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Chapter Ten

Ione rolled over onto her side, covering her ears as she tried to block out the sound of slapping flesh, of Black Sun's grunts and her sister's whimpers. Her heart went out to Samantha. She didn't deserve to be treated so cruelly by Black Sun… if only Samantha had escaped when she and Tessa had; if only she'd been caught by someone as wonderful as Night Wolf. A muted cry followed the sound of a sharp slap. Ione turned back, watching like a hawk as her sister shrugged beneath the larger warrior. Black Sun ran his hands down Samantha's sides then lifted her legs around his waist. He thrust harder, deeper into her, unleashing a harsh growl from his throat as she thrashed about in pain.

Black Sun glared angrily. "You get yours when I done, bitch." He slammed against Samantha forcefully, pushing her legs over his shoulders. Samantha cried out again, pounding her small fists against his broad chest. He knocked her hands aside, pinning them to the ground, asserting his weight above her then continued his thrusting. Soon, he howled his release, hammering his flesh into hers until he sated himself on her nubile body. Black Sun pulled away from her, washed himself then disappeared into the darkness of the cavern.

As soon as Ione knew he was gone, she scrambled out of her bedroll, racing over to Samantha. "Sweetie," she cradled her crying sister. "You'll have to let me see how much damage he's done to you."

Samantha curled into a tight ball. "I can't. I'm… too… ashamed," the younger one blubbered as she shielded her face from view.

"You're my sister. We are blood. What he has done to you is not your fault. You are not shamed in my eyes. Let me help you. We will get away from him if we work together. Can you do that?"

"No, I can't. You mustn't… touch me. He's… ruined… me," she cried brokenly. "No d-decent man… will ever w-want me now."

"Ah sweetie, don't think that way. This isn't your fault. You don't know that. Once we escape, no one ever has to know what happened here." Ione stroked her hair. "Now let me see."

"But I will know. I can't live this way," Samantha hissed then her eyes widened as she looked up.

"What? What's wrong?"

A sharp pain erupted within Ione's head as something blunt hit her. Darkness embraced her. Samantha squeaked, gazing upon Black Sun, who had silently returned, "It wise not to run. I kill you both." He gathered Ione's prone body, throwing her back to her bedroll before bedding back down on his own. He gathered Samantha within his arms. "Sleep," he muttered.

Ione groaned, gingerly rubbing the knot on her head, when she awoke the next morning. She wondered what she had been hit with. She shivered against the chill, groping for the fur robe that had been part of her bedroll. It took her a moment to clear the cobwebs to remember where she was and what had happened to her. She glanced over at her sister. Her brow furrowed at the sight of Samantha curled up in Black Sun's arms.

If Samantha weren't so snug, Ione could grab her and they could run away. She hated the thought of trying to run away without her sister. She didn't want Samantha to suffer for anything she had done. Ione crept away from her sleeping spot, making her way to the entrance of the cave. She poked her head out, breathing in fresh air. She watched as rain poured down in sheets. She knew if she attempted a run for it, she'd be drenched in no time at all and would likely end up with some kind of lung fever. Perhaps it was better to take her chances with Black Sun. With a sigh, she returned to her bedroll then added a few sticks of wood to the smoldering fire.

Digging into his parfleche, she searched for ingredients to prepare an adequate breakfast for them all. With some meat left over from the night before, she added it to the pot along with more of his herbs and vegetables. She wondered if he'd let them gather more food soon. If not, they'd run out. In another parfleche, she found their last few corn cakes. As soon as the meal was ready, she'd wake Black Sun and Samantha if the aroma of the cooking meat didn't do that for her.

The silence of the cavern around her broken only by the sound of the sizzle of the fire, the whipping of the wind, the drenching rain and the soft snores of sleeping duo nearby gave her troubled mind the chance to roam. Where was Night Wolf at this moment? Ione longed to see his handsome face again. She ached to behold his splendor and feel the warmth of his touch. She knew he had to be worried about her. He would come for her. She had faith that he would find them. She swallowed the lump of fear growing in her throat as Black Sun stirred. He gave Samantha's bruise blackened bottom a healthy smack, eliciting a startled sleepy cry, before climbing to his feet. Ione blushed, looking away from the sight of his naked form. She glanced back, noticing he had covered his private area with his breechclout before drawing his elkskin leggings up his legs, tying them with thongs to his clout.

He sat down before the fire, motioning to the cook fire. "When food ready?" he questioned, eyeing her suspiciously.

Ione peaked into the pot, judging it as it shimmered, "Very soon." She handed him a few of the corn cakes to tide him over before sitting quietly before the fire.

"What white bitch thinking? I know your mind. You cook for Black Sun. Obey Black Sun. Plan to escape behind hands. You both mine to keep. No escape. I keep." He gave Ione a fierce look before turning his head to look over at Samantha, who had stumbled to her feet. Her once pale skin, now darkened with dirt and bruises, was a clear testament to what she had suffered at Black Sun's hands. She grabbed her filthy dress, pulling it over her head. Straightening her back, she marched over to the fire pit then between Black Sun and Ione.

"The stew smells delicious, sister," she inhaled a deep breath, trying to make the best of their situation. She knew that Ione was right. If they were to escape, they had to work together. She knew it, but to her dismay, Black Sun knew it as well.

By mid-afternoon the rain had passed, bringing the bright orb of the sun into the sky. Black Sun gathered his weapons, motioning for Ione and Samantha. He tied them together at the ankle before leading them out of the dark cave, down the steep bluff to the forest below. He planned on allowing his captives forage for the food they would need while he hunted. He had already warned them both that we would not hesitate to kill either of them if they attempted to escape.

Being out in the open with the sun on her face felt like a dream come true to Ione, she never thought Black Sun would allow them out of the cave like this. She drew in a deep breath, inhaling its fragrant scent. "It's pretty out here," she murmured to Samantha.

Her whisper drew a glare from Black Sun. "Forage for berries, roots, and nuts like good woman would. I may not kill you yet."

Samantha shuddered then lowered her eyes. She clutched the empty parfleche he had given them then looked around, spying a bush bearing ripe red raspberries. She beamed a smile then hobbled over to it with Ione in tow. "I bet these will taste wonderful," she cooed with delight, momentarily forgetting Black Sun's looming presence.

The stern look on his face softened for a brief moment as he watched her. Something so simple had brought her joy. He shook his head. Gathering food was a daily chore for the women of his tribe. He had never seen any of them react as the pale haired one just did. When food was bountiful, his village flourished. When food was scarce, everyone shared what little they had and many cried from having empty bellies. Black Sun doubted the pale one or her fiery sister knew what it was like to go hungry. Slaves were always the last to be fed after the warriors had taken their fill and the women, children and elderly had eaten. They were both in for a rude awakening.

Black Sun kept close watch on the girls while they relieved the bush of its bounty. Often after dropping several plump berries into the parfleche, the girls giggled softly, popping a ripe morsel into their mouths, savoring its juicy sweetness. Soon their lips and hands were stained with red berry juice, which made them giggle even harder, which brought a harsh hiss of silence from Black Sun and a warning to keep working. Ione and Samantha trudged on, finding as bounty of pine nuts, wild onions, wild lettuce, and wild potatoes growing within the small forest.

Once their search was finished, Black Sun gagged them, tying them to tree within a small thicket, hidden out of sight while he hunted for some fresh meat. The warrior stalked through the forest, following a game trail until he came upon a doe drinking from a shallow brook that ran close to a jumble of rocks. Black Sun halted in his tracks, pulled an arrow from his quiver then quickly fired it from his bow. His strike proved to be true, piercing the deer through its ribs. It gave a valiant leap before its legs buckled beneath it then crashed to the ground below. Cautiously Black Sun made his way to the fallen animal. He knew how quickly the scent of its blood would attract wolves and other scavengers.

Dragging the deer carcass away, he slit its throat, dressed it then hung it in a tree away from predators. He hunted for smaller game while the deer carcass bled out. Two fat rabbits fell to his arrows. Returning to the girls, he handed them the rabbits then led them back to the cave before he came back for the deer carcass. He used his horse to carry it back to his cavern hideaway, instructing Samantha and Ione to get to work on it and the rabbits.

Ione nodded while Samantha's lips curled in disgust, but Ione managed to get her sister to focus. She diligently taught her what she knew of skinning the animals. Some of the meat she cut into strips to dry. Some of it she cubed for stew. The bigger haunches she set aside to be roasted over the fire pit. The fat and brains she saved to use during the process of curing the hides. The buckskin would make a fine piece of clothing once it was scraped and the hair removed.

The day passed as Samantha learned the skills Ione taught her. The younger girl balked at first, but gave in since she knew it would make things easier for her. She could only imagine what awaited her once Black Sun took them to his village. As bad as things were here with him, she knew things would be much worse amongst his people. Part of her hoped rescue would come before that or perhaps he would choose to stay here indefinitely.

Black Sun returned to the cave, taking a seat near the fire. He peered into the simmering pot hanging from a tripod, cocking an eyebrow at Samantha. She nodded then reached for a bowl, filling it with savory stew, and handed it to him along with a bone spoon. A bowl of red raspberries accompanied the stew as a sweet treat. He tasted it tentatively, the hint of a smile gracing his face, before he dug deeper into the bowl.

Samantha let out a sigh of relief, remembering how some of her earlier attempts at cooking had drawn his wrath. Ione's help had saved her from that today.

"You cook?" Black Sun watched her carefully.

Samantha nodded, clearing her throat as she spoke up, "Yes, Ione has taught me. Is it not good?" She lowered her eyes, praying he wouldn't beat her again.

"It not bad…you do better next sun. Eat then come to bedroll," he ordered as he washed his food down with a long swallow from a waterskin.

Samantha shuddered at the thought of going back to his bedroll. She could barely stand the thought of him defiling her, hurting her again. It angered her that he easily dismissed their hard work as nothing. She'd show him she could do better. Grabbing the other two bowls, she ladled hers and Ione's, sitting back to eat. Once again, she took her time, taking delight in the deliciousness to the savory stew. That bull-headed man may not appreciate it, but she certainly did.

He called to her impatiently as soon as she finished eating. Quickly Samantha washed the bowls, spoons and utensils they'd used to cook with while Ione stored the leftovers then banked the fire. Reluctantly Samantha trudged across the cavern to Black Sun's bedroll, stopping just in front of it. He nodded his head, motioning for her to remove her dress. She whimpered softly, knowing he'd hurt her even worse if she disobeyed him. "Come," Black Sun stretched out his hand, drawing her down onto the pallet of furs and buffalo robes. "Remove my leggings and clout, woman."

Samantha gasped, shaking like a leaf. She gazed to the entrance then back towards Ione, searching for a way out. She didn't want to do this again.

Black Sun delivered a swat to her bottom. "Woman, remove," he growled as he towered above her, placing his hands on his hips.

Samantha trembled, licking her lips. Why must he shame her this way in front of her sister? She closed her eyes for a moment before reopening them. Her hands shook as she reached for the thongs that attached the leggings to the breechclout. She untied them, smoothing each side down his well muscled legs, stopping to remove his moccasins. Tears flowed down her cheeks, dripping off the end of her nose as well as her chin. Her heart pounded in her chest as she reached for the breechclout.

Samantha could feel the heat of his skin, could clearly see his engorged member throbbing within despite the darkness of the cave. Her throat went dry. She swallowed the lump in her throat, forcing her shaking fingers to cooperate. Then she looked away as the clout fell out to the floor. Black Sun jerked her head back, shoving her to her knees. "Look," he boasted, holding her head in place while she struggled. "Behold my mighty spear!"

His hand delved into her dirty limp hair before he fisted the girth of his member. He rubbed the thick bulbous crown over her tightly pursed lips before chuckling then pushing her down onto the pallet of furs. "Woman, learn it better not to fight."

Black Sun enjoyed toying with his captive. It gave him much pleasure. She had much fight in her that he secretly admired. Joining her, he slid behind her, curling his larger body around her. He pressed very intimately against her, nestling his engorged member against her bottom. He sought her breasts, tenderly kneading the nipple, bringing it to a taut peak. Then he softly stroked her flesh, running his hands through her hair, grazing her flat belly, gently curved hips and coltish legs.

Samantha lay trembling, half from fear and half from desire. She couldn't understand what he was doing to her. This wasn't how their nights together ended. The fierce warrior usually yanked her dress off, threw her down and sated his needs on her… always viciously and painfully. This was different. It was as if he was showing her that she meant something to him after all. It couldn't be, though. It had to be a trick just to hurt her again. It had to be, Samantha whispered to herself. She could never trust Black Sun.

Black Sun nudged Samantha's thighs apart, dipping his fingers into the pale thatch of the hair that hid the pleasure jewel inside. He located the little nubbin, coaxing from within its hood with delicate strokes of his fingers. Samantha quivered in his arms while her juices coated his fingers. He brought it to his lips, licking, savoring her sweetness.

His hand made the trip back down her body, returning to the juncture of her thighs. He parted her nether lips, swiping a finger over her nubbin once more, eliciting another shudder. She bit her lip, holding back the moan that bubbled in her throat. His thumb concentrated on her nubbin while his fingers gently slid lower, teasing the entrance to her channel. Samantha let out the moan she'd been withholding, arching her hips involuntarily to allow him access.

These sensations shouldn't feel this good. She didn't want it to make her feel this way. She wanted to hate him for the way he treated her. Samantha bucked her hips, giving him better access to her tight channel. He slipped two fingers into her into her warm depths while his thumb massaged the nub of her clitoris. Samantha's senses were on overload. She'd never experienced anything like this before, wasn't sure what was happening to her. Gasping little breaths escaped her lips as she dug her dirty broken fingernails into the furs. Her juices rushed forth, coating his fingers. He pulled back; watching her writhe then licked her flavor from his hand. He covered her smaller frame, nestling himself in the cradle of her hips. His eyes met hers. Samantha blushed then looked away.

Black Sun pulled her head back, gazing intently at her. "You are mine, woman. Do not forget that," he replied her as he guided the length of his hard member inside her slippery sheath. Gently he rocked against her, taking his time until he couldn't hold back any longer. It was only then his pace and the force of his thrusts increased. Samantha wrapped her legs around his hips, accepting these more intense strokes. Black Sun threw his head back, groaning loudly in climax. Then he rested his sweaty forehead against her damp breasts while he caught his breath. "Sleep, woman," he murmured as he shifted his weight off hers then curled himself around her.

Samantha flushed bright red any time either Black Sun or Ione spoke to her the next day. Ione smirked, knowing what her sister was going through. Night Wolf still made Ione feel like that. It puzzled her why all the sudden Black Sun was treating Samantha better. From what Ione had gathered every time the warrior had taken her sister it had been forcefully. Why all the sudden would he be gentle? It didn't make sense to her.

"Woman," Black Sun spoke up as he marched into the cave, motioning at both of them. "Come."

Ione's brow furrowed as she stood up from the place where she'd been sitting into front of the meat drying rack. She flashed an inquisitive look at Samantha who shrugged her shoulders, setting aside the bone tool she'd been using to scrape the deer hide. They followed him out of the cave, giving each other a questioning look when he did not tie them together. Ione found that odd. Why all the sudden was he trusting them? Ione had only been here two days. She knew Night Wolf would come looking for her. Why risk everything? His actions as well as her own thoughts puzzled her.

Black Sun directed the two girls along the path, guiding them to the north a ways. He located a sheltered glade where they could bathe uninterrupted. From a beaded parfleche, he removed a pale butter colored doeskin dress adorned with elk's teeth, quilled designs, shells and bits of fur. Matching moccasins accompanied the dress. Samantha gasped at the beauty of the dress. Words escaped her. Her throat grew tight as tears welled in her eyes.

"Samantha, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," Ione exclaimed, wide eyed with shock as she looked from her sister to Black Sun. What was he up to now?

The pale younger sister clutched the garment to her breast, hugging it tightly, unable to believe the sight of this beautiful gift. "Thank you," she bobbed a curtsy before him as all thought of how to properly thank her warrior captor escaped her.

"Bathe, woman. Wash stink off body. You no befoul cave with smell no more," he replied as she watched Samantha blush with shame. Then he turned to Ione. "You bathe."

Then he stalked away, just out of sight, giving them some privacy but still remaining within view in case either one of them decided to run.

Ione and Samantha took pleasure in the cool water, playing and splashing while washing their hair and bodies with soap-plant growing nearby. It felt so good to Samantha to finally bathe after nearly two weeks of not having one. Her pale hair glistened in the sun. Her skin felt soft and gloriously dirt free. She climbed out of water, using her old dress to dry herself, before she pulled on the new dress and moccasins.

Ione quickly parted Samantha's hair, braiding it as she had when Samantha was younger. It made her look more like a maiden. "You look pretty, sister," Ione smiled as she slipped into her dress.

"You think so," the younger girl questioned.

"Yes, I do." Ione smiled then her voice dropped a few octaves to a whisper. "What I don't understand is why he's being so… considerate all the sudden?"

Samantha shrugged, "Let's hope it doesn't end. I'd rather not be killed."

Ione frowned at her. "Do what you must to gain his trust. It'll make it easier for us to escape," she hissed through clenched teeth. "Night Wolf will come for us. He will find me."

Samantha lowered her eyes. Despite the way Black Sun had treated her since he'd captured her, the previous night had changed things for her. How could she tell Ione? How could she make her understand?

"Woman, get head out of clouds. Return to cave. Cook food." Black Sun growled as he made his way over to her, looking her up and down. "Skinny white woman need put meat on bones to fill out dress, keep man warm at night."

Samantha glared at him indignantly. She had always felt she had a nice pleasing shape. She didn't want to get fat. How dare this man suggest she increase her figure!?!?!?!