there was this girl named eileen
she loved every riddle and rhyming
i gotta admit, i found her charming
with her addiction to green bean
and her animosity towards lying

she kept singing songs that rhymed
so i listened to her hums and waited
for my time to speak and leave her dazed
not that i could, to be frank i dreaded
the silence that would leave us primed

she was an elegant sort of girl, of frail beauty
she won all the neighbourhood girls' envy
i liked to have a tug at her sunshine hair and see
what was the big deal with her tangled strands
what i didn't know was her addiction to brands

but she broke my heart, didn't you, my sweet eileen?
i never saw her again, not that i cared
all she was was a little girl, so mean
that she'd hit my puppies when she was scared
so i yanked her hair, very hard,
and i heard that she never dared
to touch any puppies ever again.

heh. stupid. i wrote this for a friend named eileen since she kept eating my head off just so i'd write a poem for her, and a rhyming one at that. here it is, silly girl. hope you hate it :P