"How long has it been?" Asks Trevor, even though he is 3 stories above the ground in the families attic he still lays prone near the opening in the roof.

Looking down at his black sports watch, Tanner calculates when they first heard of the Russian invasion.

"One hour, eight minutes and 23 seconds to be right on." Is Tanner's shaky response.

"How long does it take to reach Spark City from Ocean Side?" Kearna asks a sign of fear in her voice.

"About one hour, they must be getting close." Tanner responds.

Trevor looks back down his scope as the front of a Military Humvee appears down the street.

"I think I see bad guys!" Trevor nearly screams at the top of his lungs.

"Be quite, you don't want them noticing us up here!" Is Tanner's whisper in a harsh oder.

"How many do you see Trevor?" Kearna asks hesitantly.

"About 15 or 20 maybe more, hard to tell how many are in the trucks. Looks like they are splitting up. Some are going up to some houses, I can't see them now that stupid tree is blocking them." Trevor says almost lost in how robotic the soldiers move.

"Hold tight everyone; do not shoot until shot at." Tanner quietly orders now moving his focus to the gunner in the first vehicle on the road. As the first Humvee passes Tanner stays lying prone in his Army digital camouflage, his finger tickling the trigger of his modified hunting rifle.

Kearna spots three Russians moving across the backyard toward the back door of the house, one with a huge machine gun draped across his chest.

"I see enemies!" Kearna whispers harshly.

"Where are they?" Trevor nearly yells scared out of his mind.

"Moving toward the house, they are at the back door right now!" Kearna says moving toward her opening leading from the attic to the second floor.

"Defensive positions like we've practiced!" Tanner orders scrambling to his left at the attic opening.

The back door cracks as the heavy foot of the Russian Medic knocks the first door hinge off the door and to the floor, the second kick finishes it off as the two others storm in the house guns drawn.

"Alright everyone wait for the signal this is it." Tanner orders.

Two enemies search the downstairs as the third moves to the stairs leading to the second floor. Tanner drops from the attic into the hallway, hearing footsteps on the stairs behind the closed door he moves to the nearest closet, gun pointed at the basement door. As the Russian soldier reaches the door to the second floor he swings it open and raises his automatic M-60 Assault rifle. Seeing nothing the soldier takes two steps to his right directly in the sites of Tanner's rifle who is crouched not more than 10 feet away inside the walk in closet.

Tanner begins counting down to pull the trigger which he knows will alert the rest of the enemy forces in the area. Kearna reaches her drop point and lowers herself into the small towel closet located just two feet where the enemy is standing. Tanner reaches One and begins to squeeze the trigger hesitantly when the closet door hiding Kearna swings open with a force, knocking the Russian to the ground. Tanner sprints forward and beat's the enemy with the butt of his rifle until the face is unrecognizable.

"Yeah! What now BIOTCH?!" Tanner screams in the enemy's face.

The enemies' one floor below hears the yell and begin racing to the stairs. Tanner quits beating the man and begins searching through his gear taking his weapon and confiscating ammo from the mans gear belt. Footsteps thud as the enemies reach the stairs sprinting up them two at a time. Kearna runs out of the hall way and behind the kitchen wall that can't provide enough cover to hide a two month old baby. Tanner turns and ducks into his room closing the door part way to cover him and the dead Russian not more than a foot away.

The Russian Infantryman kicks the door into the hallway and storms out gun drawn and begins to move into the room where Tanner is hiding. Kearna peeks around the corner and raises her weapon ready to shoot if need. The Infantryman opens the door and takes a step into the room where Tanner is hiding. Tanner jabs the suspect in the back of the head with the muzzle of his weapon dropping him on top of his dead buddy. Tanner starts to kick him in the face as hard as he can, the final enemy soldier reaches the top he see's Tanner standing over his two fallen comrades and raises his weapon. While everything has gone down Trevor has been holding himself up from the opening in the attic and swings his full weight into the enemies face. Trevor's feet meet the Russian's face like a train hitting the wall at 40 miles per hour knocking the enemy back down the stairs snapping his neck as he hits the bottom.

"Did you see that?" Trevor yells, "holy crap I owned that guy!"

"That was awesome, I never expected you to drop a guy that size like that." Kearna says astonished.

"Trevor, that was freakin' awesome! Let's search them take whatever will come in handy." Tanner says, happy now that they survived their first encounter.

Kearna searches one of the now dead soldiers rummaging through their pockets she takes their ammo and food rations. Tanner has picked up an M4 assault rifle which will be much better than his single shot rifle. Trevor in the mean time is still poking his kill, making sure that he is truly dead and wont snap up and try to kill him.

"Trevor he's dead just pick up his crap and leave him!" Kearna yells down the stairs where Trevor stands motionless over the body.

"I'm not touching him! I've seen the movies I know what happens when I touch him he's going to spring up and eat my jugular vein!" Trevor screams.

"Trevor put your gun to his head and if you feel movement shoot him." Tanner says laughing.

"Okay." Trevor hesitantly places his gun to the enemies head, Trevor begins to bend down slowly never taking his eyes off of the enemies face.

"Tanner! I did it!" Trevor yells excited that he touched and robbed his first dead guy. "I even stole his dog tags, I'm going to keep them he was my first kill!" Trevor is now excited, all fear has been lost.

As the family begins to plan their next move they decide it's better if they wait for night to move, but first they want to move away from the house incase the Russians go looking for their fallen buddies.

Tanner loads his newly acquired and leads the team out of the back door and into the brush on the right side of the yard. Kearna now wielding an M16 is now sure that she will survive the first night. Trevor follows from the rear keeping his eyes strained for anything that might appear out of place, or that might shoot at him. The three duck down into the bushes and lay out their packs, ready to sleep the rest of the day away until night fall.