!" she exclaimed, "From what I could understand, at first Dylan said that she shouldn't have assumed; then, he said maybe there was a possibility that he liked her… But after that, he said that she should just leave him alone because he wasn't interested!" Here, Panny gasped.

"So… He's really not interested?" Panny asked.

"That's the exact same question we're all asking, isn't it?" Fuji English piped up, "I mean, haven't we seen this before?"

Eddie took a potato wedge and began counting off his fingers. "Sure… Like Kristine Flyte and Yssa Coddle…"

"There's also Rosa Parker just a couple of months ago," Fuji added, slouching in his seat.

"Not to mention-" Panny began when a faint singing caught all of their attention:

"Aitai ima

Yasashii kimi ni SAKURA KISS


"Oh shit, that's mine!" and Panny ran into the kitchen to answer her mobile.

Will turned back to the gang after being momentarily distracted with the song and spoke first, "I think the one Panny remembered was Cherry Li, about a month ago,"

Annika thought hard, "Was that the cheerleader?"

"The one who claimed he slept with her, yeah," Eddie was the one to say.

"And the one just this week is Asia Sweet?" asked Eri, still attempting to keep up with all the names.

Fuji snorted, running a hand through his golden locks, "It actually began during the latter part of last week, if you ask me…"

Before Eri could ask just what 'it' exactly was, Panny came out from the kitchen looking extremely distressed, "Anybody got Reo's mobile?"

"I do, why?" Will asked albeit handing Jubilee his mobile phone.

"Anna's injured," Panny replied, "Chi's bringing her here,"


"Wait guys!" Panny shouted over the curious concern brewing, "I'll explain but let me get help first!" And she dialed Reo's number.

"Hello? It's Panny… We have a favor…" And she trailed off when she entered the kitchen.

The five exchanged nervous glances. Anna… is injured?

"I knew I should've beaten up that asshole boyfriend of hers-" Eddie was saying but Eri cut him off.

"Oh, what could you have done, Edward?!" she demanded. Fuji, Annika and Will gaped at her, amazed. It was only she who could speak to Eddie with such authority. "Right now, let's worry about Anna," Eri continued.

"She's right, Eddie," pointed out Annika, "Anna's hurt, When Panny's done, let's go ask her-"

"I'm back," Panny announced, coming in from the kitchen. Instead of resuming to her seat beside Eddie, she sat on the armrest of the chair Fuji was sitting on.

"…So?" Eddie began, slouching on his stool, "What happened?"

"Thomas broke up with her," replied Panny simply.

Fuji cocked an eyebrow and turned to her, "She got injured because the asshole broke up with her?"

"No," Panny said exasperatedly, "Most probably, she got injured after 'cause if things got physical, I think we all know that Anna wouldn't get the worse end of it,"

"Agreed," Will said firmly with a smirk.

After that, nobody said anything for a long time.

Finally, Annika piped up, "At long last,"

Eddie, Fuji and Eri turned to her, "What's that supposed to mean?" Fuji demanded.

"Haven't you noticed that Anna's the only one trying to make that relationship work?" Annika asked, taking a sip from her drink after a long time.

Eddie and Eri spoke at the same time:

"Well, yeah!"

"I don't really know."

The other four stared at the couple who exchanged glances. In the far distance, thunder roared and there was a flash of lighting which told them all that rain was going to pour down soon.

"Well, since you know, Eddie, I'll explain it to Eri," said Panny. She turned to Eri, "You know how Anna and Thomas met, right?"

"I believe so," was the reply of timid Eri.

"Well, since that time, Anna knew that it was going to be difficult," Panny began explaining. As she spoke, the other five began to take their own cups of soda, "And she knew just how much the age gap would matter…

"At first it didn't seem to be a problem," Panny continued, "But after a while, Anna found him asking too much. Of course, she tried telling – but you know Anna. She sugarcoats things to make them sound less harsh. Lately, she'd been having some problems, Chisato said so. I know that we all just know this now. For some reason, Anna didn't want us to think she was getting too hurt. She came to Dylan for advice, though. And, well, eventually, this happened…"

"I don't get it," Eri said quietly, "Their age gap is actually less than Reo and Chisato's… So, why-?"

"That's exactly why Anna tried to work so hard for it," overrode Will, "To prove that it really doesn't matter,"

"Yes," Annika affirmed, "But Reo and Thomas are two different people – Anna said so, herself. She even said that she envied how good Chisato and Reo's relationship is going after a few compromises… And how lucky Panny is because she and Fuji live under one roof… And how she wishes she was here with us every Saturday, like today, whenever we just hang out because Thomas is too possessive of her, and takes way too much of her time…"

Fuji snorted, "We should've bought a mice and hit him with one so that he knows he's such a bastard,"

"Fuji!" Panny exclaimed, taken aback.

"What? It was good!" Eddie grinned, standing and leaning to slap Fuji a high five, "We all think the guy's a fucking bastard, we all love Anna, but we don't do anything about it!"

"Chisato has, if you must remember," Panny stated firmly, "She told Anna that he wasn't worth it, but Anna said that what was important wasn't the worth, but the love…"

Will and Annika exchanged glances and leaned on each other at that statement, "She's right there, though…" Will muttered.

Fuji leaned into his chair, an arm wrapping around Panny's waist, "It's amazing how she's always believed in the Power of Love," he said almost dreamily.

"Pft." Snorted Eddie, "Unlike Dyl – OW!"

Eri finally slapped him hard on the arm, "What the hell's wrong with you and Dylan, huh, Eddie?" she retorted.

"For your information-"

But Eddie stopped himself when he heard the door click open. The six of them were listening carefully as the sound of rain pouring outside was heard and Chisato's familiar voice shouted:


Startled, Panny got up on her feet and immediately ran towards the door where she found Chisato coming in, attempting to shelter herself from the rain.

"My God, are you all right?" Panny asked worriedly, trying to help Chisato take off her jacket but Chisato's eyes furrowed in confusion.

"What are you doing Panny, don't help me!" she said to her friend, emphasizing that she needed less of what she was being given, "Go help Anna! She's in the car!"

So the highly anxious Panny took an umbrella from the stand near the door and went out, expecting to find Anna needing her help. She was, however, astounded to find Dylan, slightly drenched in rainwater, bending in front of the backseat door for Anna to climb onto his back.

"D-Dylan?" Panny's shocked voice stuttered in disbelief. She hovered the umbrella over Dylan and Anna nonetheless.

"Hold that thought, Panny," Dylan said, not even turning to her but tilting his head back to look at Anna, "Is this okay?"

"Yeah, yeah. Be careful-" Anna's faint, tired sounding voice answered.

"Yeah, I know…" Dylan was trailing off. Panny watched as he hoisted Anna onto his back, "Watch your head, now…"

For a moment, Panny was distracted by the fact that Anna had locked her arms around Dylan's neck and had buried her head in his shoulder. She snapped back to reality as she noticed that the two had ran into the door due to the fact that she hadn't been moving.

"I'll get the door," she shouted to their retreating backs. And she closed the door to Chisato's car. Since Dylan and Anna had hurried in, Panny made haste to follow.

Inside, Chisato watched as Dylan brought in Anna. She shook her head as she heard the two's voice rise, smiling slightly at the thought that occurred to her.

Without her noticing it, Panny had come in, "What?" she asked Chisato.

"It's nothing. Come on…"

As they followed Anna and Dylan, the argument of the two grew louder.

"-I mean, that's a stupid way to fall down the-"

"Well excuse me for crying! Unlike you, I had just been hurt and-"

"-Which is why I don't believe in your oh-so-powerful—"

"Hey, quit it," barked Chisato as she followed the two into the living room.

Anna and Dylan snapped their mouth shut. Annika, Will, Eddie, Eri and Fuji averted their gaze to Chisato.

"Hey Annika, Will…" began Chisato. The two didn't need telling twice: they vacated the sofa.

"Put her down there," Chisato commanded.

Dylan nodded and walked over and slowly placed Anna on the couch. From behind, Panny and Annika assisted Anna.

"Ow-ow-ow- There!" she exclaimed in relief.

"You okay?" Dylan asked, turning to Anna.

"M'fine now, thank you," Anna replied with a small smile.

For a moment, the gang just stared at her. Finally, Eddie cleared his throat, "So… Anna, can you tell us what happened between you and-"

But Chisato gave him a look from behind the couch where Anna was sitting which seemed to mean, I'll tell you laterand he stopped at mid-sentence.

Anna understood, though, "Please don't make me talk about that," she said loudly, avoiding everyone's eyes, "I don't want to talk about it. Can we please talk about something else?"

The gang considered her plea. Panny joined Fuji and the others on one side of the room. Dylan and Anna watched as they muttered amongst themselves, the former slightly having a bad feeling about what was to come next. He almost knew it.

"Then we'll ask Dylan," Fuji's voice said above the mutterings as he stepped up.

There it was and when he heard it, something fell in the pit of Dylan's stomach.

"So… Did you really break up with Asia Sweet?" Eddie now demanded, now standing from his stool. The room went quiet.

Amidst the deafening silence, Chisato excused herself, "I'll just go wait for Reo, then… Down the hall, maybe… Yeah, I think that's…" And she left almost noiselessly.

Anna, who sat on the couch, turned her eyes from Dylan then to her other friends, then back to Dylan. She saw that color had left Dylan's handsome face at the question.

"Sorry," Dylan forced a chuckle, "But what?"

"You know what we're talking about, Dylan," Annika said on a hard tone, "Cut the crap."

Dylan's expression immediately changed. Annika stepped before the others and continued what she was saying, on a softer tone this time, "Dylan," she started, "Doesn't your heart bleed when you know you've hurt someone by breaking up with them?"

"Hey, we were never-" Dylan was about to say but Eddie overrode him.

"Don't give us the 'we-were-never-a-couple' excuse again," Eddie said harshly, "After what you and Asia have done – how you've treated her – I think we all have reason to believe that you two were taking it down that road…"

"I only treated her special 'cause she said she wanted someone to treat her that-" Dylan was saying to his defense, but Eddie cut him off.

"Yeah, Dylan. Someone! And didn't you ever consider how Asia might feel?!"

It was getting off to a very heated up argument. Anna watched, horrified and clearly unamused by it all. She was tired and her leg ached and she definitely wasn't in the mood. But of course, she wanted it to stop because it all didn't make sense to her: they were all friends… Supposedly. But then, friends do get into fights. After that last statement, Panny had squeezed Eddie's arm, and stepped before him.

"That bit's unfair," Panny said, leveling with Annika on a soft tone, "You acted without telling Asia your true intentions…"

"And how is it unfair?" retorted Dylan, "It was never us! I've never let myself be under the simplest form of slavery, unlike you!" And he pointed individually at Will, Fuji and Eddie.

That instantly erupted more shouts.

"How dare you say something like that?!"

"-You're so judgmental!"

"-You're just jealous-!"

"Why don't you just—"

"SHUT UP!" roared Anna. Both sides stopped at mid-sentence and turned to her, feeling ashamed of themselves.

Anna grunted, massaging her head, and swore inwardly, "What a pain…"

"You guys spoke of getting hurt and being unfair," Anna began, turning to Eddie, Annika and Panny, "But by ganging up on him – isn't that unfair? When you demanded answers from him, instead of trying to understand him and what he believes in, don't you think that hurt him?" The three, Fuji and Will, cast nervous glances at each other.

"And Dylan," she turned her gaze to his pale blue eyes, "We've talked about this," there were several gasps here, "You know they won't understand, right? Let them say what they want – you know who you are, don't you? And you know what you believe in – anything else you hear shouldn't matter to you…"

The gang grew silent, gaping at Anna: the way she had said it was almost like she was taking Dylan's side but most of them shook that thought aside. They all knew that Anna and Dylan had always disagreed with each other, although they were friends. They all knew that Anna would only be saying this just because she cared – she always does. But somehow, in how she had said it, it surprised them all.

Dylan was almost as surprised as the rest of them. He remained silent for a while until, "Yeah," he said quietly, "Sorry… I know that I promised to…" But he trailed away. Will, Eddie and Fuji gaped at him, astounded.

"Good," said Anna with a firm nod. Right afterwards, however, she moaned in pain, grasping her injured leg, "Dammit," she cursed under her breath.

To further surprise the gang, Dylan ignored them all and turned to Anna, sitting on the armrest right behind her, "Are you all right?"

Anna was squinting, with tears brimming in her black eyes again, "… My leg…" was all she managed to choke out.

Dylan was about to say something when they all heard the front door burst open:

"Chisato, where's Anna?"

"In here, Fai!" Eddie shouted. Many sighs of relief were exhaled here.

After light, shuffling feet, a tall, blond haired man walked into the room, loosening his red tie on the way and a girl, about Anna's age, entered behind him bringing a rather large medicine kit.

"And you brought Chiaki with you too, I see," a voice, notably Reo's said from down the hall.

Fai rolled his sapphire eyes and replied, "Well, I couldn't exactly let her deal with my patients, so I might as well have brought her," before turning to those in the room.

"Took you long enough, though, Fai," Chisato said, coming into the room with Reo by her side.

"Well, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," apologized Fai, squatting on the floor right in front of Anna's injured leg and examining it, "But if there's something I can't help fix in this world, it's traffic. Now…" Slowly, he lifted Anna's right leg, with a few winces on her part, slid onto the couch and set her leg on his lap, slightly bending it to elevate the bleeding area on the lower leg.

Only at this time did Annika, Eddie and Fuji notice that there was a piece of cloth tied tightly onto Anna's injured leg, soaked red in her blood.

"Is that…?" Panny was about to ask when Fai gave a small chuckle.

"This… This is a well made tourniquet," he said happily, with a smile, chuckling again. In front of him, Chiaki watched as he pulled on a knot and the cloth fell onto his hand.

A faint blush crept onto Dylan's cheek, "Thank you," he muttered, "… And that's mine," and he took his blood-stain handkerchief.

"Well, Fai?" Anna suddenly demanded, leaning into Dylan who hasn't moved an inch from the armrest behind her.

"I think I have an idea already but first thing's first, let's get it cleaned up," started Fai. He turned to Chiaki who dropped the medicine kit at her feet and began rummaging, emerging afterwards with a rather large bottle which she handed to Fai.

"…Will it hurt?"

The gang turned to Anna, who was looking suddenly tense.

Fai gave her a small smile, "I don't want to lie to you by saying otherwise – because it will sting," he replied. Then, he looked at the bottle in his hand, then back at the brown haired girl, "Chiaki, a small towel and cotton balls as well, please,"

"Oh, I almost forgot!" exclaimed Chiaki, turning her attention back to the medicine kit and taking out a small towel and a handful of cotton balls, half of which she handed to Fai. When she and Fai met at touch, however, the stared at each other intently until someone coughed aloud, most probably on purpose.

"Get a move on, Fai," Chisato added, smirking.

Fai took the cotton balls with his free hand and set it on his lap next to Anna's injured leg. He turned to Anna, expecting to see her usual smile, especially after the little sweet incident between him and his sister-who-really-isn't-his-sister, but instead, found her grasping the front of Dylan's shirt with on hand and her upper leg with the other, glaring at her injury as though it had pushed her down the stairs.

"For you not to smile, it must really hurt that bad," Fai joked trying to lighten up the mood in the room.

Eddie raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms across his chest, "You think, Fai?" he demanded.

Fai chuckled again, "Okay, okay, let's do this properly," he began. He looked at Anna, "Brace yourself, all right?" he waited for her to lock an arm around Dylan, and waited for Dylan to take her into one of his arms before he poured the liquid on her injury.


That was the only thing that kept repeating in Anna's mind while she felt cotton being dabbed and wiped on whatever liquid Fai had placed. She remembered hearing comments like, "I thought that was water?" and she swore inwardly: No way in hell can that be water. Tears were near to pouring down her face as she squinted in pain and held her tongue. Dylan, who had an arm around her, his hand on her head, remained quiet, though he breathed in and out deeply.

"All done," Fai said after a while.

Anna looked at Fai's work on her leg and found that most of the blood she saw earlier was gone which left a very deep gash on her leg.

"And don't worry, the pain won't be staying for too long either," Fai added.

Anna looked up at him, "Really?" she breathed out, though still in Dylan's arms.

"Yeah," Fai replied, looking at Chiaki, who merely nodded and dove into the medicine kit again, "I'll bandage it now, and give you some spare – and also something you can use out since I think the wound will take time healing. You just fell on mostly this leg, didn't you?"

"Well, kind of – oh, shut up, Dylan," she added to Dylan who was snorting.


"Why, Fai?" asked Panny, exchanging worried glances with the others in the gang, "Is the wound that deep?"

"It's deep, but not deep enough for me to see her fibula so, I can say it's quite safe," Fai began explaining, "And since she fell down, I'd say her leg is in some state of shock, and the soreness will be there for quite some time but it'll most probably die down a bit by tomorrow, as long as you take a good night's sleep tonight,"

"Right," Anna said with a nod, now letting go of Dylan's shirt.

"Okay, then, let's bandage it first,"


After twenty more minutes of Fai's professional work on Anna's injury, she was almost as fine as ever, now blooming in full smile, and sitting properly on the sofa between Dylan and Fai.

"Thanks guys," she turned from Fai, to Panny, Fuji, Annika, Will, Eddie and Eri, to Chisato, Reo and Chiaki, and finally to Dylan, "Thanks for helping me out,"

"Don't worry about it, Anna," Fai said, smiling at her, "We're all here for you, always remember that…" And he gave her a small ruffling of her short, black hair.

Anna pushed him off with a grin on her face and everyone else laughed.

"Aah," Dylan leaned into his corner of the couch, "Don't ever fall down the stairs again, though, all right?" he said after the laughter died down.

"After this I doubt I'd like to see a staircase again but why not?" Anna answered him back with another question.

"Because…" replied Dylan, sitting up, "… You're heavy." And they all roared with laughter, except for Anna who scowled. "Wait, I was serious-"

"-Hey, I never told you to-"

"Even if you didn't, Chisato would have-"

"-No she-"

"Actually, I would," Chisato suddenly said, as Anna and Dylan were beginning again. Dylan gave a shrug and a triumphant smirk. They all grew silent again.

"Chi," Anna said quietly, "Shut up 'cause you're not helping,"

"Sorry," replied the brunette.

"Listen," Anna began, turning all her attention towards Dylan, slightly glowering, "You could have walked away, you know, and left me there, crying… But you didn't… So why complain about it now?"

Dylan was silent for a while and they all waited for his response. But it was Anna who spoke again.

"We're friends, aren't we, Dylan Thomas?" she asked him, "You've helped me with my problems, I've helped you with some of yours and even though we don't get along, we try and we end up having fun instead… We've been together since the start of freshman year, and we've been so close people used to think we were together. And still… Why? I mean, don't you love me even one-"

"I don't love you."

He said it cold, and hard and almost with no effort at all. All eyes averted towards him. Anna felt tears brimming in her eyes again – and this time, it wasn't because of her damn, painful leg. Of course, Anna thought, Of course Dylan wouldn't say so. She almost thought she could make him say that word – maybe for her he'd say it, even though it's just for the sake of the friendship the two of them had… But he had no trouble saying otherwise. And he had no trouble keeping a straight, stoic face when he said it. And Anna has had enough it… After all, even though she was the one so used to seeing his face that way, she was still the one most hurt about it.

"Of course you don't."

Dylan turned to her with eyes wide. He was expecting her to turn the conversation light again, so that their gang would forget about what they had been arguing about, like how they usually argue. But for the first time, he heard her serious about it. And she was looking down at her injured foot, tears running down her cheeks and a pained expression on her face.

"I almost forgot," she breathed out, "You don't believe in love,"

Fai was about to rub her back with his hand but Anna raised a hand to stop him. And that was what startled Dylan the most.

"Anna, I'm-"

"No, Dylan. You're not." Anna said firmly, now turning to him, her black eyes meeting his blue ones, "You always end up saying so and I'm tired of hearing that same thing from Thomas, and then from you…" She paused and just stared at him for a while.

"You're a good person, Dylan," she began again, "You're caring and handsome and… Oh Jesus, why can't you see that the only thing missing from you is-"

"Is what Anna?" Dylan ended up saying, "Love?"

Anna choked for a moment before saying, "Yes, Dylan! Love is exactly what's missing!" But Dylan shook his head and rolled his eyes at her. And it was the last straw.

To the surprise of everyone in the room, Anna got up on both feet, though slightly leaning on one leg more, and turned to face Dylan, "You know what?" she began saying angrily, "Maybe if you'd have a little love on you, you'd know how we all feel… If you'd just give love a shot, maybe, just maybe you wouldn't feel like everyone was ganging up on you all the time… If you'd have love, maybe you'd really say sorry… And learn how to mean it too." And with that, she began limping towards the front door.

Dylan breathed heavily, eyes glued to the spot Anna had just vacated.

Fai gasped in shock, and it seemed like everyone else realized it only when he did, "Anna! Wait!" And he and Chiaki hurried after Anna.

Chisato and Reo watched as Fai and Chiaki helped Anna out the front door. After a few minutes, Chisato slowly made her way to the couch and sat beside Dylan. Reo behind the couch but placed his hands on her shoulders.

"You know, Anna may have a point," she said to Dylan.

Dylan couldn't help but look at Chisato, with Reo right behind her; then, to Eddie and Eri, Panny and Fuji, and finally to Will and Annika, who were all just staring at him.

"Maybe, you're wrong," Will said slowly, "About how love is…"

They all expected him to say something but he didn't.

Chisato smiled kindly and placed a gentle hand on Dylan's shoulder, "Why don't you apologize?

Dylan groaned, tore his gaze from everyone, and then did the most unexpected: he stood up and strode down the hall, half-shouting, "But how the hell do I freaking even do that?!" And he went out, slamming the door behind him.

Reo chuckled, "Let me talk to him," and he gave Chisato a small kiss on the head before following after Dylan. When she knew they were out of earshot, Chisato smirked a knowing smirk – something very, very rare for the rest of the gang to see.

"You all saw that, didn't you?" she asked them.

They exchanged glances.

"Were you talking about the argument or Dylan going out?" Fuji began, "Because I think we all saw both," But Chisato shook her head.

"You didn't delve in deeper, right?" she asked them with a gleam in her honey brown eyes.

Somehow understanding her, Annika grinned, "Chi… Are you saying what I think you're saying?" she asked Chisato.

"What?" Panny suddenly asked, her eyes darting from Chisato to Annika who seem to have a good understanding of whatever it is, "What is it? I don't get it?"

"I think the rest of us all don't get it," Eddie added.

Annika smirked as well, "Guys… I think what Chisato's trying to say is that…" she paused and squealed a little, "Dylan might be in love with Anna,"

Jaws dropped. "… You're joking, right?" Fuji asked but it was Will who answered.

"Why not, actually?" he said, looking at Chisato who sat in the middle of the sofa, "You knew, didn't you?"

"I didn't know," Chisato explained, "It was a hunch – a rather strong one, though. He's been showing signs, seriously. Like… Being the one to help Anna with her relationship…"

"How does that show that he likes her?" Eri finally asked after only listening to the conversation for so long.

"It means that he cares more about her happiness," Panny breathed out. Suddenly, she had an epiphany, "Wait, Chi! But the girls-"

"-Are more signs!" exclaimed Chisato. She leaned into her seat, arms across her chest and legs crossed, "Tell me guys, how would you describe Anna?"

"Dark hair," Eri began, "Pretty…"

"And definitely a music person," Annika continued.

"Enjoys kids," said Eddie afterwards.

"And really fun to be with," Panny added.

Will pondered, "Smart, but modest about it and at the same time confident about her capabilities,"

"And always there for her friends, right?" Chisato finished with a question. The gang nodded. "Now, describe to me the girls Dylan has gone out with…" she started again.

"Rosa Parker was in a rock band," Annika began, "She was wild,"

"Cherry Li was head cheerleader," Panny continued, "And she played violin on sideline,"

"And Asia Sweet's a catechist volunteer," Fuji mused, "Top in her class,"

Chisato waited. When nothing came, she said, "So… Have you noticed that they have things in common with our dear Anna?"

Fuji snorted, "Appearance is way far-"

"I meant," Chisato pressed on, "That Dylan seems to be looking for someone who has all Anna's qualities besides Anna because he thinks his feelings might not be reciprocated…"

They all went quiet, "Which is why he keeps saying he doesn't believe in love," Panny breathed out in epiphany.


"But Chi, this is too much to assume, you know," Will warned, "There may be a chance that you're mistaken and just misinterpreted everything…"

Chisato seemed to have thought about it, "Well… Reo did warn me as well…" she mused, "But he also agreed with me." And she grinned.

"I think she may be right, though," Eri said with a smile.

Eddie turned to her, and then looked at Chisato. "Well… Sure, we know all this, but what are we going to do about it?"

"Reo's talking to Dylan right now… He's-"

"Gone." Reo's voice shouted from down the hall.

They all looked and saw Reo walk towards them with a triumphant grin. Chisato smiled, "Perfect."

"Wait, I still don't get it," said Fuji in frustration.

"I just pushed Dylan a bit to apologize to Anna in a, let's say, more romantic way," Reo explained with a wink, flopping himself beside Chisato.

Chisato smirked and sat up in her seat.

"Guys… I have a plan."

empurple: Now, wouldn't it be fun to have friends like them? This is a two-shot, you know! XD