If you look at a sunset, what do you see?

A great ball of gas sinking in the distance? No.

It's a beautiful sphere of light that changes the colors of the skies and bends the light

There's a scientific explanation to it, sure there is.

But how could it just so randomly happen that the sunset could be so beautiful?

If you look at the ocean, what do you see?

Molecules of water splashing about? No.

It's a shimmering sheet of blue that seems to go on forever creating endless pictures and paintings

There's a scientific explanation to it, sure there is.

But how could the ocean happen to have appeared there during some kind of big bang?

If you look at a grassy plain, what do you see?

Millions of hollow stemmed organisms swaying to the movement of wind? No.

They're hills as long as the eye can see, covered in green grass and colorful flowers that take the breath of millions.

There's a scientific explanation to it, sure there is.

But can you really believe it just happened on its own?

If you look at landscapes, and I mean really look at them, you can tell there's a higher force that created this world.

It's a wonder some people think that the world came from some sort of big bang.

God created the world, and it was ruined in no time.

Not by pollution or global warming, which I don't think could mess up the earth unless God lets it.

No, me and you have ruined the world through sin.

Lying, cheating, stealing, hating, killing, committing adultery. And it might not be listed here, but everyone has sinned and many more are still sinning. Some purposely, some accidentally, some naturally.

But God sent his son, Jesus, to this horrible earth to die and save us from sin.

Jesus bore the weight of our sins when he died, every horrible deed we ever do has been paid for.

All you have to do is let Him into your heart.

I thank anyone who reads this, and I know I might be laughed at or made fun of or argued with or a number of things. If you like this, praise God and not me. And if anyone wants to know how to be saved, contact me or maybe a local church. Whatever you do, don't go another day without getting saved. You never know when you could die. When you repent of your sins and let God's love wash over you, you feel a relief and a greatness you could never feel without him. And I know I sin, and I do things Christians shouldn't do, but I have God to forgive me when I do. And if you want to know how to be saved, or you want to know more about God, I'd be glad to help.
Updated A/N: I recognize that not everyone believes in a "big bang" and that it is not necessarily a very scientific point of view. I prefer not to update the document, but only my understanding down here. My hope for this "poem" is to look beyond natural explanations of the universe at God's guiding hand in creation. Thank you! (9/26/17)