Blind World

By Kate Thoreson

Rose had just broken into her ex-boyfriend Sean's apartment. Half an hour before that, she had found him on her bed in her apartment making love to a girl she had never seen before. She came home early, dressed especially cute, wearing a new skirt with pink, yellow, and orange striping. They were supposed to have a date. However, none of this mattered anymore. The girl he was with was Asian and small, he was having a good time, and they were really loud. That was all she could see, and what's more, when she walked into her own apartment and saw them fucking, he didn't even notice. He just kept having sex. So, she decided to get her own. They were supposed to have a date tonight, but none of it mattered. He'd knock on her door, finding that she didn't show up for their date, and nobody would be there.

His apartment was probably the dream apartment of any former frat boy. The fridge was stocked with beer, there were plenty of video games to play, he had a big screen TV, and there was a poster of Alessandra Ambrosio on the wall of his bedroom. Everything was relatively neat, although there were dishes in the sink waiting to be put in the dishwasher. It was her turn to make an indelible mark on his life, as he had done to hers.

She went over to the television set and turned it on. It was set to SportsCenter; it was always set to that channel and there was nothing she could do about it when she was there. She plopped onto the corduroy sofa and changed it to one of Lifetime's channels. She smiled and sat on the sofa for a few minutes. Then, she calmly took the remote control and put it in her brown leather purse. She took a large magnet out of the same purse and ran it over the screen for about fifteen minutes. The television was ruined. He didn't see her when he should have, and she felt that seeing the television was more than he deserved. After that, she was finished being passive-aggressive.

She threw the magnet on the floor, and when she realized for the hundredth time what he had done in her home, she took the Xbox that was lying on the floor, held it above her head, and slammed it on the floor until it was destroyed. She repeated this process with his Wii. Then, she opened the cabinet under the TV, took all of the video games out of it, and one by one, scratched each and every disc with the nail file from her purse, leaving the carnage on the floor. She wasn't having any fun, and she didn't see why he should have been able to.

She stormed into his bedroom and stared at the poster of Alessandra. She had a Sharpie in her purse, and was about to deface it, but she stopped to think about it. Alessandra was beautiful, for sure, but it wasn't her fault that her boyfriend cheated on her with a slutty Asian woman. Alessandra was just one of those people that every man would have loved to have and every woman would have loved to be. However, Rose just couldn't bring herself to leave his bed alone. She took a sewing kit out of her purse, took the mini scissors out of it, and cut all of his pillows open. She dumped all of the feathers on the floor, making sure that it would be highly difficult for him to sleep at night.

She looked at the feathers, shrugged, and went to the kitchen. First, she went to the sink, took all of the dishes out, took them to the area by the front door, and one by one, dropped them all on the floor, making sure to spread them across the room. She walked back into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and looked inside. There were precisely 37 bottles of beer. She took a bottle of beer out of the fridge, sat on the floor, and drank it in one sitting. When she was done, she threw the bottle in the trash can dismissively. However, she simply could not forget what he had done. The memory came back to her and sent her into another rage. She took another bottle out of the fridge and dropped it on the floor. The glass shattered like an antique ruined by a careless child, and the beer spilled like blood in Mr. Boddy's mansion. She took five more beers and did the same thing to them, making sure to spread them all over the kitchen. Her skirt wasn't helping her situation, as the glass flew up and hit her legs at times. She had several cuts now, from the bottles and the dishes. It didn't matter to her. He was going to face the situation he had made for himself, and he was going to do it without the benefit of intoxication. After all, she knew he was too lazy to clean up the mess, at least tonight.

After the fridge was finished fighting a losing battle, there was broken glass all over the floor in a stunning array. It, along with the beer splattered on the brown tile, sparkled with a knowing loss. An apple fell out of the fridge inadvertently and rolled until it hit a piece of glass. She stood against the fridge and slumped to the floor. That floor space was the only space that was not interrupted by broken bottles. She put her hands in her red hair and began to cry uncontrollably for about five minutes until she glanced up and saw the apple. It was enticing, so she went up to a kneeling position, picked it up, took a bite, and threw it back on the floor. She got up and walked out, blinded to the reality of the situation as much as Sean was.