Drugs That Make You Wish You Never Left The House That Morning And The Places That People Wont Walk Into

I'm not sure how I ended up in this alley way or how the two guys in front of me started fighting about who'll fuck me first. All I know is that I had a terrible day at school and decided that the best course of action was to go to an all-ages club across town from where I live. I guess that I didn't make the most rational choice seeing as I am obviously drugged out of my mind (but still coherent, whoop, now I can be conscious for the rape) and I don't know where the fuck I am. It's too dark to see the faces of the guys properly and I'm too far away to call for help to people walking on the street.

"Fuck you man! Fuck, I found 'im so I should get 'im," the taller of the two pointed to himself with his left thumb, he had an accent that my brain just couldn't pinpoint at this stage. Kinda sounded like he grew up on some back street of the city. Damned unschooled trashy people that walked around at night and thought they owned the place.

"No, I'm telling you that I should get him, besides, what would Ma think of you then, what kinda idiot are you," he had the same accent as the other, if not a little less thick. 'Ma', well if they are brothers then why should it matter who raped me first.

"Fuck no! I dun care, Ma can drown along with her fat dead husband."

No love for mama I guess... or for daddy. I wanted to stand up and run away, anywhere as fast as I can and as far as my skinny, long legs could carry me. I tried to shift myself but it appeared that my moving wasn't going to happen anytime soon. I noticed that their fighting had died down, the taller walked closer to me. I didn't get a look at his face before he grabbed me and threw me over his shoulders. He was strong, lifting and carrying me with ease. I looked back and saw the other, he stared at me, up-turned nose, blonde hair, and cold blue eyes. His eyes were the last thing I saw before I fell unconscious on my captive's shoulder.

The room was painted a steel grey, no windows within it. The smell of cigarette smoke was prominent and it was the main reason I woke up. A small lamp beside the bed I was currently lying on was the only source of light. My body still felt heavy and I have no idea about time. How long was I knocked out for anyway?

My ass didn't hurt, either I was really loose to begin with, or no rape took place. Maybe the guy was a sadist that enjoyed taking his victim's while they were still 'there', you know, so that they'd feel and experience everything. I'm guessing that I'm probably not going to make it out alive today since he brought me back here. Well, a crappy day turned into a crappy night and now a generally crappy... err... second day maybe?

I whipped my head towards the door when I heard it being unlocked from the other side. The shorter man from last night walked in carrying a bottle of water, he looked at me and sneered. I suppose he was still peeved that he wasn't first, well it's not like i could help him there. He stepped towards the bed and I couldn't help but flinch, maybe he was just going to commit the act now, while his brother(?) was away. His sneer turned into a gleeful smirk at my action.

"You know Shelby," he knew my name, I felt nauseous all of a sudden. "They've been looking for you for a little over four days, what a bad boy you were, going to that club."

He sat down on the bed, fiddling with the bottle in his hands and not looking at me. Four days, I must've been really drugged badly if I've been out cold this long. My parents called the police because they thought I had been kidnapped which made me feel a little better. At least they didn't think I had run away like many other teens at my age. Mom and Dad, I hope my body isn't too mutilated when they find me. I don't think my mother could bear seeing me cut up into pieces, mutilated. I thought about it for a few more seconds before I felt the man's hand trail down the outside of my left thigh. I shuddered and felt bile rise up.

"You should be mine, I would've killed you by now. Your parents wouldn't have to wast their time if I had gotten you."

"Peyton! Get the fuck out o' here!" It was the taller man from that night. He had platinum blonde hair, different from the sandy blonde that 'Peyton' had. He wore a scowl and walked up to the other. His eyes were fierce.

"Fine, I was going for a walk anyway. I just noticed that you're little meal woke up."

"You can see through walls now? Bullshit, go," Peyton sneered at his brother one last time before turning and stomping his way out the door. He shut it with a loud bang, his heavy footsteps could be heard walking down the hallway outside.

It was then I noticed that my face was wet, I hadn't realized that I was crying. The tears fell down my face and I couldn't stop myself from making a helpless sound as I cried. The other man in the room sent me a side glance and started to take off his jacket. He walked towards me and wrapped me in it as he picked me up.

Shit, I was naked all this time too?

So there you have it, the short prologue of the story. I know it's not very informative right now, only gave two character names and a vague story line. So review and tell me what you think.