Humidity and heat clog Tanner's senses as he awakens to his Uncle moving around the room. Melissa is already up talking with Tessa. Jack and Nancy are sitting on the far end of the room talking with Tanner's Great Grandma. Melissa walks over and kneels beside Tanner.

"Hey, how was your sleep handsome?"

"Pretty good babe, what time is it?"

"Mom and Jack are here, they came in a couple of hours ago." Melissa says excited that her parents are back.

Melissa kisses her Fiancé on the lips and walks back to Tessa her hips move in such a manner it seduces him with every step.

Getting up off the floor Tanner slips his gear on, and walks out of the shelter.

"Hey glad to see you're awake, it's almost nightfall I thought we'd get a move on pretty soon." Danny says appearing in the opening to the freezer room.

"Okay, whenever you're ready I just need a second to wake up." Tanner replies still groggy.

"If you don't mind I'm bringing Kearna and Trevor with us, they wanted to go on a night walk. Besides the more people we have the more people the enemy has to shoot at." Danny responds as he walks back over to Trevor helping him get his gear ready.

Tanner reaches and pulls his pack to his side, making sure his weapon is loaded he kneels down and waits for the others.

"Okay, everyone over here." Danny orders. "We will be moving about a half a mile south toward Safeway. I will not go in, I will wait outside and make sure everything goes okay while you three are inside getting food and medicine. Okay?" He asks again.

"Yep I understand." Tanner says ready to move out.

"Alright." Kearna says in unison with Trevor.

"Let's head out!"

Walking out the back door the night air is warm and calm. The sun is nearly set sending a fiery orange light against the tips of trees. No noises are to be heard, no birds, no owls, not even a cricket the area is too quite.

Turning onto the nature trail, Danny notices soldiers up ahead.

"Great they're watching the trail; we'll have to find another way I'm guessing." Danny leads the group through the shadows. Clearing the street in front of them to follow, making it across the street Danny motions for Kearna to move next. Adjusting her gear she takes off. A little more than halfway across a shot rings out as a bullet strikes the pavement a couple inches in front of her.

"Run, run, run, run!" Danny yells.

Sprinting forward Kearna dives head first into the bushes where her Uncle is hiding. Another shot is fired as a bullet screams through the bushes striking Danny's water bottle. Slapping Kearna on the shoulder Danny motions for his niece to follow as they run as quickly as they can away from where Tanner and his little brother are still hiding.

"Watch for the enemy soldiers behind us." Tanner orders.

"Don't have to, they are walking this way." Is Trevor's shaky response.

"Don't move at all let's just stay as quite and motionless as possible." Tanner barks.

Jumping across the path, Tanner goes prone and sets up his weapon. Two Russians are moving toward them, their guns drawn flashlights attached lighting up the path.

The soldiers grow closer, only 25 feet away. Tanner pushes himself into the bushes hoping that nothing is going to give him away.

"Stay quite, don't move." Trevor repeats in his head.

Tanner shifts position cautious not to make too much noise as the soldiers pass their hiding places continuing down the path after Danny and Kearna.

Moments pass before out of no where gun fire splits the night air.

Something crackles in Trevor's backpack putting his pack down Trevor begins to dig looking for whatever is making the noise. A black object is laying across his ammo hard to tell what it is in the night Trevor soon realizes it's a radio.

"Trevor this is Danny we need assistance, we are attempting to make it into the Elementary school. Please hurry!" Danny yells his voice barely understandable over the explosions of bullets being fired.

"What do I say back?" Trevor says fear pulsing through his veins.

"Tell him we are going to be there soon." Tanner says as he becomes too tired to move.

"Danny we are on our way." Trevor responds. " Come on Tanner let's move."

"I can't man, I'm too scared to move any further." Tanner responds sheepishly.

"What the hell do you mean you're too scared to go on?" Trevor asks.

"I can't do it, I don't want to die man." Tanner replies.

"What the crap?! Danny is trapped in a school and is asking for help, he helped us earlier it's our turn!" Trevor responds.

"You're right man, I know please don't tell anyone about this man." Tanner pleads.

"I wont, let's just start running there okay?" Trevor asks.

"Alright. Let's go."

Moving north toward Peach Grove Elementary School the brothers hug the shadows. Sprinting the full quarter mile, both brothers are too afraid to look behind them. Another radio transmission fills the tree line.

"Running low on Ammo, can't hold back too much longer need assistance A.S.A.P!" Danny yells the radio crackling.

"Alright Trevor, let's do this" Looking at his little brother, "No Fear." Tanner says.

Those two last words sent Trevor's emotion as high as his older brothers repeating the phrase over and over in his head 'No Fear', 'No Fear', 'No Fear' reaching the rear of the school. Using the butt of his gun Tanner breaks a window to a class room, storming in like a SWAT team on a drug raid. Flicking on the flashlights of their weapons the two brothers move swiftly and accurately through the buildings hall ways.

"Where are you?" Trevor asks over the radio.

"Somewhere near the front office. Don't know the lay out of the place!" Danny barks.

"We're in the school we'll be there soon." Trevor assures.

Turning down the hallway Tanner tells Trevor to go straight they will find the others faster. Tanner moves down a side hallway toward the front office paralleling Danny and Kearna's location. Hugging the wall with his back Tanner grabs his radio from his pack.

"Danny this is Tanner, you have Trevor coming up behind you right now, he should be there really soon do not shoot at him." Tanner laughs.

"Okay, I promise I won't use Trevor as target practice, I have enough targets in front of me anyway." Danny responds relief and a little laughter in his voice.

Moving to the other side of the hallway Tanner switches the light off on his M4. Going stealth as it's called, was his favorite part of video games. Reaching a spot where no one can sneak up on him Tanner shoots out the window at the Russian soldiers.

A Russian soldier steps through the front door his weapon aimed at Kearna, before the Russian can take a shot Trevor squeezes the trigger of his M4 bullets make contact with the soldiers face as he drops to his back from the force of the impact. Trevor reaches Danny and Kearna's location bullets ricocheting against the concrete support beam his relatives are positioned behind. Chunks of concrete tear out of the beam like an ice sculptor starting a masterpiece.

"You guys okay?" Trevor asks ready to begin crying.

"I'm okay, and for once in my life I'm glad to see you!" Kearna says.

"You ready to get out of here?" Danny asks turning towards Kearna.

"I sure am!" Kearna responds.

Danny leans to his left and fires shots into the front window of the school.

"Run!" Danny yells.

Kearna and Trevor take off running down the hallway as Danny shoots at the front of the school after he's sure the enemies aren't watching he sprints down the hallway toward Kearna and Trevor.

Tanner is still crouched in the same area watching the front door of the school unaware that the others have left their hiding spot. Two Russians enter weapons aimed where Danny and Kearna were once located, Tanner bursts shots at them striking one in the neck the other in the leg. Standing up Tanner rushes the fallen Russian taking better aim he finishes the wounded soldier off. More soldiers enter Tanner sprays automatic gunfire behind him shooting off 20 bullets in 5 seconds, as he jumps back and dives behind a wall.

Trevor in the mean time has lead the group to where Him and his older brother had entered not more than ten minutes earlier.

"Tanner we are at where you and I entered earlier where are you?" Danny asks.

"I am back near the front office waiting for you to tell me you're leaving!" Tanner screams into his radio.

"We have already left, we are at the entrance You and Trevor used to enter the building." Danny replies.

'SHIT!' Tanner thinks to himself.

"I don't know if I can get out of here without getting shot in the ass!" Tanner pleads.

"Okay stay where you are until I tell you to move toss your flashlight down the hallway you're in." Danny responds already taking off running.

Loading his last magazine Tanner realizes he needs to move soon with only 25 bullets left he has to use them wisely.

"Anyone have extra ammo?" Tanner yells through his radio.

"No, we are all nearly out!" Danny responds back.

"Okay have you found my hallway?" Tanner asks.

"I am here and can see you right now." Danny replies.

"Alright, watch this shit." Tanner says.

Turning toward the front office Tanner sprints toward a downed enemy lowering his hand he grabs some enemy packs and heads back. Digging through the enemy pack Tanner unhooks the enemies Pistol holster and pulls ammo out of his pack. Reaching all around him he grabs as much ammo as his pack will hold, ripping the Russian pistols out of their holsters.

"Danny I am on my way don't shoot at me!" Tanner says.

"Why do you think I'm always going to shoot at someone that's on our team?" Is the response over the crackle through the radio.

Tanner decides not to answer, pumping himself up he makes his move sprinting down the hallway. Russian voices echo in the hallway behind him.

Danny fires past his nephew missing him by inches as he begins striking enemies that are moving toward the door.

Dropping into a baseball slide Tanner glides around the corner and behind Danny.

Danny tosses a flash grenade down the hallway before he turns and runs with Tanner towards Trevor and Kearna.

Meeting up with the other two, the group begins to run toward the tree line. Helicopters are moving around above them spotlights light up the field to their left and right.

"Lay down!" Danny orders.

Everyone drops as the spotlights sweep the field in front of them. Danny whistles getting Tanner's attention.

"Remember Modern Warfare 2?" Danny asks.

It doesn't take too long before Tanner remembers one of his favorite missions on the game, Danny is waiting for the helicopter spotlight to sweep over their bodies before they start to run. A spotlight lands on them for what seems forever before the light moves away and starts closer toward the school.

"Go!" Danny yells.

Running as fast as their feet will allow the group doesn't slow until reaching the nature trail but still only continuing with a speedy jog. The radio's squawk as a familiar voice fills the groups ears.

"The family wants you all to know that we have changed , Russians started searching houses after you left. We are now a mile away near my house." Tessa says over the radio.

"Oh is it near rocky creek?" Tanner asks.

"Yep that's the place" Tessa responds, "The car is still at your house if you want to risk leaving in it." Tessa finishes.

"Is that…" Trevor stalls "…is that Tessa?"

"It sure is!" Tanner replies.

"Screw the car, we're going to walk there." Danny replies over the radio.

"Okey Dokey Tessa out." Tessa squawks out.

The group moves the rest of the way without a word being spoken, reaching their destination an hour longer then they thought it would take.

Walking into the new hideout was a little weird at first. Walking up to his wife and his baby Danny begins hugging them both not letting go. Looking around he realizes that this place is much bigger than he remembered. Built in the 1930's it was designed as a 20 person bomb shelter equipped with water, plumbing and electricity.

"Where's Melissa?" Tanner asks.

"She's down the hallway last door on the right." Nancy responds.

"Thank you." Tanner responds.

Walking down the hallway and reaching the door he gently opens it revealing the gray concrete of the wall if there wasn't already some posters up Tanner would have thought it was a Jail Cell. Melissa and Tessa are sitting on the bed talking about a new book Melissa is thinking about writing.

"Hey handsome!" Melissa yells running over to him.

"Hey babe." Tanner responds as Melissa throws her arms around him giving him a big kiss on the lips.

"Did you have a fun night?" She asks.

"It was alright could have used a little less fun though." Tanner replies laughing a little bit.

"I'm sorry." Tessa replies.

"It's cool, I don't think we're leaving anywhere tomorrow." Tanner says, "All of us are exhausted tonight."

"Sounds great I would love to spend the day with you tomorrow!" Melissa says happily.

"Yeah it would be nice to not hear her complaining that you are going to die the whole time." Tessa says playfully, "Well I'm heading to bed I'll see you two in the morning, goodnight."

"Goodnight Tessa." Tanner says exhaustion filling every inch of his body.

"Night Tesha." Melissa says giving her best friend a hug.

Tessa walks out the door closing it behind her.