Hi, folks.

Just letting you know we're currently in the process of doing a rewrite, which will be published here (.com/s/2929479/1/Too_Long_Too_Dangerous). However, the story will only be continued on that link. Additionally, for the time being, we will be leaving this version up, so feel free to read on if you so wish.

For those who don't know, this is a collaborative story, written by Flying (.com/u/702569/o0_flying_high_0o) and Lamp, based on Fate's .com/u/686977/Fate_Rose) story Too Long (.com/s/2736158/1/Too_Long).

This is dedicated to our beautiful internetters, truly some of the most amazing people we've ever had the pleasure of meeting. And to Kalene, Jess, and Fate's other RLs who seem lovely, and are also kind enough to let us attempt to portray them. And thanks to all who have stuck with us all the way through this tale.

Enjoy :D

All links are at FictionPress.